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  1. I’m really close to pulling the trigger (heh) on this. The factual information and stories behind the yellow life jackets etc just whets my appetite. The only things putting me off are that I think I’d struggle to fly it properly, and I can’t work out if it’s just me but the engine sounds are a bit “janky” IE there’s no seamless transition between low and high revs. Or is this how the real thing was?
  2. Hi Folks, I have past experience with FSX etc, but would like to "start afresh" sometime soon with P3D. I've erased my old FSX installation and haven't flown for a year or two now. I'm trying to get a "shopping list" together so I can price it up and save the money up to buy everything in one fell swoop, including joy sticks. My PC spec is: 2TB HDD Intel i7-4790k@4.00GHz 16GB RAM GTX 980 Graphics Card I would be looking at operations out of a sole UK base for example Manchester, to "holiday" destinations in Europe, and perhaps one or two destinations in America, trying to match real life operations, so i'll need a plane such as a 787/A319/A320 to go with it. I won't be doing any VFR stuff. Ideally if I am spending so much money i'd like the best of the best payware if possible. If you kind folks could help me get a shopping list together that would be really appreciated. Thanks
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