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  1. drayton_k

    Activation issue

    Fixed this now by following the readme properly!! Removed the old version first and then installing the new version. All now fine... Keith Mann
  2. drayton_k

    Activation issue

    Me too, activation failure as well.. Hope they fix this soon. Keith Mann
  3. drayton_k

    No external lights

    Thanks for testing Grant. I'll try a reinstall Cheers
  4. drayton_k

    No external lights

    Hi, Since the new update I have no NAV and strobe lights visible on the aircraft,. All switches are set correctly so what am I doing wrong? Thanks Keith
  5. drayton_k

    New update STILL CTD!

    Just tried the new update and I still get a CTD when selecting the departure runway at SPEP. Support ticket sent. Very sad
  6. drayton_k

    Alt setting

    No, thats without pushing the mouse wheel in. I have just tried it and pressing and holding the mouse wheel and changing the altitude does work.
  7. drayton_k

    Alt setting

    This has been answered before. Either press the TAB key when dialing in the altitude or I believe the middle mouse wheel held in will do it also. I havent tested that though myself but the TAB option does work
  8. drayton_k

    CTD when selecting SID

    Ah great, sounds good. Thanks
  9. drayton_k

    CTD when selecting SID

    I have just had a CTD twice when selecting a departure runway. The route I have is from SPEP to SPUR and is as follows:- DCT PUL UV4 TAP DCT URA As soon as I select Departure rwy in the FMC, the sim crashes. I have just uninstalled and reinstalled and tried again and the sim crashes every time as soon as I click on DEP on FMC. This is getting very frustrating now, bad frame rates and now CTD's. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Keith
  10. drayton_k

    Hide the Yoke?

    If you do as he says and press shift+1 to open a small panel. Then click on the yoke icon and then press shift+1 again to remove the small popup. Or read the manual it explains it well!
  11. drayton_k

    Pushback - How to stop

    Thanks Roland. Ill try that next time...
  12. drayton_k

    Pushback - How to stop

    Today I tried the pushback function for the first time and it never stopped! It just kept on going. Dont fancy flying backwards myself How can I stop the pushback manually? Thanks Keith
  13. drayton_k

    AOC Weather report not working

    Thanks Miguel, I thought that may be the issue. I hope they can fix this if possible though.
  14. drayton_k

    Crew comms?

    LOL..glad you got it sorted
  15. drayton_k

    Crew comms?

    Have you put the switch back to ARM after doing the light test?