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    over 30 years of playing drums is not good for your hands :-)

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  1. your sarcasm is all over the forums..maybe you have a think aout how you respond to most of the posts you answer.anyway i blame lockdown.
  2. normally i would have posted on the pmdg pages,i just don't go there.can't stand one of there mods. steve
  3. I know it's complicated software,so i should keep my trap shut.just miffed that it's still weeks away. steve
  4. is it me or am i the only one who's a bit angry with PMDG.they got V5 before everyone else it seems and they are still two weeks away from updating the NGXu to v5.they are not adding any extra features,just making it work in V5. must be lockdown getting to me,normally i keep quiet. steve
  5. Hi I'm using fsreborn ai ver 1 15.4 p3d v5 it's not finding the default AI.I downloaded and installed a new version after V5 was released and have tried to reinstall it 3 times, i'm opening the dashboard and using the scan feature just like i did in p3d4.5.i was using AIG.now only default AI. it says my ai database is empty. am i doing something wrong in this version?? thanks for any help steve
  6. courcheval in france is there .very sloped runway.. steve
  7. 1st thing i did simbol was to switch to LED and test it,as you say you have to see it inside the sim to really understand what it does..amazing work by you .so thanks again 🙂 steve
  8. Worth it just for the Landing light effects.amazing work.you have to see the Landing lights bouncing off clouds at night to understand what i mean.sure this effect was in an early version of msfs.now it's back and looks very cool. steve
  9. Hi thanks for your help. just realised that with the lock button on you can't select a different voice.i now have a uk voice pack 🙂 thanks steve
  10. just bought the NGXu version and now would never fly without it.as i'm from the uk was wondering if i can change the default captains voice set to a uk one.or if their is an option to buy a uk voice set for it. thanks for any help steve
  11. this does work with Rex Skyforce.makes a big difference to the weather. steve
  12. i think it's only if you have Activesky.pretty sure i read that somewhere in the manual.could be wrong steve
  13. yes same here.must be the experimental patch i used.are you using those as well?? steve
  14. looking forward to getting it working.unfortunately i have Traffic Global .it's early access so not compatible just yet. hopefully it will be within 2 weeks. steve
  15. just bought the pro version from you.glad to help you develop new addons. thanks steve
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