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  1. World Navaids package from aero.sors.fr Now available for Prepar3dv5! Unfortunately, at the moment ILS/Rwy regional updates package unavailable...
  2. yes it works. but scenary database in EFB unable to update🤓
  3. on the free mesh there is a problem only in HKEL: almost all is well in HKKT: the height of the airports in both cases corresponds to the real world, but due to the fact that the runway does not have a slope, unlike the real world, this problem is observed🤓 --- at the expense of the vector I agree 100%, the mesh is better than before but could be even better, even a free mesh has a more realistic look:
  4. you have erroneous data, in P5 6945ft, real world 6945ft too😉
  5. Lol))) what elevation do you have in sim for these airports?
  6. A small comparison with the freemesh:
  7. yes it is, Herve is already working on it! the only thing in the case of updating SID/STAR is that it will not have such full coverage as an FSAerodata, but in reality few people use standard GPS... comparison: hhttps//aerosors.freeforums.net/thread/133/new-fsaerodata-service My choice only: aero.sors.fr P.S but remember that this is primarily intended for use in default scenarios, in paid scenarios you in most cases you will get problems (if you do not fix several files manually).
  8. yes it seems so, now you will not get as many impressions of the new mesh as it was before
  9. yes, it really is, poor customer support and high product prices... their previous mesh(FS Global Ultimate - Next Generation/FTX2018) had many problems that no one has yet to fix, instead they just released another new product. and in many ways the freemesh 2.0 was better and absolutely free!
  10. +1 however, some users still do not see the difference and they need an orbx vector🤔
  11. for those who still do not see improvements ... P4 P5
  12. for me personally, the main thing is the correct coastlines and reservoirs, rivers, and it seems in P5 it is even higher than in the orbx vector...😉 for VFR flights outside the water the best option paid scenary... also in P5 of this became much more than before🤓 the matter is that, their developer(pilots) really doesn’t see the point of dealing with this product, it’s too complicated, they’ll better make a mesh and sell it for $ 70 ... I don’t know, it’s default, besides it’s not the tropics, the normal color of water for those places, I do not see anything unusual🙄
  13. I believe that now it’s not so necessary, since now a noticeably higher level LOD is used
  14. then at P5 you will suffer, so sorry ... Yes, this is the only drawback,but you look from the wrong side, it is pure sim without textures orbx global. Nevertheless, bridges from a height are not so noticeable and there are those that are not in the orbx vector, it also applies to roads, but it will be in P5(somewhere plus or minus), but most importantly the vector data now of excellent quality!
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