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  1. Pierre789

    No taxi lights button on the OVH

    Thank Chris, does that mean that some 747-400 have no taxi lights, the companies choose if there are or not ?
  2. Hi, I'm just discovering the Queen of the Skies II, and I don't find any button to turn on the taxi lights ! Do I need glasses ? Thank you Pierre Boileau LFRS
  3. Hi Bryan, Just a word to thank you for your explanation, everything looks fine and great ! Have a nice day Pierre Boileau
  4. Hi, I'm looking for the best procedure to migrate from the first version of FS2crew NGX to the NGX Reboot that I just bought (using the last version of the 737 NGX v1.20.8443) . I suppose I need to uninstall the previous version of FS2crew 737, but is there something else to delete, or to do, before installing the NGX Reboot version ? Thanks Pierre Boileau
  5. Pierre789

    weather radar for PMDG 737 NGX 800 900

    Hi Kyle I try to follow all the steps required in the PMDG weather radar troubleshooting page: - The latest update of my 737NGX (SP1d v1.10.64611) - The latest version of ASN (SP2C update B5589) - The latest version of FSUIPC4 (4.939u) - The settings of FSX as required but there is still no weather radar in my 737 (as it works fine with the 777). In fact, when I press the WXR button on the EFIS, nothing happens in the PFD, no mention about the WXR... The only thing, perhaps, is that I haven't uninstalled the previous version of 737 before installing the new one (I never do that !!). Do I have to reinstall the version ? In that case, how do I uninstall the 737 ? Thanks Pierre Boileau LFRS
  6. Pierre789

    checklist request gets no response

    Hi Thanks to Bryan my problem is solved. The way to get this result : - Manually delete the fs2crew777 folder locating in "appdata." - Delete the fs2crew 777 folder in the main fsx folder. It's located in the fs2crew2010 folder. - Reinstall fs2crew with admin rights - Re activate the product via the fs2crew 777 config manager (name, e-mail, order ..) Then run fsx, it should be OK Pierre
  7. Pierre789

    checklist request gets no response

    Hi Bryan Yes, affirmative, it says v1.3 I don't understand what you mean "double check your audio setup" : my HP work fine, and when i use a headset, connected to the hp, it's the same. I've tried all the audio settings in the cfg sub panel, with the same results. Pierre
  8. Pierre789

    checklist request gets no response

    Hi, In fact I am in the same situation with the same problem, except I use the Button Control and not the Voice control, (and I don't undestand what means "please follow the sound thread") !. I can't run any procedure or checklist when I press the Main Button, I have no capt's voice and no action. I'm stuck on the Pre Flight Checklist. If I run the Pre Flight Events routine, everything works fine until T+15' when it's time to run the Pre Flight Checklist. With the arrow on the right side of the Main Panel, after OXYGEN TESTED 100%, I access the following questions of the checklist by pressing the Main Button, but without any voice to validate the responses, then I'm stuck again when arriving at the Before Start procedure, there is no way to make it run. Some additional details : -The main and secondary buttons are set correctly, they work fine with my FS2Crew 737NGX -By Pressing the AUDIO button on the Main Panel I have the correct sounds on HP left and right -FS2Crew is well in the panel.cfg -On The Main Panel the HS button is ON -The CFG button is set -As I bought 777 FS2Crew on January 30th, I have installed the product 3 times to access the actual v1.3 !! Thank you for your help Pierre Boileau LFRS
  9. Hi, the problem is that The Basic Configuration Guide, has nothing in common with the Hardware and Software Guide which gave many informations about the hardware and software environment for fsx, and their evolution. The last date of issue I know was Feb 19, 2014, v. Is there a new version somewhere ? Thanks Pierre Boileau