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    over 30 years of playing drums is not good for your hands :-)

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  1. steve howlett

    Aerosoft Airbus Professional MCDU2

    yes me too.just makes it a bit awkward to find and setup .whereas before you just clicked on it while in the VC. steve
  2. steve howlett

    Terrain loss P3DV4

    try moving the airport up the scenery list.could be too low and is being overlaid by a default file. steve
  3. steve howlett

    :( what Happen?

    seem to remember i had to reinstall FTX Global,when this happened to me. steve
  4. steve howlett

    REX Worldwide ARPTS HD TO BE released

    I'm with is quick ,but quite expensive nowadays. steve
  5. steve howlett

    REX Worldwide ARPTS HD TO BE released

    Hey was quick.i do have a 150mb cable connection which ran 3 downloads at a was a new version that was p3d v4 compatible.i had a quick look at a default airport inside v4 and it seems to have worked. steve
  6. steve howlett

    REX Worldwide ARPTS HD TO BE released

    if you bought it from the REX shop just download the new version .copy your serial number and paste when asked for it.took me about 10mins from start to finish.looks great and makes default airports look really nice. steve
  7. steve howlett

    Post Windows 7 to 10 upgrade issues.

    here's a link.looks like you installed windows 10 N version which is missing some media files. steve
  8. steve howlett

    Trying To Re-Install 4.3---but failing over

    Hey rick guess i'm just lucky,i've never had issues after updates.either that or i'm too thick to notice them. just reinstalled 4.3 .started yesterday.not because of win10 just wanted to get rid of vector and a few old aircraft leftovers.seems ok at the moment. look out for me on the p3d help forums:-) steve
  9. steve howlett

    Trying To Re-Install 4.3---but failing over

    have you thought of going down the win10 route.i use it now after running win7 for years .i switched to classic mode and its almost exactly the same as win 7.for me it's perfect and i don't have any issues when running prepared 4.3. worth a look steve
  10. steve howlett

    Aerosoft A318/9

    if it's unusable,how am i able to use it without any problems??i'm using it exclusively on every flight i do and i've had no problems with goes from A-B flying down the ILS to a smooth know sometimes people just can't stand being wrong nuno and you are one of them.and the joke about this conversation is don't even own it!!.well i do and think it's very good,as i said it will get better after SP1.but it is very usable steve
  11. steve howlett

    Aerosoft A318/9

    yes he is involved,also a real bus pilot.i know who i'd listen too.:-) steve
  12. steve howlett

    Aerosoft A318/9

    Absolutely Flyer.unfortunately some people have very short memories and quickly forget how long their favourite software took to become what it is now.there are also quite few people here who just say things to stir up a row.myself i'm very happy with the Aerosoft bus(i waited a long time for it)and i know it will get any issues sorted out quickly.A hotfix has already been put out. good luck with its release steve
  13. steve howlett

    Aerosoft A318/9

    Anders you would want to know when someone says " but the product is way too unusable to be released " that they have 1 bought it 2 tested it extensively 3 not just said it because of hearsay. 4 or said it after half an hour (or more)on a friends computer. it needs to be an informed opinion.Flyer024 is a real bus pilot.if he says it's a good simulation that needs an sp1.then thats all i need to hear.and please remember all the patches FSL have had to get it to where it is now. take care steve:-)
  14. steve howlett

    Aerosoft A318/9

    How can you say it's unstable Nuno ,like i said in my previous post i use it all the time and have no issues with it.a recent hotfix also solved some issues.did your friend have that installed??.you leave your self open to critisizm by saying things like that with only a short amount of time with it. steve
  15. steve howlett

    Aerosoft A318/9

    Obviously there are issues with it,aerosoft have been upfront about anyone who bought it was aware of that. i've been using it all the time and get from A-B without any all software it gets better over time.look at the FSL bus it was heavily critisized for it's performance issues,now after quite a while they seem to have got on top of that.I am not that much of a systems guy so the Aerosoft bus is great for me and so far i'm very happy with it.Performance,Realight ,Trueglass and the modelling are very nicely well done to Aerosoft 🙂 steve