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  1. Hi All Still following the development of the 314 with interest. Ian
  2. Dai Infor as requested <Section Name="DirectionalGyro.B314"> <Property Name="LatNut1" Value="0.7330381333"/> <Property Name="LatNut2" Value="0.7679447111"/> <Property Name="LatNut3" Value="0.9424776000"/> </Section>
  3. Dai. I sent off an email to Sode last night but 24 hours later they have not replied yet. I'll do that extra test over the weekend and let you have the file. Ian
  4. Hi Gaab Thanks for the suggestion re the virus excludes. I have my whole Flight Sim Drive excluded but not the files in the hidden parts of C:. I'll have a look at those and try to add them. Ian
  5. Hello Dai As Peter said above and having done several hours and several flights now in the latest version I am still having one or two issues. The main one is that every 10 to 15 minutes something triggers the Gyropilot Servo to disengage. The lever returns to the off position along with the instrument and Nav light switches, the Autosym Contactor changes from Generator to Dynamotor and the Mixture locking bar disappears, The mixture leavers remain where they were. Also as all this happens the follow up card in the Gyro display centres on 180 degrees every time. I have to very quickly move the Follow up card back to match the Directional Card before the pressue rebuilds in the system otherwise it's good night as the aircraft banks away as it tries to steer to the new course. If I'm quick enough in re-energising the system the elevator holds OK but I do get a 500ft up down movement untill it settles again. I did think it was because I set all my flight controls, throttle and rudder through FSUIPC but as an experiment I temporally deleated FSUIPC from my system, went back and reset everything through the default P3D controls but unfortunatly the results were the same. I then uninstalled the B314 once again including all the registry enteries I could find, reinstalled as Admin with Anti Virus turned off, still the same results, and this is where I am up to. Apart from this I can report the radio's are now working for me as they should and I now understand how and when the tractor and wheels appear so thank's for that, Several small issues still remain that you proberly already know about namely, the working lights at the Navigation and Radio stations are labeled wrongly. The lights are on when the switch off and vice versa. The tool tip display as you hover over the rudder knob gives the recripical of the heading your trying to set and I think there is some kind of texture issue with the passenger signals. The wording seems to not line up with what's underneath. I'd be up for a discord chat if you think that would help. I could share my screen and try and get to the bottom of this. Once again I join the rest of the 314 community in thanking you for the work you are doing in bringing this up to the standard I'm sure you and Stefan want to see. Regards Ian
  6. Dai A few of my earlier issues have now been resovled thanks to your previous responce, namely the tractor issue and being very gentle with the Gyropilot controls. However I am still getting some Rudder and Elevator jitter. https://youtu.be/M0mrE2Xjx1s I made sure I was straight and level but as you can see in the clip the rudder is moving left and right with the occasional elevator up and down. Also every now and then the Servo Engagement Lever switches itself off and the upper card in the Directional Gyro Control Unit centes on 180 degrees. Also as this happens the instrument and nav lights turn off. More testing later but thats it for now. Further Thoughts? Ian
  7. Hello Dai New version downloaded and installed. (As admin, anti virus turned off) I have noticed a few issues and recorded a video to show what I'm seeing. Here is a link to an edited version. https://youtu.be/CQilcxeKF84 Loaded in with engines running at Botwood. You will see the wheel dolly still attached, jitters on the elevator and rudder, general gyropilot instability including uncommanded depressurising of the system. . The ADF indent coming on even though the radios are turned off. After landing and everything switched off, aircraft still sailing along at great speed. with tractor out in front. As no one else has these issues it maybe something local with me. Have a look and let me know your thoughts. Regards Ian
  8. Hello Dai Been Two days since you released the new version. Do you know when Stefan will make the file available in the downloads section of the Pilot's website? I'm checking every hour but if it's not going to be for a while I can relax a bit. Thanks Ian
  9. Hello Dai Do those patch release notes apply to version 1.1 which was issued late January, or are we waiting for a further version to be released? Thanks Ian
  10. Hello Dai Thanks for the work you've done so far on bringing this bird alive. I'm looking forward to trying the new patch when it becomes available. One thing I did not see in the list above is anything about the flap operation from the VC. I can lower them using the Vc switch but they refuse to raise. Perhaps this can be addressed as well at some point. Thanks Ian
  11. Dutch1 did you find a solution for this issue as I am having the exact same problem? Thanks ian
  12. I can only echo what the guy's above have said. Looking forward to flying this again since that very dissapointing first week when we discovered all the issues. Thanks you Dai. Regards Ian
  13. Hi Taschmann I completely understand your point of view on this. I've also been voicing my thoughts since buying the product when it was released on day one. It's still not flyable but we now know why the fix's have been delayed. You have to understand that Dai may be one of the technical developers of the product but, and I may be wrong here, he was proberbly not responsible for publishing the aircraft in it's present state. I can not beleive anyone would knowingly publish the product with so many basic issues. Please forgive me if I'm speaking out of turn but I think your perfectly valid questions and points should really be addressed to Stefan Schäfer, the MD of Pilot's Software and the man ultimately responsible. Dai is doing his best to sort out the issues, do give him time and I'm sure we'll all get to enjoy what I've no doubt will become a fine aircraft and a staple of many of our collections.
  14. Adding my thanks as well, and looking forward to an update so we can fly this in all it's glory.
  15. Skywolf The developers of this aircraft have reached out to me, but as it was a private conversation I don't feel it would be right to reveal that information. I'm sure if they wish to they'll be along with a public statement on this forum.
  16. Having bought this on the day it was released it was an aircraft I was very much looking forward to adding to my collection of vintage models. At 70 Euro's I was also expecting it to be a decent study level aircraft up there with the likes of A2A, properly finished with comprehensive documentation. Having had it now for a few weeks I have to say I am rather disapointed with the initial release. I fully except I may be doing something wrong ( and proberbly am) of course but here are my findings so far. First I'm have trouble consistantly starting the engines from the VC. I've had slightly better luck from the 2D panels but by no means successful every time. In my view the only reliable method so far is to load one of the supplied scenarios with engines running. Also now and again the aircraft is loaded with the shore wheel dolly still in place and the tractor connected. Can't find a way of disconnecting it. Impossible to take off because of the drag created by the wheels. I like the way the parking break deploys the two mooring bouys, however the aircraft drifts dispite the bouys out. I line up next to a jetty to load passengers but after a while, say 10 to 15 minutes the aircraft drifts away and turns 180 degrees and runs aground. Next is the refueling. When I go to top up the main tanks using the lower ones as soon as I put the pumps on what's left in the main tanks suddenly disapear, like instanly. No fuel, engines die. Talking about the engines despite leaning out the mixture at various times into a flight all four engines will roll back and quit. Impossible to restart in flight or on the ground after forced landing. Have to restart the sim to get control back. Next is the Sperry. After carefully following the correct proceedure for setting this up as soon as it's engaged the aircraft viers off course and dives for the ground, again impossible to use, left with no option but to hand fly a 17 hour ocean crossing, not that I ever got anywhere near that because the engines would always quit within a couple of hours of starting. I know how to use a sperry, the one in my A2A Connie works just fine as expected. Next is the radio's, despite being right next to a broadcasting NDB neither receiver will pick up the signal. tried several different NDB's with the same result. I guess the transmitters are there just for show and thats fine but despite me turning the power switches off the damm morse code continues to transmit and is doing my head in. Please for the love of .... kill the morse code. It may be of course that the receivers are only programmed to receive a signal from weathership transmitters and not the normal land based NDB's, but as the land and ship based NDB's transmit the same signal albeit on different frequencies I don't see why they should be. So to the flaps. Impossible to control from the VC, need to open the 2D panel to get them to operate, then you have to keep the mouse click on to operate the motor. Takes more than a minute to lower or raise them, might be correct of course but it's a long time in the sim on a 2D panel when your approaching a critical stage of flight. Also on the throttle panel non of the trim controls seem to work. Aileron, elevator and rudder trims do nothing, I can dial them to their extreams and nothing happens. The only trim I have is through my Warthog hat switch and FSUIPC. Staying with the throttle console the mixture leaver is also inop. Pull it to cut off and yes you've guess it nothing happens. Look at the FE panel and all four mixture leavers remain where they were. At this point I gave up so there may be other nasties waiting to be discovered. I like the 3d modeling and textures but sadly I can't fly this right now. If someone has managed to master it can they please put up a you tube video to help the rest of us incompetents who are struggling. A comment from the developers would also be useful as to where I am going wrong. Regards Ian
  17. Hi I don't have a concrete solution for you on this one, but I had a similar occasion once where the wheel dolly was still attached to the hull and it created so much drag I could not take off. Respawning sorted the problem and all was well after that. I have no idea why it did it in the first place and it's never done it since. For what it's worth. Ian
  18. Alex. I found the solution in another thread. Exclude the Community folder. Ian
  19. Alex Trying to update the database in LNM to the latest version in MSFS Navigraph Beta. I get to 83 percent on the scan then it reports this error. Any thoughts as to how to resolve the problem. Regards Ian
  20. Hi Is there anyway of getting Visual Reporting Points on the map. I have MSFS and just went on Vatsim today. Controller asked me to navigate to a VRP. It was not on LNM so I was completly lost. Thanks Ian
  21. I'd also like an answer to this question. Luc, will you be able to write some code to get these into the new MFS?
  22. With much thanks to BillS511, nirgal76, Bert Pieke and others in the community I have a working GTN750 in several of my A2A aircraft namely the C172, C182, PA24, PA28, and of course the Bonanza which is supported anyway. I would now like to add the 650 to my P51 Mustang Civilian and into the T-6. Can any of you gentlemen or anyone else help with the config files needed? Thanks in advance and looking forward to the config files for the P51 and T6. Regards Ian
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