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  1. Data Manager is connecting now, think they may be having server issues..
  2. Yep, all down. Navigraph FMS Data Manager doesnt connect to the server either..
  3. Yes I too had a virus from the update file. JEEFO.A is the virus and it caused havoc on my PC. Dont download this file!!
  4. Yes I too have the same problem. Where is the support for this ?
  5. As posted earlier, how do I know if this is working in the sim? I see no option to tick or untick in the addons menu! Cheers Keith
  6. Marc, you were right my friend. I have just deleted my saved startup flight and tried again using the default C&D option. I can start the APU now without a problem. I guess my start flight was corrupt somehow. Many thanks for the heads up.. Keith
  7. Hi Marc, I usually load the 747 from the menu with the AC112 spinning in the window. Once the 747 is loaded I let it initialise. I have the C&D set as default state by the way. Thats the way I always start a flight and I never get any problems until now. I have just saved a new panel state with APU, on so hopefuly it should be ok now. I have just loaded it and the APU is ON. Fingers crossed 😉 Thanks Keith
  8. Usual BAT on, then power up aircraft. Then select APU on, just what I do every time when using the 400
  9. I cant manage to get thje APU to start on the ground. I have held the switch on for a few seconds as someone else suggested and it still will not start. I have even set my old C&D start, but still no joy. Whats so different between the 800 and 400 that stops me starting the APU? The 400 works fine. Thanks Keith
  10. Fixed this now by following the readme properly!! Removed the old version first and then installing the new version. All now fine... Keith Mann
  11. Me too, activation failure as well.. Hope they fix this soon. Keith Mann
  12. Thanks for testing Grant. I'll try a reinstall Cheers
  13. Hi, Since the new update I have no NAV and strobe lights visible on the aircraft,. All switches are set correctly so what am I doing wrong? Thanks Keith
  14. Just tried the new update and I still get a CTD when selecting the departure runway at SPEP. Support ticket sent. Very sad
  15. No, thats without pushing the mouse wheel in. I have just tried it and pressing and holding the mouse wheel and changing the altitude does work.
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