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  1. Hi Bryan, Manuel, just bought UGCX and to let you know that I am also having the same problem as Maersk and olleolleson. The voice speech recgonization is not working, only menu control. I am on windows 10 French, the interface is set to French, the speech recognization is set to English-US to be able to use all my FS2Crew products which are working perfectly. In UGCX, language selection menu, I have tried both English US and French, but unfortunately the voice is not recognized for the pushback. Stephane
  2. Hello Ben Weston, I would like to know how I can send you the proof of my purchase at Vimeo to add the Cadet Training Program to my Airline2Sim Account? Do you have a professional email I can use? Stephane [EDITED] Sorry I didn't see the previous topic
  3. Jon, I am talking about this light : The first time I push the volume knob to receive on right VHF, the light comes ON. The second time I push on the volume knob to NOT receive on right VHF the light stays ON.
  4. The transmit button was on left VHF, MIC light ON left VHF, MIC light OFF on right VHF, I used the left ACP. Is there anyone here who do a quick test? Transmit on left VHF (MIC ON), receive on left VHF, select right VHF from the left ACP, tune a COM frequency, swap active/stdby freq on right VHF, activate VHF right to receive on that tuned frequency, then try to not receive anymore from VHF right. The light remains illuminated. Stephane
  5. Hi Jon, no. I use Right VHF only to listen Active Sky ATIS on 122.000 for departure and 122.025 for arrival.
  6. Hello, With the B747-400, is it normal that on the 3 ACPs, when the right VHF receiver is ON (with light on just above the knob with arrow), it cannot be selected to OFF? All other receivers can be selected to ON or OFF. Stéphane
  7. Hello, with the latest beta build of the MD82, flaps setting does not work on approach. When ordering, SLATS EXTEND and FLAPS XX, no action from the F/O. Will we have a patch for this? Stephane
  8. Hello Bryan, in the next update is it possible to implement an option in config so that the F/O does not set Vref in the FMC during the descent procedure ? (like in the 747). Stephane
  9. Hi Bryan, for the course call I will try on my next flight. Tuning NAV1 or NAV2 works like with the 737.
  10. Hello, is there a voice command to ask the F/O to set : - bank angle to 15° or 25° or 30 ° ? - VOR Course on my side or on his side ? Stéphane
  11. Hello, slats word is not recognized by voice control. Each time I say Slats Retract or Slats extend, the system understand Flaps Retract or flaps extend. Is there a workaround for that ? Both words SLATS and FLAPS sounds similar. Stephane
  12. Hello Bryan, only when pressing "P". Just tried once, because I didn't want to ruin another flight wihtout voice command ...!!! Pressing "P" seems to also pause FS2Crew PreflightEvents, then when unpausing PF Events are going on but without voice control possibility from me. Stéphane
  13. Hello, I don't know if it's an issue or not. After starting the PF events from a cold and dark situation, if I pause the sim with key 'P', when I unpause, all voices commands do not work anymore. I can see what I speak in the green bar but it seems that the F/O has suddenly become deaf. All other voice script are playing normally, for example, the F/O asks if he can turn on the APU but of course I am not able to answer. How can I recover the voice control ? P3Dv4.1+PMDG744 latest version updated via OC+win 10 Stephane
  14. Hello, I am not part of the testers (sorry I don't have any spare time to participate), but I would like to report another CTD tonight while backtracking the runway 30 at SBTT for takeoff. The before takeoff checklist was made. I was taxiing at idle thrust since brakes release from the ramp (medium stand). Once on the runway, I have pushed my X52 throttle forward to increase my taxi speed, then at 18 kt groudspeed I have pulled the throttle back to idle then here goes the CTD with the API.dll stuff in the window 10 events log. So for now, the aircraft is grounded in the hangar for me until a solution is found. Stephane
  15. I just had a CTD a few minutes ago when beginning to taxi at my departure airport SBEG. FTX Vectors was not reinstalled yet, so it's not the cause. It may be related to P3D directly ? For the time being, all CTDs have occured with the PMDG DC6. I need to try with the 747, the 777, and the 737 to check if it's happening again. Here below a copy of messages in win10 log (in french). Maybe a specialist can decode all this stuff better than me. Stéphane LI-THIAOTE
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