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  1. <p>Hi</p> <p> </p> <p>I have all my addons , ASN, FsCommander, etc on 01</p> <p> </p> <p>Basically I don't put anything on 2-7 other than fsx</p> <p> </p> <p>The exception was ProATC which stuttered for ever on 01 till I gave 01-67 cause I observed while flying that 6-7 is lest used. Eventually I moved ProATC to network laptop.</p> <p> </p> <p>for smoothness and FPS you wana be very hard on anything going to 2-7 or whatever cores you gave your sim.</p> <p> </p> <p>As for all the windows stuff, I don't touch them either dwm does funny things when you limit its core usage found that out the hard way</p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p>To clarify all my add-ons are 01, mostly set to low priority, low memory priority, low IO priority.</p> <p>I would rather my add-ons stutter than my flight.</p> <p> </p> <p>As no 2 systems are the same, the finer details of PL setup have to come from observing your cores while flying.</p> <p> </p> <p>The best tip of all though is as you said, backup often, make changes infrequently.</p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p>Regards the ini file, I hope you using the export import for your ini. cause there is another selection at the top of same menu for config file that seems redundant to me.</p> <p> </p> <p>I just created a folder on my machine where I store lasso profiles</p> <p> </p> <p>1. Neutral mode (normal pc usage)</p> <p>2. Sim Mode</p> <p>3.endSim (mainly closes addons when finished flying)</p> <p> </p> <p>Also if you are not using 01 for Sim, you can OC ton higher frequencies, depending on your cooling. My OC 4.84ghz is about 45% more stable cause 01 not used by sim.</p> <p> </p> <p>But to smoothen your flight, those addons need to have their cpu/memeory/IO priorities lowered.</p> <p> </p> <p>Also worth checking google to find out more about tasks you want to change resource usage for, often youll find posts of others looking to do the same for a game, such info will give you more confidence and knowledge to trim down your cpu task list for a smooth flight.</p> <p> </p> <p>My SimMode PL config took years to slim down to I think only 25 tasks or so running when</p> <p>I sim.</p> <p> </p> <p>general rule, dont touch stuff to do with joystick programs, mouse programs, stuff talking to hardware you use while simming, they never really use cpu anyway, but they require fast response. Example as stringent as iam about my cores, my siatekx65 controller program is still on all 8 cores, same for mouse.</p> <p> </p> <p>However a lot sound, network stuff all running on 01</p> <p> </p> <p>Another rule, right click on a task PL, and select option to take you to folder where that program is installed, if its installed in c\windows leave it alone. Else I 01 on the program and more besides.</p> <p> </p> <p>Note that NVIDIA installs a lot of cpu huggers if you dont select only what you need from it. I only use GPU driver and Audio. my ATC sound is set to tv speakers linked to video card.</p> <p> </p> <p>useless Nvidia tasks can be treaky to box, so my solution was to unsinatll vid driver, reinstall secleting from the install options only the drivers I needed. There were reports of fps increase when folks reduced NVidia crap.</p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p>Another tip is to go to windows advanced settings, and set it to performance setting instead of Detailed fancy menus. That really does add a kick, although my win7 menus are left looking like win3.1, but dont care cause am in p3d not windows. This is ok if your machine is dedicated for sim only.</p> <p>I keep my fancy menus on my daily use pc.</p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p>Also sound settings you might want to turn it down to like 16bbit cd quality</p> <p>If you ever OC, realy high such dont matter much, but at 4Ghz lower sound quality will help. If you use the maschine to play music there is a huge difference in sound quality. if its just sim, you cant tell the difference.</p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p>Keep your default PL profile handy for a rainy day.</p>
  2. @Slopey Thanks for the update Slopey, I use MT6, already tried with traffic turned to zero on p3d sliders with no effect on the problem. Will look into another way to disable MT6 without breaking anything. I am running AH on network, and one thing that helped yesterday was running flight1 Registry fix tool, not to fix anything, but to add my p3d path to registry as fsx. After that AH started using its ahx database instead of the ah9 database But that little success did not change the flight plans produced or the traffic situation. observation on my machine is that if the sim is on network, AH gona think you running fs9, unless you fool registry on network client to think fsx is installed on the networked client. If it works in p3d Ah1 sales go up while we wait for AH2. Failing that, any update for us regards AH2 release dates. By the way, I used to play Elite Dangerous for a while, There was a fantastic Slopey Tool I used to use for trading in elite, Is that you as well. Anyway thanks for the input, would be nice to have this product working p3d someday, or give me AH2 now. Last I heard spring 2016 for release any update on that. cheers
  3. I use 3, Lowers fps, but reduces stutters. But then am running @4.84Ghz so don't really care about fps hit cause of this setting. I imagine it must help those stutter approaches with heavy scenery. there is a huge thread on this forum some months back, where folks were sharing results on pre rendered frame setting, might be worth your while going back a few pages to check that out.
  4. Froogle and Word Not Allowed come to mind, they used to be here too
  5. Its like being hit with water from the sky when there was no rain, I was following the thread hoping for some good info then it got locked for personal opinion WOW. Well its a donation forum is all I can say, and for the moderators that actually help instead of getting in the way, thanks to you.
  6. @nuitaki Thanks for the feedback in PM, I can confirm AH thinks am running fs9/fs2004 Even though I have an fsx.exe inside sim folder (this suggested way of dealing with the issue) I also select fsx in on its dialogue boxes I say it thinks am running fs9 cause 1. Flight plans created for myself and AI are fs9 format 2. Its has 2 database base files ahx and ah9, it only crashes if I delete ah9, does not do anything with ahx Even when setting up scenery and ac import I give the correct p3d/fsx folder but changes nothing Despite fs9 mode , most things work except no moving AI traffic due to plans being fs9. Unfortunately AH gui has a flaw in that it has know dialogue to select simulator version, it just asks again and again depending on what activity you doing, importing scenery , importing ac, setting up company. But no direct what sim are you using box which bad design As a result fs9 flight plans generated for for p3d exposed as fsx by migration tool. I suppose if you don't observe the AH traffic or use its flight planner its easy to assume this product works fully in p3d, without realising its generating fs9 state machine I can only assume if it does not find the real fsx it reverts to fs9
  7. @nuitaki Avsim editor don't work on my machine or too unintuitive for me, so I have sent you the info in PM had no issues cut paste text there. I paste 2 example ah ai plans that don't work in p3d, and also an example of a working plan created by proatc cheers
  8. @Martin Search for Captain K Man or Process lasso gaming on youtube The guy is a simmer that did 30min video on how to use lasso for fsx if I could ctrlC ctrlV I would have paste you a link directly to the vid, but avsim editor is either unintuitive to me or does not work on my machine, Shame about CtrlC CtrlV My cpu is i7490K I use it wit HT on. my affinity for p3d= 0011 1111 That means p3d is off the first 2 cores and on all the others As for priority I set to AboveNormal anything going beyond that could lead to OC instability mine is 4.8 to 4,84 Ghz. That's a good way to start, small, but try to get used to using profiles, cause that gives you more freedom to change and revert. The only other thing that would be good to sort out early is affinity, always leave something behind for the OS is the rule, a core that p3d.fsx cant touch. I hear best cores for this are 01. for 8 core with HT on. once you get used to it have time to play with it during cruise, start setting io and memory priority Also very good way to know which core to assign to addons is to look at lasso cpu core bars while flying and see which cores are least active, there you can add extra work load, I hear its better to assign cores in 2's when HT on. One real one virtual ensuring there is nothing operating on birtua core only, unless its something you really wana starve a lot, in my case msantimalware.exe
  9. Thanks for the update Graham My company has about 8 jets, and all the AH mechanics in back office works just fine. However give ai pilot a job, his traffic in sim is static. I wanted AirHauler for its traffic injection, but in p3d its traffic is only static. I suppose you will not have noticed this with one AC in your fleet I have 8, and in sim they are either parked, or disappear. and now am fairly convinced its cause AH plans not acceptable to p3d. Just thinking out aloud, maybe only way to fix this is a tool that detects when p3d gets plans from ah, and converts ah plans to p3d xml pln. failing that next stop AH2. By the way Graham I hope you know there is an update not added to the installer you purchase (not professional) in options --> about version should read 1.54 SP4.1. It wasn't until I had issues with AH that I discovered by chance there is an update. Night be worth getting it, seems AI more a bit more clever with the update. Anyway AH plans need a tool that listens in p3d and converts them to p3d format, else no moving AH traffic in P3D.
  10. Thanks for the update VFRH. I use other planners other than AH as well. The only problem here is fact that ah flight plans are rejected by p3d. as a result ah traffic does not work. It creates flightplans for ai when you give them jobs, the plans are stored in p3d files folder with .pln. But those plans cant be loaded in p3d, so ah traffic not working. for my flight I got, pfpx, fscommander, planG, ProATC spoilt for choice. But for ah ai traffic plans, not sure if anybody ever got them to work in p3d VFRHawk please help me test if you can load AH plans when inside p3d. For me you cant even see them listed, cause seems p3d don't like format of ah plans. thanks
  11. The summary of the problem here is p3dv3.1 is known working with AirHauler My problem is flight plans created by AH which are text is not recognised by p3d which only sees xml flight plans. I don't use AH planner for my flights but the AH AI plans are also rejected by p3d, so this is to resolve auto created ai plans only. AH generates ai flight plans automatically I cant intervene in that process. But since its working for other regards dynamic AH traffic, I suppose there may be a way to set AH flight plan type or maybe something in p3d that allows it to accept ah plans cheers
  12. Ok after spending ages fruitlessly trying to paste AH flight plan text and flightplan error popup, I gave up, still cant use this new avsim editor to paste anything. Does not work on any of my pc. Any despite handicap of unusable editor, I have made very interesting discovery . For first time I tried to use AH flight planner, it sets up simple flightplan a to b. But p3d rejected the AH flightplan for my flight I got message box "The scenario you trying to load is missing associated flight plan" Looked in p3d files folder and there it was, all the AH ai flightplans in same folder as p3d plans. So I observed that p3d only sees xml flightplans and AH plans are text So it appears the AI have not been moving cause p3d rejecting AH fightplans @VFR Hawk I was about to give up till you mentioned you have it working in p3dv3.1 with dynamic traffic Could you please please fill me in regards if p3d can load your AH plans no issues Am not even sure if p3d sees other flightplan types besides xml, but when I load p3d to open flightplan from inside p3d it only exposes xml flight plans. So I am very much intrigued how this is working for VFRHawk, help much appreciated
  13. I suspect sometimes when cpu is too busy fs skips positions like any other game. One way to avoid such in future lower your graphic settings, or upgrade cpu/gpu keep current eye candy. I have noticed recently that turbulence especially in GA is a lot more realistic when I keep graphic sliders low, again its the skipping of positions thing happening in turbulence. Also maybe worth running latest makerwys , in case its scenery issue, scenery experts can advice better on that.
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