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  1. I got the gear to retract. I'll post the video later with the steps I've taken. See you later!
  2. Hi, Further to my last post asking about the 747-8i and FS Recorder have managed to successfully render and produce this video: I will attempt to render a takeoff video again to see if the gear will retract fully. I'll let you know if it works.
  3. I actually managed to successfully render a video with FS Recorder. It's a landing video. As soon as I've uploaded it I'll share. I'll then attempt once more to render a takeoff video. If that fails then it's just the landing that FS Recorder will be able to capture. I think maybe even CRZ once I confirm this through trying.
  4. Wow!!! No way!!! Last time I made a video was around summer period. Well, PMDG's next goal is a recorder for FSX! Lol!
  5. Then, the landing gear should retract as it have been in the 744 V3. Nothing should be different. I've made videos successfully retracting the gear manually after taking off. I'm not sure why this time with the 748i the wing gear refuses to lock into position. I thought many people who use FS Recorder would be able to chime in and provide their feedback on this. Thank you for your time so far. Have a great day!
  6. Good morning, Thank you very much for responding. Does this mean that with the 747-400 V3, which is the base pack for the 747-8i, FS Recorder will too not capture this same custom coding? Or, are the coding different between the 744 and 748i?
  7. Hello, Firstly, I just want to extend a huge thank you to PMDG for an absolutely wonderful production, that being the Boeing 747-8i in all its glory. I am very happy with my purchase. No regrets on this side of the world. Ever since I found PMDG I have not flown anything else. I have been won. Well done, PMDG crew. You are all amazing. ...................................................... I have been attempting to record a few flights for YouTube, showing off my new purchase. I am, however, experiencing quite a difficult time getting the wing gear to retract with everything else upon take off. The FS Recorder version I am using is 2.181a. I understand that most features of the PMDG requires that you manually operate systems such as flaps, spoilers, gear, and a few other bits and pieces. But, when I replay the takeoff and retract the gear manually, the wing gear is still not locking into its position. Has anyone successfully recorded their flight with FS Recorder and this aircraft? Please do leave a comment with any suggestions. I would appreciate it. Thank you!
  8. Can somebody help me, please? I did a factory reset and tried to reinstall FSX. I am, however, unable to install it. I keep getting error 1722 and roll back 1603. I have spent hours looking for a solution online and nothing worked. I thought I would ask here for help as a last resort. MicrosoftKB928080 cannot be found anywhere. None of the files can be found online; download links do not work. I do not know what else to do.
  9. Sky Prince

    PMDG 747-400 V3 Go Around Tutorial?

    Sweet!!! Thanks!!!
  10. Is there anyone who would be willing to do a tutorial video on a Go Around in this beautiful piece of work by PMDG? I'm curious to see, because I do not feel I am following standard procedures for this. And, I'd prefer visual representation with explanations as to what is going on. Thank you!
  11. Sky Prince

    YSSY-KLAX ILS25 R approach?

    It doesn't matter how you just explained it to me. I thank you, anyhow. I didn't bother looking at any charts (a year and a half ago I use to do this before flying). In fact, right after you explain the above I immediately remembered that, yes, I'll be given instructions until SHELL. I suppose I needed some awakening to this subconscious that would not come forward unless somebody prodded me. I need to ensure that I do at least 15-20 hours flight per week 😫. I'm amazed at how rusty one can quickly become if they do not fly the PMDG products for quite some time. I've forgotten so much! By the way, Scandinavian13, your name is still fresh in my 'superhero' book. 😏 Some people you just never forget. Cheers!
  12. Hello, Please explain to me why RWY ILS25R is as outlined below: After SMO it says VECTORS and then a straight line pattern to God who knows where. It does not connect to SHELL. SADDE BAYST SMO VECTORS SHELL FOGLA RWY25R. My departure SID was SY1. Expected app STAR is SADDE8 trans ELKEY RWY ILS25R. Vectors CRD01 CRDWF. I haven't flown in a very long time and just got back into it, so maybe I'm rusty at reading and interpreting these things. Please enlighten meh. 🙂
  13. Sky Prince

    PMDG Account Login

    I am having this same issue right now. No email as of yet. There is an update that is failing to install, PMDG 747 V3 3.00.8466. I've turned off my firewall and tried even restarting my PC. But, this update just will not install. I was then attempting to log back into my PMDG account to download the PMDG 747 V3 to see if this will resolve my issue, but to no avail. I am unable to reset my password because the email isn't coming through. I will be following this thread to see some resolution.
  14. It worked like a charm!!! Thank you!!! I couldn't have asked for anything better right now! This is a lot more realistic.
  15. Hi, I will try this. Currently I'm enroute to RCTP from CYVR. I'll get back to you with the result in over 9 hours. Thank you very much! 🙂 Oh! I forgot to ask; as steering set, send directly to FS as normal axis, do you have an animated nose gear while taxiing?