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  1. I have a small question about the procedure turns 45°/180° , when we start timer(cat A/B 1 min, C/D/E 1 min 15 s.): at the time of the lapel on course 45 or after leveling( after roll-out) on this course?
  2. niksan29

    NoPT no procedure turn?

    yes, but the date of my charts is the same as yours: November 8, 2018,the only difference is that my charts from another company: jeppesen. why in your charts is not directly said about the procedure NoPT is incomprehensible to me... if we arrive at the ELMAX a course other than 92 to 255 we will need to hold it at the ELMAX, anyway... There are holding notes in my charts too, but I still don’t understand what it means: HOLDING NOTE HLDG MUKRA and ELMAX at or above 4000 ft for airspace containment ?
  3. I would like to receive detailed instructions;) If you do not have instructions, it stops you from installing and configuring;(
  4. niksan29

    IAS at acceleration altitude

    I mainly use: MCL 900 Type I is 210 kias to FL150 after pitch hold ,I seen some real airlines do the same 😉
  5. and what to buy in the end?🤗
  6. niksan29

    IAS at acceleration altitude

    Shouldn't we use it? MCl 900/850: -Type I is 210 kias to FL150, this climb is mainly focused on forward speed and burns the most fuel -Type II 185 kias to FL200, a compromise between forward and vertical speed -Type III 160 kias to FL250, this gives best climb rate and lowest fuel burn. But you spend longer in the cruise.
  7. niksan29

    NoPT no procedure turn?

    What does it mean? For example in this case:
  8. получил такую ошибку, как исправить не понял ...
  9. how is it calculated climb desent angel?)
  10. How to calculate this data without tables?
  11. niksan29

    How to setup anti ice levels

    you talk about it: ?
  12. niksan29

    How to setup anti ice levels

    Level 2 and Level 3 must be turned off when landing and reaching 1000 agl? Or turn off only level 3? Or remains on until landing?
  13. niksan29

    DA altitude

    where to set DA altitude correctly: set in MDA or DH?
  14. I hope it will add sometime😉