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  1. Alex. I found the solution in another thread. Exclude the Community folder. Ian
  2. Alex Trying to update the database in LNM to the latest version in MSFS Navigraph Beta. I get to 83 percent on the scan then it reports this error. Any thoughts as to how to resolve the problem. Regards Ian
  3. Hi Is there anyway of getting Visual Reporting Points on the map. I have MSFS and just went on Vatsim today. Controller asked me to navigate to a VRP. It was not on LNM so I was completly lost. Thanks Ian
  4. I'd also like an answer to this question. Luc, will you be able to write some code to get these into the new MFS?
  5. Did you get this sorted Rob & Kyle . I have the same issue but after more than 3 months of waiting for a reply still nothing from the company. They have taken my money but not providing the service I have paid for. Ian
  6. Still no responce to this issue. I've had no contact from the developer or anyone at Airline2sim. My Profile still says it's activated yet the app says it's not. It's been more than 3 months now that I have paid for this service but unable to access it. It's just not right that companies like this can get away with taking peoples money and not providing the service or product to which thay have paid for.
  7. Hi. Don't hold your breath for help on this. I've had the same issue for months now and despite posting it in the forum and trying to contact the developer he has not responded. Just like you and I beleive there are several others also effected, my profile is activated. He was quick enough to take my subscrption but when it comes to support he's nowhere to be seen. Very poor customer service. Never buy anything from this company again. Ian
  8. I still have not had any responce from Airline2sim. Is this company still in business. The web site is still live but they have not responded to my issue. It's been more than 3 weeks now with since I raised this issue. Is that beyond a resonable amout of time to wait for some sort of responce? Can anyone who knows Ben please ask him to respond so that I can continue using the product that I have paid for. Is this an official Airline2sim support forum or just a community resourse with no technical help from the compay?
  9. Hi. I posted this issue over a week ago and as yet no responce from the company. They were quick enough to take my money but it appears the support for their product is a little lacking. Once again I have an active subscription for Aurasim but the app says I don't. If it's not too much trouble could I get a responce and more important can it be fixed. Thank you. Ian
  10. Have logged into the app.aurasim.com site. Select the Performance button. Message indicates that "You do not have active subscription. Please go to AuraSim website and active subscription for your account." I already have a subscription so whats going on. Thanks Ian
  11. With much thanks to BillS511, nirgal76, Bert Pieke and others in the community I have a working GTN750 in several of my A2A aircraft namely the C172, C182, PA24, PA28, and of course the Bonanza which is supported anyway. I would now like to add the 650 to my P51 Mustang Civilian and into the T-6. Can any of you gentlemen or anyone else help with the config files needed? Thanks in advance and looking forward to the config files for the P51 and T6. Regards Ian
  12. You sir are a Scholar and a Gentleman. All is now well in the world of my sim. (till the next issue which knowing p3d and the multiple add-on's won't be far away) I just need to copy this into the various other models, tundra, cargo, floats etc. I don't know if your on the pay role at Reality, but if not they ought to have you on a retainer for the support you give to the community. Thanks and Regards Ian
  13. Hi again Almost there. Swaping the line above has worked. I now have Shift+2 is the RXP GTN750 Shift+3 is the Panel Set as before Shift+4 is now nothing. I get a brief outline of where the checklist should be then nothing. I replaced the old GNS window with the checklist window but obviously not got it quite right. Latest Panel.cfg is here. Any ideas? Ian
  14. Hi Bert Thanks again for your help, however I this needs a little bit more work to get it right. Having followed your instructions to replace [Window01] I observe the following Shift+2 does nothing whereas before it was the checklist Shift+3 is the Panel Set as before Shift+4 is the GNS530 as before So I've lost the checklist and still have the default GPS. Here is the Panel.cfg Thoughts? Ian
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