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  1. A similar problem and a solution that solved it.
  2. Solution (and a question) in the last EDIT. No. And I'm pretty sure I never did - this is a brand new PC with a new P3D installation and I simply never thought of this - in my GA planes beacon was always on - as soon as I turned on the master switch. EDIT: I just reinstalled Linda - the problem appears with the core module (even before aircraft modules are installed). EDIT (another): Early findings. ipc.writeUW("0D0C", 0) in linda\libs\lib-fallback.lua (line 2076) causes the problem. I commented it out and the problem was solved. 🙂 But it may be worth checking why planes call this function. I checked other aircraft (including default) - they were affected too.
  3. Hi, I noticed that in my last P3D installation Linda flips beacon light switch when the module loads. For first 2 or 3 seconds after I load my C182 beacon switch is in on position (like I left it on the previous flight) and then it goes off when Linda module loads (exactly when I get simconnect message). Is there something I can change in config files to disable any changes in A2A aircraft? It's P3Dv4, latest FSUIPC, Linda + C182 module.
  4. I had the same problem twice. You can either delete your fsx.cfg (but it makes no sense) or just fix your fsx.cfg by deleting minuses in [Trusted] section on FSX.cfg I wrote fix on my blog C-Aviation. http://c-aviation.net/transparent-cockpit-textures-in-fsx/
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