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  1. It was an odd occurrence this happened, but that did the trick. Thank you!
  2. Received a yellow 'Saved Data Error' when I started Fs2 Crew Reboot in Prepar3d V4 today. Also, SDK error in QOTSII and SDK error in the 777. All audio drivers up to date, (SDK) Enabledatabroadcast=1 in all three of the options.ini files.
  3. Yes I did and was not able to determine the root cause. I took to deleting FSUIPC, same thing. There is only one controller button set for elevator/aileron trim. Checked all controllers and axis settings, as well as keyboard assignments.
  4. I have the same problem, posted yesterday (Didn't see this post). Did you have positive results deleting FSUIPC? In the NGX, I can hear the trim wheel and have to constantly readjust my trim setting which is perpetually moving noise-down. In the 777 and QOTSII, the trim moves full nose down quick. It wants to stay there and goes right back when I adjust the trim back up. Never had this issue before, but from what I've read, it's somewhat commonplace.
  5. Prepar3D V4 // Latest FSUIPC // Thrustmaster HOTAS. While performing 25-minute preflight on the ground, the trim wheel continuously and intermittently adjust nose down. After I set takeoff trim, by the time I make it to the runway, my trim ends up being at full nose down. How do I correct this?
  6. Good afternoon, I am finally preparing for my first 747F flight. After I planned my flight through PFPX and had the weight and balance settings set in Topcat, I entered the FMC to manually set the payload data and ran into a dilemma; the QOTSII FMC has 5 assigns cargo stations, Topcat has just 2. How do I correctly set my payload?
  7. I was just illustrating how changing to Windows 10 made a huge difference.
  8. I love not anticipating an OOM
  9. My differences are explained in my initial post, however I will say Windows 10 appears far more optimized for performance than Windows 7. No editing or performance tweaks needed, it's good to go out of the box.
  10. A lot of visual differences come from the DX11/12 rendering internal HDR textures, volumetric fog rendering, etc. Textures overall appear sharper, higher resolution. Runs much smoother than FSX (Which I swore by religiously for years). Prepar3d V4 takes advantage of the most current DirectX, and is also SLi capable. In FSX to even come close I have to create an Nvidia control panel profile, Nvidia Inspector profile, and the DX10 fixer. I was very hesitant at first, however at this point I don't see how I could go back to FSX.
  11. I've been using FSX since it's release. Prior to V4's release, I've never used any version of Prepar3d. Using a Windows 7 system, I purchased V4 and was perplexed at the poor performance. I inquired in the forums, a rare minority of people reported the same issues. At the same time, I was experiencing frequent crashes in FSX; APPHANG 1b crashes virtually every time I started a flight in the NGX. I determined my Windows 7 was corrupted either by my own user error or other means. I upgraded to a I5 7600K at 5.3ghz, fast DDR4 memory, and two 1080 Ti's. I also installed Windows 10 Pro 64, and one single M.2 pcie 2 TB SSD. I installed Prepar3d again. My settings are configured pretty high, although I set autogen to normal and dynamic lighting off for now, I'm using 4096 textures in 4K, 4SSAA. With the PMDG NGX, REX TD, AS4, I'm getting a solid 60fps at Flightbeam's KSFOHD V2. The terrain looks so much better than FSX, and flying looks and feels much smoother, immersive, and realilistic.
  12. I recently upgraded from windows 7 to 10. So far Prepar3d V4 performance has been good, keeping my fingers crossed.
  13. That's what I was doing, one at a time for each individual livery I have installed. However, when adding the aircraft via 'Add aircraft' and "Add aircraft from template,' the 747-400F variant has only one engine option.
  14. Thanks for adding this link. Not entirely related to the 747, but with the PMDG 737-700W, the updated aircraft file has the correct engine (CFM56-7B24/26). TOPCAT's aircraft file has the CFM56-7B22 engine (Used in the -600). Will this be an issue with flight planning?
  15. I got it down today, everything between the aircraft.cfg, PFPX, and TOPCAT are within 1lb of each other. The only problem I ran into is when I edit the 747-400F template, PFPX only opts for the P&W engines, however TOPCAT allows for anyone of the three engines.