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  1. I found this solution on the BitDefender Community site from user zuiuz and it worked for me. Supposedly BitDefender is working on something but in the meantime instead of turning off the firewall completely: "You can do the following. Go to Protection>Firewall>Settings. For ´´Default application behavior´´ click ´´Edit default rules´´´. For WLAN take the setting ´´Allow´´. OK" Fred Ziker
  2. Thanks everyone for your kind and prompt replies! Regards Fred Ziker
  3. When using UGCX to do a computer defined pushback of the PMDG NGXu it is not a nice smooth pushback like it is with my other aircraft. The best word I can describe the motion is that is jerky. Little hesitations like there is resistance to the pushback vehicle. Brakes are released, interactions with UGCX are normal and this only occurs with the NGXu. I read where the changes PMDG made to this aircraft were substantial necessitating much rework before FS2Crew NGXu could be released but I was wondering if a) is anyone else having this experience, b) is it something I can fix via the profile or c) could you see if it's something to address in one of the next UGCX updates? Thanks! Fred Ziker
  4. Yes please! An area where user developed logos can be shared would be much appreciated! Thanks fred ziker
  5. I set the config option not to run the FMGS check at 10,000 but still the menu got stuck with a blinking climb flow. Must be another 'challenge' I'm not responding to? I completed the After Takeoff Climb Checklist including Below the Line confirmed seat belts off and then the climb flow starts blinking the only response FS2Crew will acknowledge is transfer of control PF to PM and back again. Can't initiate Approach Checklist or anything subsequent. Still blinking Climb Flow at engine cutoff. ???? Fred Ziker
  6. This is brilliant! Just what I was looking for Fred Ziker
  7. This is brilliant! Thanks so much Adriana! It works perfectly in P3Dv4.4 Fred Ziker
  8. At night, the FO turns off the dome light upon completion of taxi checklist. Is there anyway to configure this to not take place? I need to be able to find the overhead panel lights switch during overnight flights with the 747. There is zero ambient light in the cockpit at night Thanks for any advice! Fred Ziker
  9. Yep, the UTL ERJ models are weak! Haven't found a decent ERJ-145. The RavenAI E170 and E175 models have been patched for P3dV4 and Juergen Baumbusch's fine repaints are available for these aircraft. The Alpha-India forums is a great source of info on P3dV4 compatible AI aircraft. The AIG CRJ-700 and 900 have been patched also. Regards, Fred
  10. I'm using PRO/ATC-X with P3dV4 / FSX-SE and have had no issues. What you read about was the fact the the current version does not have the ability to directly import flight plans into all of the 3rd party aircraft currently out there. PMDG, Aerosoft A320 no issues but the FSL A320 and the TFdi B717 do not have direct flight plan import from PATC so I use Sim Brief export for those. I find the voices and ATC control to be the best of what I've tried.
  11. Just an FYI, I was getting the same error message from FSDT regarding an old version of SODE even though I couldn't locate it in the Control Panel and found the "offending" SODE install located in the PacSim/Salt Lake City Int folder. I used the SODE install from that folder to remove it and then the GSX and FSDT airports would install without a problem. This begs several questions: do I go back and reinstall 1.4.2 SODE to reenable jetways in KSLC? The FSDT Forum is not accessible, I presume because of volume. Secondly, has anyone seen anything from PacSim regarding KSLC compatibility with P3DV4?
  12. Thanks for your reply Alex! It is indeed curious especially since some of us are experiencing the problem and others are not. I can tell you that deleting the .ini file from the texture folder did not solve the problem but I DO think it is an ini problem. I noticed that during the PMDG initializing of the system I did have power to the aircraft and then it suddenly went black when the initialization was complete.So I did a re-install of NGX and the problem went away. Kind of an extreme fix for a new livery but it sure is looking good and now I can actually fly it! fred ziker
  13. +1! I cannot get any power to this livery! Battery power is already 'on' when loaded but no power. All other liveries work fine. Looking for ideas also!! thanks fred ziker
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