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  1. Yes I did and was not able to determine the root cause. I took to deleting FSUIPC, same thing. There is only one controller button set for elevator/aileron trim. Checked all controllers and axis settings, as well as keyboard assignments.
  2. I have the same problem, posted yesterday (Didn't see this post). Did you have positive results deleting FSUIPC? In the NGX, I can hear the trim wheel and have to constantly readjust my trim setting which is perpetually moving noise-down. In the 777 and QOTSII, the trim moves full nose down quick. It wants to stay there and goes right back when I adjust the trim back up. Never had this issue before, but from what I've read, it's somewhat commonplace.
  3. Prepar3D V4 // Latest FSUIPC // Thrustmaster HOTAS. While performing 25-minute preflight on the ground, the trim wheel continuously and intermittently adjust nose down. After I set takeoff trim, by the time I make it to the runway, my trim ends up being at full nose down. How do I correct this?
  4. Good afternoon, I am finally preparing for my first 747F flight. After I planned my flight through PFPX and had the weight and balance settings set in Topcat, I entered the FMC to manually set the payload data and ran into a dilemma; the QOTSII FMC has 5 assigns cargo stations, Topcat has just 2. How do I correctly set my payload?
  5. I was just illustrating how changing to Windows 10 made a huge difference.
  6. I love not anticipating an OOM
  7. My differences are explained in my initial post, however I will say Windows 10 appears far more optimized for performance than Windows 7. No editing or performance tweaks needed, it's good to go out of the box.
  8. A lot of visual differences come from the DX11/12 rendering internal HDR textures, volumetric fog rendering, etc. Textures overall appear sharper, higher resolution. Runs much smoother than FSX (Which I swore by religiously for years). Prepar3d V4 takes advantage of the most current DirectX, and is also SLi capable. In FSX to even come close I have to create an Nvidia control panel profile, Nvidia Inspector profile, and the DX10 fixer. I was very hesitant at first, however at this point I don't see how I could go back to FSX.
  9. I've been using FSX since it's release. Prior to V4's release, I've never used any version of Prepar3d. Using a Windows 7 system, I purchased V4 and was perplexed at the poor performance. I inquired in the forums, a rare minority of people reported the same issues. At the same time, I was experiencing frequent crashes in FSX; APPHANG 1b crashes virtually every time I started a flight in the NGX. I determined my Windows 7 was corrupted either by my own user error or other means. I upgraded to a I5 7600K at 5.3ghz, fast DDR4 memory, and two 1080 Ti's. I also installed Windows 10 Pro 64, and one single M.2 pcie 2 TB SSD. I installed Prepar3d again. My settings are configured pretty high, although I set autogen to normal and dynamic lighting off for now, I'm using 4096 textures in 4K, 4SSAA. With the PMDG NGX, REX TD, AS4, I'm getting a solid 60fps at Flightbeam's KSFOHD V2. The terrain looks so much better than FSX, and flying looks and feels much smoother, immersive, and realilistic.
  10. I recently upgraded from windows 7 to 10. So far Prepar3d V4 performance has been good, keeping my fingers crossed.
  11. That's what I was doing, one at a time for each individual livery I have installed. However, when adding the aircraft via 'Add aircraft' and "Add aircraft from template,' the 747-400F variant has only one engine option.
  12. Thanks for adding this link. Not entirely related to the 747, but with the PMDG 737-700W, the updated aircraft file has the correct engine (CFM56-7B24/26). TOPCAT's aircraft file has the CFM56-7B22 engine (Used in the -600). Will this be an issue with flight planning?
  13. I got it down today, everything between the aircraft.cfg, PFPX, and TOPCAT are within 1lb of each other. The only problem I ran into is when I edit the 747-400F template, PFPX only opts for the P&W engines, however TOPCAT allows for anyone of the three engines.
  14. I just installed Windows 10 and in the process reinstalled FSX and all the associated programs. I'm in the process of setting several liver profiles in PFPX and TOPCAT for the QOTSII. Out of curiosity, are the current weights in PFPX and TOPCAT accurate to the QOTSII model?