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  1. Watch out for latest EVGA precision !! causing my fps to drop soon as undock panel , back to evga v 3.25.
  2. for taxi, flight plan following and much more its Fscommander, even on ProATC forum there is a guy trying to find how to convert fscommander plans to proatc, cause he prefers fscommander as moving map. Its a shame cause fscommander is quite old, but still the best for the job. Maybe planG is also good for us, but poorly designed software, yeh cause its free. Pay for ease with Fscommander.
  3. @Rob please google fsrecorder stutter, I removed my fsrecorder stutter by changing the settings. especially removing the green bar with time. google for more details but that how I fixed mine. generally play with disable its various playback windows till its smooth, also check sampling rate I use 1/4
  4. Hi just installed uk2000 egph, doing manual install outside p3d. all looks ok after loading airport. Now I need help regards where to install uk2000 blend files for users of ftx global like myself. is it in scenery or texture folder for the afcad cheers
  5. thanks for the feedback all. This suggests its official BEST WAY TO UPDATE REX IS FROM THE TOOL ITSELF, and not directly from Rex website, unless you really uptodate on details of updates. Was never gona install p3d without rex, now set to go, WIHTOUT FEAR cheers
  6. thanks much for the update. just been to rex website to check the links, totally absolutely confusing, full of service packs, hot fixes integrations with various confusing numbers. I wish I could get access to full installer for rex4 and soft clouds. Don't mind if it takes 10 days to download, but the web of hotfixes service packs needs reset with full installer else folks gona be downloading the wrong thing and messing up their sim, and many reports of this happening already with rex for p3dv3 and even v2.5. Rex solutions have always been messy, can we have full installer pleaseeeee, save me a migraine. can anybody please provide me link to what to download on rex I have soft clouds as a single product and also rex4 as single product the website updates is full of confusing names like rex4 soft clouds integration , don't even know what the heck that is. installed both in may, not used sim since then, and now trying to setup for p3dv3 I must I have done as many installs and pc builds as most simmer, and on every install rex solutions have always been frustrating, however HIFI solutions always very very refreshing, the update never confusing, installation fool proof thanks much in advance. looking further into this maybe its possible just to use about box in rex, and let it choose the correct update, I assume this is what all the warnings on the website is suggesting, can anybody confirm this cheers
  7. just checked, its nearly 70$. The current FSX version which I own does not work in P3D, and looks like no upgrade option as far as I can tell. So am I right in assuming got to pay full price for existing fsx users for p3d. I ll stick with my fscommander planner if I got to pay more than 20$ or less for this
  8. finally got to the bottom of the bottom of this one. It was ASus GPU Tweak tool that runs the gpu oc, basically I set frames in the tool to 45, in p3d getting 15 soon as window undock Problem was, when I disable the fps control I gpu tweak, it remains, unless I use NVidia inspector to remove the 45 fps setting. After having this issue for 2weeks, was not till yesterday I decided to install nvi inspector to check things out. Asus GPU tweak is great for its temperature based oc options, but its a buggy tool in a dangerous. ASUS GPU TWEAK USER MODE FAN CONTROL IS BUGGY AND NEALRY FRIED MY GPU. BASICALLY IF THE TOOL CRASHES , YOUR FAN SETTINGS SEEME TO GO WITH IT, AND NEXT TIME YOU RUN THE GPU IT WILL KEEP FAN AT DEFUALT LOW SPEED TILL YOUR CARD FRIES. the dan asus titan cant keep up with my 4790k 4.79Ghz oc anyway, so going for evga titanx hybrid. the old titan just keeps crashing @cpu 4.79. SO BEWARE WHEN SETTING FPS OUTSIDE P3D OR FSX. NOT ONLY COULD THE RESULT BE CRAP, YOU MAY HAVE TO GO INTO INSPECTOR TO RESET FPS Thanks for the help gents
  9. Thanks for all your help folks . This turned out to be a very revealing issue for, but cause my cooling system is exceptional, I had lots of options when this problem turned out to be heat related. Also had to roll baclk to earlier 2015 NVidia driver to stop grames hafling, then gpu starts crashing, could not keep up with cpu 4.79ghz oc always keep your temps in view in early days of a new setup, nearly fried my titan, as I stepped it up to cpu oc. gpu need higher min voltage, pc case needed some crap removed to improve air flow, and voila my first flight I n p3d 2.5 AND ITHE CLOUDS ARE STUNNING, VIEWS ARE STUNNING , that said using all the usual addons orbyx,rex,asnext, rex soft clouds etc VERY SMOOTH, but then also the c drive is 3 ssd raid, mand p3d drive is a 2 ssd raid. nearly had to go buy titanx with my rent money, but uping the cooling and voltage made my titan save the day in short I think halfing of fps was due to latest nvdia river, currently using I think 352, anyway one from about 3 drivers ago. thkns for the help, goto sleep now, gona be a blue screen dream
  10. correction this has non to do with second screen, just undock any panel, fps halfs for each new undocked window
  11. Thanks gents, I am undocking gauges only no views. Hi MIc Just checked refresh rate on main screen is 60Hz but the smaller gauges screen refresh rate is 30Hz , does not allow setting to 60Hz, but main screen is 60Hz. Do you think varying refresh rate cause this issue. The smaller monitor is new, I think the older one was 60Hz too. The fps drop happens even before I move gauge to second screen. I just have to right click gauge and move mouse over undock, and fps halves. Move to second screen and fps stays same way, halfed. close the gauge, fps stays halfed. I have also checked cfg to ensure both screens have correct resolution, but the fps drop happens soon as I undock on main screen, does not drop further moving to second screen. But fps drops further for each new undocked gauge cheers
  12. Hi JUst completed install of p3dv2.5 no hot fix yet. running i7490@4.75 GTX Titan Soon as panel undocked to second screen FPS is halved, GPU utilisation also drops by about half, AND the fps reduces further for each new panel you undock and move to second screen. Never seen it this bad, I get a couple of fps drop normally when undocking panel to second screen, but not half drop any ideas cheers
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