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  1. Hi, Trying to download this file, I get an "Internal server error". Could you take look? https://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?DLID=221792 Thanks! Robert-Jan
  2. Thanks for the links guys! All with excellent information!
  3. Could this manual be re-uploaded? It's gone from the Dropbox location.
  4. Hi guys, Why don't you use the FMC in Ernie Alston's ISG gauges? I use the GNS XLS fmc in Ernie's package in the Lear 35. The ISG gauge set works great and is also compatible with P3Dv4. Available from SimMarket https://secure.simmarket.com/ernie-alston-integrated-simavionics-group-1-(isg1).phtml
  5. Thanks for the feedback Mark. Weird that I seem to be the only person having this problem. It's a pity as this makes the product unusable for me so far.
  6. When it resets, you see the message "FS2Crew voice initialised" again on the screen. If it's any help, resizing the FS2crew control panel gives the same effect.
  7. I would also appreciate a fix for this. For instance when I am flying online and I need to switch to the desktop to type messages in Vpilot, that's not possible as FS2Crew will stop functioning. I own several more FS2Crew products and none of them show this behaviour. A fix for this would be much appreciated! Regards
  8. Then I will be optimistic 😊 I still have fond memories of the Ready For Pushback 747-200, so I am hoping this one will be in the same league.
  9. Who is the developer of this addon? Depending on that, I will be excited or disappointed.
  10. I have the same problem, of not receiving any weather repot through the AOC menu. I also have Activesky running on a remote computer. How does it read the weather data? Not through Simconnect it seems. Does it expect a weather file?
  11. Indeed no sound from the switches, inverters and others. I suppose that the "MT_XMLSound.gau" file in the panel folder needs to be updated to 64bit.
  12. As a feature request, would it be possible to make the transponder work with Vatsim Squawkbox? So that when you switch the GTX330 transponder from Standby to On, that it will also change the transponder mode of the Vatsim Pilot client from standby to mode C. That would be awesome! Thanks! Robert-Jan
  13. Yes, purchasing the DVD from FSS does also grant you the download version for free. After purchasing the DVDs, you have to purchase the download version, but at a price of 0$. That's how it went with my DVD purchases from FSS. Also on the postage cost, FSS' automatic system calculates a too high rate. To Europe at least. When I purchased from them in the past, I found out that the stamp on package was cheaper than what I paid for. But I contacted FSS support about this issue and they refunded me the difference in my FSS account, to use with the next purchase.
  14. Maybe you can try this:http://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?DLID=...5&CatID=fsxscenI haven't tried it myself though.Regards,Robert-JanFSX freeware scenery list: http://walhalla.mine.nu/fsx.php
  15. Hi Damian,Well that explains why it's not working like I expected.I will certainly write the suggestion to the address specified.Thanks for your support!Best regards,Robert-Jan
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