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  1. Fellow Avatars. Jean-Luc has done his magic and there is a new version of RXP ( which is compatible with P3D v5.4. Just note when you install it the version in the VC still says 2.5.30 but have no fear it is the new version. Just tested it and we have our AP coupling back as before. Go get it and big up for JL. Ian
  2. Hello Jean-Luc I'm looking at updating my P3D to v5.4. Can you confirm that v2.5.30 will work with it or do we need to wait for a new RXP version? Thanks Ian
  3. I'm probably in the minority by saying that I'm not at all bothered about a well modelled cabin. For me I never leave the cockpit anyway. More interested in the systems, flight model, accurate fuel distribution etc. The current P3D version as patched up by Dai ticks all the boxes. I hope the clipper for you MSFS types will eventually be updated to the current P3D standard.
  4. Thanks Dai and anonymous tester for the new patch. Install went well both the 314 and the 314A. Control bindings. I've reverted to the standard P3D bindings because of throttle issues using FSUIPC. All went well in setting it up. Just need to remember to enable the controllers before flight...and disable afterwards. Adding it to the check lists just now. 1. Fuel gauges do show at night. 2. Yoke less snappy. This is very welcome. Nice and smooth now with the Yoke. 3. Hobbs Meter not rolling after 10 hours. Not flown long enough to confirm this yet. 4. No mixture bar in the VC anymore. However Mixture Four leaver has a mind of it's own. If I use the Pilots master leaver to control all Four there is not a problem and they work as they should, however If I grab leaver Four individually with the mouse there is an issue. It drops to full cut off and remains there what ever I do. I have to grab the Pilots master leaver to regain control. Also I can confirm there is no KDI1 Needle flick anymore so well done for that, and as I don't use the 2D panels I can't comment on the Landing and Nav lights partially illuminated. Also info noted about the Two, not Three air-driven gyros. Thanks once again for all your hard work. The aircraft is now a pleasure to fly. Looking forward to doing some longer legs now as it was originally designed for.
  5. Hello Dai Trust you had a good Christmas. I'm in the A version right now, Poole to Lisbon. The flick of the Direction needle happens about once every 30 seconds. I'm currently flying 210 degrees, the needle flicks to 180 degrees then back. FSUIPC is switched off because of the other problems that you are aware of. Here is a short video of the issue https://drive.google.com/file/d/11euDnolPvVWqAhf79oLPk5cVlm9Gqlw1/view?usp=share_link Ian
  6. I too would add to Rbapon's request for the 314A updated textures. Thanks Ian
  7. Hi Dai. 7hrs and 9mins in, still going OK. I use FSUIPC for 2 main reasons, First is to map my ThrustMaster Warthog controllers to the sim. Each aircraft can have it's own profile which is automatically applied on selection. Say a small piper can have throttle, props and mixture where as a big four engine airliner can have engines 1&2 on one leaver, engines 3&4 on another and spoilers on another. All automatic when I select an aircraft. The other main reason is for the Autosave. It's vital to be able to reset yourself back just a few minutes following a sim or pc crash. The number of times it's saved me say after the sim crashes after a 15 hour 777 long haul. As you now know I've had to disable it for this 314 so if it crashes now I've got to go back to Poole and restart the whole flight rather than reload just a few minutes back at the latest autosave point. So please if you can fix it so I can restart it that would be extreamly useful. Regards Ian
  8. Dai. I'm currently mid atlantic heading West, 3 hours out of Foynes. I may have solved the un-commanded switch off issue. It was the autosave feature of FSUIPC causing the problem. I normaly have it set to 600 seconds which is every 10 minutes. To prove it I selected every 60 seconds and sure enough every minute the switches would do their thing and turn off. I've now turned the feature off inside FSUIPC and Three hours in and no un-commanded switch off's. So that is the cause of it so over to you put in some code to stop it effecting your aircraft, because having the autosave feature is a must in P3D especially after a long flight. Other than that I have not been able to pick up the Julet Weathership at frequency 776. Im very near to it now but no responce on the receiver. I'll try Charlie later on but that's all for now. Ian
  9. Hello Dai and Stefan After a few hours now with the new update I thought I'd share my findings with you. Installation. Very smooth. Aircraft and documents installed in the correct place and loaded into the sim with no issues. Preflight. The information in the manual is not in a logical order. I understand this is as it was in the origional but to have to wade through 60 pages just to get to the weight and balance section which is one of the first things you need is a bit much. I found part one of the manual very informative and will have this by my bedside for the next few nights. Flight. Initial preperation and engine start no problems once I got used to the flow needed to start. First attempt at take off from water was not good. Engines at full power with props forward and mixture rich resulted in the aircraft going nowhere and yes the mooring buoys were haulded in. I then reduced the payload and fuel weight to well under max weight and proceed to get airboure in the normal way. Reached 5000 feet very slowly but this was correct as it only climbs at 200-300 feet per minute. So to the achilles heel of the previous release, the GyroPilot. This time round it actually works, yeaaa. Well kind of. The lateral control works well if you demand just a few degrees of turn ahead of the aircraft. I found if you demand say a 90 degree turn it will drastically over shoot and take an age to get back on course. It will eventually but if you lead it by a few degrees when you've reached where you need to be the aircraft will slowly settle on that heading. It will overshoot slightly but will quickly get back onto course. The vertical control however takes a bit of getting used to. Engage only when your straight and level. If you need to retrim after a while you'll find you'll be demanding at leaet 3 degrees of pitch up or down before anything happens, then the Yoke will suddenly snap forward or back and the aircraft will be commanded to do far more than you need. Trying to keep it level within a margin of lets say 200 hundred feet is realy challenging. But it does work which is more than can be said of the first incarnation so congrats for that. Elsewhere the water drain from the fuel tanks works as does the fuel transfer and the radio's, both receivers work with idents into each ear. Not tried the weatherships yet. Not tried the lighting yet either but I found the cockpit a little dark even during daylight hours. I've resorted into using FS Spotlights to give it a permanent overall wash and this has helped. Now to some issues that I think are personal to my set up as Dai will remember from the troubleshooting a year ago. We never got to the bottom of the problems as I gave up flying it because of the Gyro issue. To recap I suffered from occasional and random un-commanded switches turning off. The new update also has this problem. Here are my findings Pitot Heat switch goes from on to off Fuel Transfer pumps go from on to off Cowl Flaps go to fully closed from where ever they are set even though the leaver lock is on. Autosys switch goes from alternator to Dynameter Plane Heat goes from on to off. Desired course indicator flicks in the gauge, I beleive this is a know bug but it sometimes coninsides with all the above switching off. When the random event occurs it happens to all the above all at the same time and instanly. Elsewhere other things I've noticed are the Landing lights stay on even though the switch is turned off and I'm unable to select fuel cuttoff as the mixture leavers won't go fully off. They appear to be stuck at where the bar used to be in the old model. Not tried the wheel dolly and tractor option as yet. Going to be trying a cross the Atlantic flight tomorrow starting around 0900z. I'll be on Vatsim and Twitch www.twitch.tv/ianfisher101 if you want to follow along and see the issues for yourself. Regards and thanks again for all your hard work in bringing us the upgrade and to Stefan for the free update. Ian
  10. Thanks Dai I did read this but obviously missed it. By the time I got to P60 I was a little jaded. Just a suggestion, as weight and balance is just about the first thing to do when setting up a flight shoud this section be fairly high in the manual before all the flight desk stuff? Just a thought. Great work btw. I've not flown it yet, just looking around the new models. Regards Ian
  11. Hello Dai Sorry forgot to say hello in my eagerness to get the new update installed. Re load sheet, I did as you suggested and this time the load sheet appears correctly. I assume you have to use the P3D Fuel and Payload tab to actually put in the figures?
  12. I can confirm the issue. New downloads of 1.5 and A. Same blank loadsheet. Ian
  13. Hi All Still following the development of the 314 with interest. Ian
  14. Hello Dai Been Two days since you released the new version. Do you know when Stefan will make the file available in the downloads section of the Pilot's website? I'm checking every hour but if it's not going to be for a while I can relax a bit. Thanks Ian
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