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  1. Jim thanks your reply. I took clouds from 4096 to 2048 and brought my clock from 5.3 to 5.2ghz. Need to test it tonight. Been running it for months without issues. I think lots of 4096x4096 clouds took its toll.
  2. Been getting stackhash CTD frequently out of the blue. The only big system change was recently installing REX Skyforce 3D. Haven’t had time to take to any testing yet, but I’m suspicious Active Sky may be involved since it is the weather engine itself.
  3. Thank you very much!
  4. That would be amazing. Thanks!!!
  5. I'm posting here in hopes someone may help me figure this out, or even upload your GSX 777F configuration file. I believe this is more of a GSX problem: I've never had issues in the past. I'm used to cargo being loaded into the main deck (Large rear left door) and aft lower cargo door. I've auto-updated several times since the FSDT Auto-updater has been going on, and today I noticed when I call for the aircraft to be loaded I not only get the vehicles carrying the two loads of cargo, I get two additional empty trucks and trailers, as well as two passenger luggage vehicles which appear and drive around the aircraft aimlessly before disappearing. I uninstalled GSX in the control panel add/remove programs, then subsequently reinstalled it to find the same oddity. Is this a known issue? Also, I read on the update list I can use up to *3* cargo loaders now, which allow me to load cargo into the forward lower cargo access too, but I'm at a loss on how to do that. I've used google to search for a user 777F GSX profile, however on every forum where the question is asked it is stated GSX already provides a profile. Thanks for your assistance.
  6. Still running tests to narrow it down. What I came up with was I can fly the NGX in and out of any airport, including Orbx without an issue, except LOWI. The LOWI apphangB1 occurs about 40+ miles from the airport, during the descent near transition altitude. I’ve flown to Orbx LOWI about 40 times in the NGX, and this happened just after installing the Orbx Germany South. I contacted Orbx. Their customer service is horrible, dismissive, and unprofessional. I’m not ready to pin the blaim on a PMDG issue, but this has only happened in the NGX.
  7. Windows 10 Pro 64 (Without fall creators build update). I’m receiving consistent apphangB1 CTDs...ONLY when flying to Orbx LOWI (Innsbruck). I consulted Orbx, did some testing, and discovered 2 important things: (1) Only happens while descending into Orbx LOWI while crossing into the Orbx scenery, and (2) This only happens in PMDG aircraft. Any ideas?
  8. I ran Sfc, etc, no errors. For now I’ll stay with the previous build. My windows 10 runs absolutely great...so if it’s not broke, why fix it lol? Also ran CCleaner registry repair which found a full page worth of errors which were fixed.
  9. P3D V4.1 // Windows 10 Pro 64. Updated to Fall Creators Build update 2 weeks ago. Immediately experienced issues; when starting preflight in the NGX, if I looked over either shoulder or up at the overhead, my FPS cut from a solid 60 to 30 FPS. And I’m not talking about a smooth 30, screen was lagged looking around. Uninstalled Nvidia drivers, did a clean install and same issue. Rolled back the driver problem went away. I went on the Nvidia forum, severe game performance issues regarding Fall Creators build are very well documented...the problem is I experienced this after the “fix” mid November.
  10. It was an odd occurrence this happened, but that did the trick. Thank you!
  11. Received a yellow 'Saved Data Error' when I started Fs2 Crew Reboot in Prepar3d V4 today. Also, SDK error in QOTSII and SDK error in the 777. All audio drivers up to date, (SDK) Enabledatabroadcast=1 in all three of the options.ini files.
  12. Yes I did and was not able to determine the root cause. I took to deleting FSUIPC, same thing. There is only one controller button set for elevator/aileron trim. Checked all controllers and axis settings, as well as keyboard assignments.
  13. I have the same problem, posted yesterday (Didn't see this post). Did you have positive results deleting FSUIPC? In the NGX, I can hear the trim wheel and have to constantly readjust my trim setting which is perpetually moving noise-down. In the 777 and QOTSII, the trim moves full nose down quick. It wants to stay there and goes right back when I adjust the trim back up. Never had this issue before, but from what I've read, it's somewhat commonplace.
  14. Prepar3D V4 // Latest FSUIPC // Thrustmaster HOTAS. While performing 25-minute preflight on the ground, the trim wheel continuously and intermittently adjust nose down. After I set takeoff trim, by the time I make it to the runway, my trim ends up being at full nose down. How do I correct this?
  15. Good afternoon, I am finally preparing for my first 747F flight. After I planned my flight through PFPX and had the weight and balance settings set in Topcat, I entered the FMC to manually set the payload data and ran into a dilemma; the QOTSII FMC has 5 assigns cargo stations, Topcat has just 2. How do I correctly set my payload?