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  1. Zeke_Elias

    Loosing all power at cruise

    I've been having the same issue as well. Flying KMSP-KDFW - roughly over TUL and my engines turned off, fuel cutoff levers moved to OFF. Plenty of fuel, none in Center tanks. I did not have wing anti-ice or fuel heat on. I thought this could be it. Continued to fly KDFW-KTUL - Passing FL190, with fuel heat and wing anti-ice on, fuel cutoff levers moved to off. Managed to recover and happened again after FL200. I have nothing connected to the mixture or the fuel shutoff levers - so not sure what it could be.
  2. Zeke_Elias

    What is the most realistic virtual airline?

    Hi all, I'm looking for something similar than the OP, but more realistic. Looking for type ratings, exams and dispatch releases. Essentially as real as it gets. It doesn't matter where it is based or what the fleet is. Any recommendations besides the ones in this post?
  3. Zeke_Elias

    Skeleton 777 P3D

    Hello, I can only see the skeleton of 777. I have reinstalled twice to no avail and have HIGHMEMFIX installed. Any help would be appreciated.