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  1. Yes probably by accident I remove it but its curious that still have AI again that I can see in Traffic Controller and in MSFS, I can reinstall all (6 other hours 😭) but I have afraid to have duplicates AI. Other question: Have you been in Asia like Bangkok or Manila on msfs? Dont have a lot of AI as I see on flightradar24 they dont have too.. Pandemic?
  2. Hello I installed vPilot with the last vmr but my problem I dont find my aig-aitraffic-oci-beta I have just aig-aitraffic-oci-beta_CVT_ in my Community folder and I dont remember that I remove it. I tested in msfs and all seem ok I have all AI as before. My problem, its now I dont see in AI Manager the airliner flight plans that I installed. My question is vPilot remove this folder? Thanks
  3. Im an brooms and washer dishes engineer its ok? I can do lot of things just to play with FS2020 soon as possible. 😎
  4. I think the airport developers will have their place with Fs2020. Ok the airports may be automatically generated but I think a lot of details will have to be improved like mobile jetways, inside airports, service cars, etc. I can not wait to see the default AI.
  5. I can not wait to see how PMDG will be greedy this time with this new platform....
  6. I agree with you that MS2020 is completely a new platform (unknown until now) and I understand that it requires an adaptation of the code and retest the birds. However what I do not understand of PMDG is the migration of FSX towards P3D v1 not the v4 which was billed to us as if it was a new product. It's odd that simple little kackers have successfully migrated from FSX to p3d v1 just bypassing their installation tool. This suggests that they did not work very hard for this migration. Maybe I'm wrong but why FSLabs, TFDI and even Lockhead P3D we did not pay full price each time they make an update .... By the way, I still love driving my PMDG 737-600 / 700/800/900 and 777-200 / 300 as well as their beautiful J $ 41 and MD-11 on FSX but I will not pay the same price for the same product no matter the platform ... Cheers too 😉
  7. Probably PMDG will jump on FS2020 and pretend that is not an upgrade as they didfor the the jump from FSX to P3D. Like the other jump I will never pay full price for an upgrade even if its a new framework and its for this reason I discovered TFDi 717. Qw 787 and Fslabs. Thanks Mr Randazzos 😉
  8. Im not sure to know how to restore the default Shader profiles. I know that Envshade have an option for this. I use it and nothing changed. Thanks again Pierre
  9. Hello, I tried Poppet's solution and I updated my NVDIA drivers and the problem still there. I dont understand why I have this problem with PMDG 747 amd QW787. Yes its true I didn't restore the original shaders and shader effect files. The solutions for now its restore them and reinstall P3D 4.5?
  10. Hi Benjamin, I deleted my shaders and not use Envshade after and the problem still there. Very strange...
  11. After installed 4.5 I updated the shaders the last version of Envshade who is suppose to be compatible with last version of p3d. I dont understand what you mean when you say " previous version of the shader mod software." For now I delete the shaders and install them of Envshade after restore. Texture problem sill there...
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