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  1. Hi! Lovely screenshot! I once flew KSNA-KMDW-CYYT-EGPK-LSZH with the Balair livery. I topped up my engine-oiltanks at CYYT before crossing the pond, and I never had to use the oil out of the AUX-tank. But my engines were still quite new. Maybe if the engines have run for some more hours, the oil consumption might actually rise and you are going to need the oil out of the AUX-tank. Don't know if this is modelled though, as I've never observed this. And on some occasions I was forced to automatically refill all the oil-tanks by creating a new Scenario, because my saved-flight was corrupted. But I think that I'm going to make me a list, where I can write in the oil-consumption per hour per engine, so I'm able to find out if the oil-consumption rises with the rising number of hours on an engine. What I really like about the PMDG DC-6 is, that every engine burns or loses a different amount of oil, even though when all four are brand-new! I'm planning to do a second ferry-flight, this time with OH-KDA (Kar Air livery) and out of PAFA with some more stops and shorter legs to LSZH.
  2. TheFinn88

    New Paints

    AWSOME! Thank you so much, they're perfect!
  3. TheFinn88

    New Paints

    Hey Jan, She's looking beatiful, I love it! Really nice work on that one, and I'm really looking forward to them! Thank you so much to bring her in the colors of Kar-Air!
  4. TheFinn88

    New Paints

    Very beautiful paints Jan! They look gorgeous! As a finn, I would love to see the DC-6 in the colors of Kar-Air (OH-KDC /
  5. The fluids are only saved when you save the scenario. As soon as you re-select the DC-6 via menu (either after loading a flight, or directly from the startup-menu), the fluids are always topped-up. I made a ticket regarding this about a month ago, and it has been forwarded to the developers. But I don't know if it will be implemented in a future update. I hope so, because I've got the same problem as you have. After some flights and using up a lot of oil (so I could once use the oil from the aux-tank), the scenario-file gets messed up and I have to start from new.
  6. TheFinn88

    [FSX] Cockpit flood lights

    For me (P3Dv4.1) the white flood light is working, but ist not really bright (specially when HDR is turned off!)... For additional brightness, I always turn on the "entrance lights" and "main j. box flood lights". These switches are located above the no smoking and seat belt signs switches. The cockpit flood light switch (labeled "cockpit flood light white") is located on the heater fire control panel (#4, page 30 in the POH), on the left side above the captains head. But for flying, I only use the red lights.
  7. TheFinn88

    Full RPM

    There is also a different behaviour of the blue lights between the master prop control and the individual governor switches. When I pull the master RPM-lever full back, the blue lights extinguish instantly when the lever leaves the full forward position, and they light up again as soon as I reach the full backward position. When I do this with the individual prop-pitch switches (prop sync in manual), the blue lights take some seconds until they extinguish, and they never light up again (I assume that they dont reach the lower limit in manual control?). And when I increase the pitch in manual mode, it takes again some seconds until the blue lights come on. For me it looks like that when in synched-mode, the blue governors lights are "watching" the position of my hardware master-RPM lever (which is set to an axis on one of my saitek throttle-quadrants). And when in manual mode, the blue lights are "watching" the actual pitch of the propellers in the sim.
  8. TheFinn88

    FSX DC6B - GNS 430 FPL Question

    Off-Topic, but; your COM2-digits look horrible!
  9. TheFinn88

    Cowl-Flap negative setting

    A negative cowl-flap setting disturbs the airflow over the engine-cowling, and any disturbance in airflow will cost you some knots in airspeed.
  10. Hi folks, I really enjoy the Six! But there is something that spoils my experience with it. We all know, that there is that problem where you run into troubles by loading a saved flight (which would save all the fluid-quantities in the maintenance manager). Yesterday I tried to load a saved scenario, which ended up in non-functional throttle-axes. So I had to create a new flight by loading the standard-scenario, setting the airport and then freshly load the DC-6. So far so good, I had control over my throttles again. But all the fluid quantities were topped-up aswell... But I would like to continue the next flight with just 50% left in my oil tanks, as they were in my saved flight. Would it be possible to save the fluid quantities in the maintenance manager just like for examaple the engine hours and health? So if you load up a particular paint after loading the default-scenario, you get the quantities from the last flight with that particular paint? Regards
  11. TheFinn88

    GTN 650/750

    The one from Flight1 or the new one from RealityXP? The PMDG DC-6 supports (so far) the GTN650 from Flight1 only. When you have the Flight1 GTN650, you should be able to select it via the realism-options (a 2D-panel that comes with the PMDG DC-6).
  12. TheFinn88


    Pretty brave those PMDG-groundhandlers, to creep around underneath my plane to remove the chocks while I'm firing up the engines.... In your situation, I would (just for a test) try to remove FSUIPC and configure all controls via P3D-settings (what the manuals actually says to do so), and then look if you still get creeping. When the creeping stops, the problem is definitely with FSUIPC, and you should contact the developer of FSUIPC. When the creeping persists, you can rule out FSUIPC as a cause for the creeping. What else add-ons / modules do you use in your sim (weather/scenery/online-Networks)? And do you get creeping with other 3rd party planes? Circling in a IT-problem can really be a pain in the a** and very time consuming. I know what I'm talking about, because it's my daily business.
  13. TheFinn88

    How long should the engines last?

    Interesting to read that part, because from my experience in the sim, I ended up calculating 5 to 10 NM level flight before the IAF for slowing down from about 200 to 175 KIAS. Thats why I always use the lowest possible altitudes on STARs, so I end up getting some level-flight sections. And as soon my KIAS drops below 175, I drop the flaps to 20°. Because in many flights I've ended up way too high and too fast on approach after waiting for too long with dropping flaps and gear. And when the ATC messes up my calculated descent-profile, I mess up his traffic flow by requesting a hold to slow down.
  14. TheFinn88


    I can confirm no creeping on Windows 10 Home 64bit, with Saitek rudder pedals, in P3Dv4, FSUIPC installed (without assignments/configuration), but with LINDA-module installed/configured. For setting the parking brakes I use the default P3D/FSX key-command (CTRL+.). On the parking brakes I can even run-up the engines to 30" and then switch to high-blowers for testing, and still get no creeping, regardless of dry/wet surfaces and gross-weight. Have you checked your hydraulic pressure? Maybe your brakes have not enough pressure to hold the plane in place. For the start-up I leave the chocks set until the engines are running, as you dont have any hydraulic pressure without the inboard engines running. You could also try to use the emergency/electric hydraulic pump with the pump selector valve set to the brake system.
  15. TheFinn88


    I've got an answer on my ticket regarding the BMEP gauges. The plane is fine, the POH is wrong. According to the dev's, the BMEP gauges are "engine driven", so they work without any electrical power at all, exactly like what I've seen in the sim. The POH will be corrected on a future update.