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  1. interesting👍 and if you have a link to a video of an example of such an approach, I would be glad if you shared this👌
  2. absolutely right! Of course, I know about it, where there is a prescribed visual route there. no questions. But when it is not(not direct approach) there and the approach to the runway is not direct... that is, this this SOP for the airbus will be useless in this case?
  3. most likely, we all know how to perform this procedure with a direct approach eg LGRP, it would be something like this: but what if we don't have a direct approach? eg WPDL: rwy 08 course 075 and rwy 26 course 255,also please note we cannot circle south... if we need runway 26, we go straight to the VOR and and reaching rwy turn left onto the course 075 +045=120? then (this SOP for the airbus): but we will not have a downwind leg, since we have already passed the threshold in the first 30 seconds after turning 45 to the left... accordingly, how do we find the moment when we need to start chrono( 3sec\100ft from our alt)? and the second question is how to do it for runway 07?
  4. I wonder why then there are so many inaccuracies in navigation in the world of a sim...
  5. this does not look like the newest cycle... it is also interesting what will happen to their official data provider: navblue, will there be further cooperation or will the navigraph win this battle?
  6. +1 very interesting question, and will this automatically update every month? p/s as far as it is known there is used a navblue data provider but there is no more information...
  7. similar to how it was in prepar3d ctr+y(on\off) is it possible in the new sim?
  8. Hi Alex! I have a question again: why is the center of the ILS beam in this case drawn with a noticeable offset relative to the center of the runway,according to 2008 AIRAC, the difference between the course ILS and the runway is only one degree: there's no published offset on Jepp charts (15-Jun-2018 is the latest): in another example, the course of ILS almost ideally align to the center of the runway, despite the fact that the difference between the course ILS and the runway is already 2 degrees(according to 2008 AIRAC): I understand that this data is not created by you, it is read from the Navigraph database, but maybe you know why are they drawn this way and not otherwise?
  9. Hi Alex! I just wanted to clarify: 1)the range of nav aids is taken from navigraph (if it is active)? 2)ILS beam width for visual display only?
  10. Hello! Some official information: https://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6307&t=137785#p217281 also, i made small comparisons above, your product still looks better🤗
  11. yes, the route draws the correct👌 hehe I try not to break the speed limit😆 yes, please check it yourself👍
  12. I just want to clarify, only the green lines indicate the path where the can go follow me car? only being on the green path will work follow me car ? and I recorded a video:
  13. good option, but I suggest making it even more convenient: when this problem occurs, show a window with a list of ports nearby and let me choose and also offer to remember the choice🤗
  14. I always call follow me through the UGCX map, I did not notice any problems on the route map🤔
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