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  1. Hello, Are you also experiencing problem at engine start? When ever I start from cold and dark, I can't start up the engines following the aircraft's checklist. The only possibility I can think is that the fuel selector valve (which you can't move) does not work. And for some reason I suppose that when loaded in cold and dark the aircraft understand tava the valve is closed.
  2. Hi Bert. How are you doing? Thanks for the answer. No, I don't get a tooltip. However this button works in the B350i, so then I thought in the C90 would work as well. I changed the aircraft.cfg just like the B350i, but now it does not sound anymore hehehe. I'll send you a PM. Thanks again, Bert. (The part of aircraft.cfg I changed) [gear_warning_system] gear_warning_available = 0 //Normal pct_throttle_limit = 0.3 //Percent throttle that activates warning flap_limit_idle = 0 //Flap angle that activates warning at idle flap_limit_power = 40 //Flap angle that activates warning at above idle
  3. Sometimes, even with flaps full and gear down, the horn does not stop. Even though, the button should work.
  4. Hello, my Gear horn silence button does not work and even with the gear down it does not stop. Some can help me with this issue? Thanks.
  5. Hello, I formatted my computer and when trying to reinstall the Citation 560XL I got this message: "The number of installs for this Serial number has been exceeded." Erro 403 I have already opened a request at zendesk. How long does it take to get an answer?! The message was sent Yesterday May 22, 2020 as 8:50 pm GMT -4 Is there any other way to solve this problem? Best Regards,
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