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  1. Thank Chris, does that mean that some 747-400 have no taxi lights, the companies choose if there are or not ?
  2. Hi, I'm just discovering the Queen of the Skies II, and I don't find any button to turn on the taxi lights ! Do I need glasses ? Thank you Pierre Boileau LFRS
  3. Hi Bryan, Just a word to thank you for your explanation, everything looks fine and great ! Have a nice day Pierre Boileau
  4. Hi, I'm looking for the best procedure to migrate from the first version of FS2crew NGX to the NGX Reboot that I just bought (using the last version of the 737 NGX v1.20.8443) . I suppose I need to uninstall the previous version of FS2crew 737, but is there something else to delete, or to do, before installing the NGX Reboot version ? Thanks Pierre Boileau
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