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  1. Tried searching, couldn't find an answer: What steps do I take to use PMDG QOTSII and GSX to simulate a realistic loading of fuel? Thanks!
  2. davidzill

    FS2crew working with actual Beta?

    Brian, I did 3 test flights today. One significant thing I noticed is although the maddogx control panel has the aircraft starting at cold and dark, it often starts up with the flap lever at 11. If you don’t select ‘cold and dark’ after entering the sim, it won’t reset flaps/slats to fully retracted, causing issues understandably with the first Officer setting flaps during the after start checks. Appears to be working correctly.
  3. davidzill

    FS2crew working with actual Beta?

    Everything seems to be working...except the flap retract logic. Is it the captains’s job to extend takeoff flaps? During the clean-up phase, when I give the command “Flaps up,” the FO does not retract the flaps, nor does he acknowledge. I tried “Slats retract,” I get a delayed acknowledgment, however the flap lever is never moved.
  4. davidzill

    FS2crew working with actual Beta?

    My first attempt was with 1.3 & the latest Maddogx SP1 beta. The First Officer began his flows, but after I read through the pre-start check he stopped responding, and I noticed he never did many of his flows. I downloaded 1.5 and installed it over 1.3. Everything appeared fine until pushback and engine start. At that point, the FO stopped responding. I exited, uninstalled 1.5, rebooted, and installed 1.5 from scratch. On this go around, everything appeared fine with the exception the FO did not put the landing gear in the locking position after raining them.
  5. davidzill

    Latest updates not working

    I’m having issues, very similar to this. Sometimes the FO does his flows, sometimes he doesn’t. Maybe related to the latest maddogx beta update?
  6. davidzill

    FS2crew working with actual Beta?

    I had the same issue, I installed the previous update over the last one. The First Officer begins his pre-flight flows, however he just stops. Occurred like this prior to installing the latest FS2 Crew Update. Just fully uninstalled FS2 aCrew and reinstalled from scratch. Giving it a try now...
  7. After installing the installers for today's service pack, my activation key does not work.
  8. Kraken X62 with puish/pull fans
  9. davidzill

    CTD when closing P3D v4.3

    You are right. I've tried to remain open minded, as I support PMDG 100%, however this is THE ONLY aircraft in my library this happens to. This goes for my last computer and a new recent new-build where I obviously freshly re-installed everything and the issue is replicated.
  10. I have an 8700K @ 5.3 ghz. 27c idle 50's full load. Hyperthreading off.
  11. davidzill

    CTD when closing P3D v4.3

    Been going on since last 4.2 update. I think it’s P3D related...
  12. When switching between full screen and windowed mode, FS2Crew restarts, and the first officer no longer clicks buttons or completes any flows. Is there a way to fix this?
  13. I updated and noticed my silky smooth sim was stuttering a bit. I immediately suspected the update had either overwritten or corrupted my current Nvidia drivers. Went to safe mode, used DDU to uninstall the drivers, rebooted, and installed the drivers as administrator. So far, so good. ***Edit*** The update appears to cause erratic/inconsistent FPS behavior in my system, resulting in nasty stutters. I have a high end system and with the Leonardo Maddogx at Flightbeams KDEN, which is an easy consistent 60FPS for me, I was getting FPS fluctuating between 34-73 FPS. Stutter city. I found no other reason than the update, since the update represented the only recent changes to my system. Rolled back driver and *Boom* everything is back to normal. Not saying the update is bugged, but it doesn’t play well on my system.
  14. davidzill

    PMDG 747v3 CTD P3D v4.2

    All disabled. CTD error indicated 'BEX64'
  15. davidzill

    PMDG 747v3 CTD P3D v4.2

    Put me in the club of CTD error when exiting P3D V4.2 only after flying the QOTSII. This even happened after a fresh Windows 10 install and vanilla P3D. Not a show stopper, but indicates something isn’t jiving between P3D and QOTSII. Not saying the problem is PMDG’s, could be coding error on Lockheed Martins part. Just hope there is dialogue between the two to troubleshoot the error.