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  1. So is there any way pull an offset value for a valve in transit? For instance 0x645C - FUEL_CrossFeedSw only returns a 0 or a 1. In reality when you move the valve, you notice the "Valve Open" indicator is bright and then normal when the valve movement is complete. I cant seem to find any values related to this to pull externally.
  2. tafische

    Muddy runway images

    I guess I was expecting a more dramatic difference between the runway texture and the ground/grass textures. I do have the A/C taxi lights on in those shots. Here is an example of another FSX user I saw -- which is more what I am trying to get to --
  3. tafische

    Muddy runway images

    You are right on the runway...typo. Anyway - I have set REX for ground textures updating the concrete, grass, and asphalt but I really don't get much improvement no matter which profile I pick.
  4. I am moving over from Xplane to FSX and trying to get it setup correctly. My biggest problem right now is that I am having difficulty with runways, taxiways and ramps not looking good at night. It is very difficult to tell the difference between the ground and taxiways/ramps as you can see by the images below. I am running FSX SE with REX4 on a very high end hardware set to pretty extreme on almost everything.. The images below are from SFO 28R. Any suggestions on what I can do to improve the night time views?