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  1. Well I know you select flaps in config panel, however if I am using optimum flap (Dial-a-flap), Do I keep it at zero? And When do I dial the flap setting during preflight?
  2. Is there a way to communicate the dial a flap logic in fs2crew?
  3. The takeoff data cards don’t figure optimum flap settings, if you have the same flap settings from the takoff/landing data cards as the EFB performance app, the figures will be identical.
  4. Rebooting my pc helped. I reinstalled FS2crew
  5. I just was about to post regarding the same. I have the exact same problem. FO responded during the 'Before Start Checklist," then just stops, doesn't continue with his flows, doewsn't turn on fuel pumps, nothing. Reinstalling FS2Crew did not help.
  6. Sam issue here...Uninstalled, reinstalled FS2Crew, no joy.
  7. As of 02/18/21, FS2Crew is not working with today's Maddogx update.
  8. I have autofeather armed on/off set to a keybind and it is not opening. The FS2Crew panels not set as an option under instrument panel. Interesting enough, This only happens with Leonardo's incremental updates. I forgot what I did to fix this. All programs set to run as administrator.
  9. Installed FS2crew, I did not get a configurator shortcut to activate the product.
  10. SOP 1, 747-400F. When I click ‘PF events,’ I do not here the Captain say ‘Ok let’s get set up.” Additionally, just curious if everything is good to go, or if there is any known issues? Thanks!
  11. Tried searching, couldn't find an answer: What steps do I take to use PMDG QOTSII and GSX to simulate a realistic loading of fuel? Thanks!
  12. Brian, I did 3 test flights today. One significant thing I noticed is although the maddogx control panel has the aircraft starting at cold and dark, it often starts up with the flap lever at 11. If you don’t select ‘cold and dark’ after entering the sim, it won’t reset flaps/slats to fully retracted, causing issues understandably with the first Officer setting flaps during the after start checks. Appears to be working correctly.
  13. Everything seems to be working...except the flap retract logic. Is it the captains’s job to extend takeoff flaps? During the clean-up phase, when I give the command “Flaps up,” the FO does not retract the flaps, nor does he acknowledge. I tried “Slats retract,” I get a delayed acknowledgment, however the flap lever is never moved.
  14. My first attempt was with 1.3 & the latest Maddogx SP1 beta. The First Officer began his flows, but after I read through the pre-start check he stopped responding, and I noticed he never did many of his flows. I downloaded 1.5 and installed it over 1.3. Everything appeared fine until pushback and engine start. At that point, the FO stopped responding. I exited, uninstalled 1.5, rebooted, and installed 1.5 from scratch. On this go around, everything appeared fine with the exception the FO did not put the landing gear in the locking position after raining them.
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