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Found 27 results

  1. THIS SALE HAS ENDED FSInventions have announced that their award winning FSFlyingSchool PRO is on offer, bundled with all its add-on components, at 45% off at the FSFlyingSchool site for a limited time. Pilots who have any earlier version of FSFlyingSchool can also upgrade for even less than this! These bargains are available here and the FSFlyingSchool site has all the details, including free demos for every product, movies, feature lists and full manuals. Click here to take a look at www.FSFlyingSchool.com
  2. Let me just say I love this product - it's great, brings added realisim, and makes flying the Level-D much easier, especially on VATSIM when ATC is vectoring me and I don't have to fiddle with those knobs.However, I do have an issue. In the manual it says running pre-flight events is optional, so I skip that as I follow my own checklists and usually start at the before engine start procedure.Part of my checklists is to fully program the FMC, which apparently FS2Crew doesn't like. Any time I start it, it always clears out the weights and V-speed pages. Is there a way around this?Is there also a transcript of everything that the F/O can say? I'm hearing impaired so it would help me to learn all of the responses from the F/O.
  3. Hi, Please forgive me if this is not the place to post this but I would like to share my video on ATR 72 Engine fire procedure .I have built my own ATC, Copilot and failure procedure
  4. Hello ! Maybe some of you have heard about Flight sim voices US Flight crew vol.1 .. and visiting their forum I read the maker's topic about how to enhance the voice recordings for RCv4. http://www.flightsimvoices.com/forumsm/index.php?topic=18.0 He's explaining his own technique to reduce the most possible the robotic feeling when you listen to RCv4 controllers or pilots. First I understood that there's no magical solution because one number recorded alone will never sound smooth played in different part of a sentence because of the tones and rythm one puts in the surroiunding words. He explains it better than me but read this : "AA42, you're cleared for taxi to runway 20L", the "2" number is always the same WAV file, but this sentence pronounced in one shot and cut in different WAV files will produce different "2" sounds. At that point, you get there's no perfect solution but if you record a full sentence, and cut the words, instead of recording them one by one, then it may sound better than the original recordings brought by RCv4. It sounds to me like a nice idea to introduce during development process, maybe for an enhancement in a future release.
  5. Hello hello,first off - I'm eternally grateful for what you have accomplished with FS2Crew. I had been using the button versions for a bit, but for me the voice control took it to a whole new level. FS2Crew is certainly something I cannot fly without anymore (which also has the downside of only being able to fly with a select amount of aircraft :().Now, I regularly run into a certain discrepancy: being all high and happy and whatnot with ordering my FO around, when suddenly the ATC window pops up and I actually have to lower myself to press keyboard buttons... All fun aside, wouldn't it be fairly simple (looking at for example the iFly FS2Crew version, which if I understand correctly uses keyboard commands) to use FS2Crew (or a side program) to control the ATC?My thinking goes for three possible scenarios:1) the state of the ATC cannot be read by FS2Crew, so a voice command could be "answer ATC - number 1" to have key 1 pressed, for example acknoledge an ATC instruction. Or "answer ATC - number 4" when requesting an FL change. Etc.2) the state of the ATC can be read by FS2Crew, so actual voice commands could be used, for example "ATC ... requesting FL change to 3 5 0" or "ATC ... say again" etc.3) None of the above is possible, but a somewhat customizing function could work: in the FS2Crew config manager, the user could record a command ("ATC - number 3") and assign it to a keyboard key, in this case the key [3].Disclaimer: I'm running FS9, and will not, ever and/or in the foreseeable future, switch to FSX or its successor. So Vox ATC is not an option for me.Again, this is both a suggestion and a question of feasibility, not a request whatsoever.Thanks in advance,--Jakob
  6. I do not want to open a long discussion on what ATC is better. Each has its pros and cons. But one thing that is still unsurpassed in ATC default FS2004/FSX, in my opinion, is the quality of the voices and the realism. Now, since it is going to be released P3D 2.0, and then the ATC source code is available for LM developers, do you think could be finally developed a good default ATC with SID / STARs and AIRAC upgradeable, and with a voice quality equal or superior to that which we know? I can not fly always online, rather are less the times I can do it, so I think it is essential to have a complete ATC environment, with a good and realistic sound quality. That could handle properly AI traffic on ground, enroute and during approach and final phase of flight, could save the situation, could handle SID and STARs and is aligned with AIRAC. Yes, you'll think, that's allready exist, but the quality of audio? None ATC addons I know have the same audio realism of FS2004/FSX default or not? A rock solid default ATC saves you from having to run third-party programs that often block or otherwise crash your sim or causes various problems. What do you think about?
  7. Hello, I'm not currently a user of FS2Crew NGX, though I want to be, but I have an issue... Ever since I play Arma, I've been looking for speech software to control everything by voice, but I've always come to a halt when I find my Windows 7 x64 Ultimate Edition does not come with SAPI. Since FS2Crew uses this, and I don't want the button version, I tought someone might help me fix this before I purchase. I've already asked through FlightSim, no luck. I've gone through all the steps to check if I have it, I don't. Last thing I did was copy the Windows32/Speech folder from my laptop, to the problem computer, and re-register sapi.dll, no luck either. Any help would be appreciated. =) Diego Lozano Veraza
  8. I finally figured out the speech recognition error message and output device. I am using a wireless G930 headset. I can hit the "K" key and the FO goes green. Supposedly he is operating the radio but I don't see frequency changing. I see a yellow line that say FO operating the radio. I hear nothing going on. I do have UTLive installed and traffic set to Zero in the P3dv4 settings. I know that the UT Bridge has not been released yet. Is that because there is no AI to communicate with is the reason I don't hear anything going on? Getting there eventually..lol Thanks for any input/output :) Best Regards to everyone. Yes, this is a paid for version. Bob M.
  9. Hi everyone, I fly FSX on a Macbook Pro Retina 15" on Windows Bootcamp. Everything works fine and I get decent FPS, yet I have an issue with sound. The music overlaying the main page stutters and breaks, and the voiceovers for the missions do the same. All other sounds (such as aircraft noises and such) work fine. Please can someone help me out?
  10. Good morning gentlemen, The upcoming 777 release looks like it will be with us before the end of the year and we are going to revamp the FS2Crew product with new features and completely new voice sets. I am looking for a dozen or so individuals to cover the aspect of the product from Captain down to Cabin Crew and Ground engineers for at least three geographical regions: European British American Ideally the Captain and First Officer positions would be covered by flight crew in the real world [Again, Preferably 777 rated]. A lot of work needs to be done, so I would appreciate this post getting shared to any contacts you may have within the community and the real world. Thank you for your time, Kindest Regards, Alex Ridge
  11. Hi guys, Without breaking the bank, what is a good over the ear headset with mic for VOXatc ? I seem to be having to say things over and over sometimes. Am sure it is my crappy Microsoft headset. Any recommendations for a £50 £75 or thereabouts headset that has a good mic. So I don't have to keep repeating myself. I do have a Sennheiser HD429s which I purchased today. It has a jack plug as opposed to USB and they seem to target tablets / phones these days. Before I open this mic (I may take it back) I thought I would ask for your experiences or recommendations. Cheers
  12. Hi Folks Following occurred on Windows 7. YMMV. Hadn't been in multiplayer for quite some time, (> 6 months), and even longer since last using voicecomms mic/headphones. Investigating missing aircraft from Hangar, following Stonelance's info request, when 2 players unexpectedly joined my session. No response to my in-game text messages, but noticed 1 player using voicecomms, (icon was active in LLHC of window), Dug out headset from drawer, and tried untangling cable/plugs, meantime crediting profile with yet another destroyed airframe, then attempted to voice communicate. N.B. For all aspects throughout, Control Panel's Playback Volume/Recording Level indicators test mechanisms indicated both playback & recording levels as being OK. Game sounds were reasonably leveled, but voicecomm's volume was extremely low. I could just hear that the player was speaking, but not loud enough to discern what was being said. I then tried the following, and for each adjustment, returned to in-game flight, to test whether 3rd party could hear me - - Initially tried W7 System Tray's mixer/volume controls, with no appreciable difference. - Tried adjusting FLIGHT's OPTIONS AUDIO menu, same result. - Tried adjusting LIVE settings, again similar. LIVE's Voice test-panel confirmed mic was working ok, albeit requiring slightly higher volume of speech than normal. - Tried in-game, but other player couldn't hear me. - Tried Control Panel's Sound applet, again same. - Restarted both 'audio' and 'audio endpoint builder', with same results. - Disabled/renabled audio device, again same results. - Repeated restart for audio/audio endpoint builder, again same. - Repeated LIVE's voice configuration & tests, again still same low level. - Tried adjusting FLIGHT's OPTIONS AUDIO menu. In all cases, despite maxing vols/mic-sensitivity/etc, none of previous would improve/increase audio levels for - - Bar-Graphs to display > 2 of 10 - Other player to even hear that I was talking, (versus open mic). Then it clicked - I remembered that, since my last FLIGHT voicecomms session, I'd played with, & configured W7's native 'Speech Recognition'. Launched control-panel's SR applet, performed its mic-test, which supposedly passed ok, but suspiciously, the bar-graph showed almost 99% speech in yellow band, i.e. way too low. Repeatedly tried several adjustment options, none of which improved microphone's response. Tried the 'Advanced Speech Options' applet, and its various 'Microphone' config buttons, which initially did nothing new, till I clicked 'Advanced', and switched from 'Use Preferred Audio Device', to 'Use This Audio Device'. Whatever it was, Clicking Apply 'unlocked' the sensitivity & boost aspects, permitting adjustment, and resulting appropriate microphone sensitivity. Clicking OK, unexpectedly initiated a required reboot, (my apologies JH for session closure). Bottom line - Your 'Speech Recognition' configuration profile settings apparently take precedence, overriding your microphone sensitivity settings. HTH ATB Paul
  13. Hi people, I encountered a problem with the reason of the problem but I don't know how to fix it. Title tells the problem. I tested without the normal panel.cfg which fs2crew not installed: FSPS X worked. And i made a ditch landing It's fun. And i tested both installed: It didn't work. Fs2crew works perfect in this situation. But when I start FSPS X. A black rectangle appears instead of the normal blue mini-display with icons even manifest dialog is disabled. I really want to fly with these addons. Help me please :C
  14. Hello all, I've had a problem ever since I've started flying with Vatsim, and therefore with a headset. The communications do come through the headset as I want them to, and the other sounds (cockpit, environment) through my speakers... except for the engine sounds, which come through the headset along with the voice. It's quite disturbing, since FSX doesn't offer to separate the engine sounds from the environment and cockpit ones, only from the voice. Anyone knows a solution? (I have FSX with Acceleration, fly the Aerosoft Airbus A320, and use Vatsim through FSInn.)
  15. I am in the trial period of your great software and I am wondering if it is possible to resize the speech window? Especially horizontally.
  16. Hi, thank you for the support of p3d v3. But after a succsessfull installing I am actual unable to use the Airbus Voice Pack: (http://img5.fotos-hochladen.net/uploads/capturenw2d3ur567.png) Several things can not be showed - everytime I click on a button and you can hear the normal click sound but evrey other sound playing e.g. in the background is getting very quiet... Does anyody know, what to so? Reagards, FSlikerX
  17. I wondered if you can add new voices to AXE?
  18. Hello, I have created a reference sheet for the FS2Crew for Airbus X w/voice. It is basically a copy of the voice commands referenced in the manual, but condensed so that they can fit two A4 pages. It is intended to be printed on an A4 sheet front and back (and perhaps laminated) for easy access. You can get it here and I will soon upload it in the library as well. Regards,
  19. The personal grammar training phrases inside the grammar helper is not working. (error: click on adv. options and set microsoft speech recognizer 8.0) The full training part does work. I won't get the error here and training works fine. Why is that?
  20. Hello guys, congrats for your nice support and continues updating product. Do you consider include in a future voice commands such as : " Hold Position ", " Continue " during a pushback?
  21. Hi Everyone. Just uploaded the first update to version 1.3. In addition to some bug fixes, it has an improved Grammar Helper and adds Sample Phrases that make it easier to put the Grammar Help to use! Also, check out my post on Feature Roadmap. It'll give you an idea of what's coming in the future. Working on the Database updates right now. Enjoy, Dave
  22. I have a big problem with FS2Crew Voice Control for AXE and NGX. I can´t click the Voice Button. I have everything configured. Can someone help?
  23. I am fairly new to the FSX community and have recently purchased several add-ons, the most recent being FS2Crew. I believe I have followed all of the installation procedures properly... Run as admin, Start in 2D cockpit, Re-install PMDG sp?, etc... I am able to bring up the panel when I click on the backup attitude indicator. The buttons seem to function as well. EXCEPT, the voice button shows ON and if I click on it FSX freezes at the mouse pointer that looks like a hand with finger extended and the task must be killed. I have a Sirius twin-USB headset with mic which seems to have been trained fine in Win 7 x 64. This is a new system i7 etc. Lastly, I am not running any extensive anti-virus, backup, or other persistent system software which might conflict... I have uninstalled and reinstalled. I have shutdown and restart the system. I am pretty well-versed with PCs... Any ideas??? Thanks in advance. Jeff.
  24. I've previously purchased some voices from Ivona from a long time ago and would like to know if they would work with Pilot2ATC? I am using MSFS 2020 as my sim running under Windows 10 Pro.
  25. I have created the normal procedures checklist for FS2Crew's Airbus A320. It has the standard format of a real life checklist and even the airline logo. Please contact me if you want me to add another airline. Below is the URL with all the airlines I have created until now. If you wish, download the Microsoft Publisher file and add a logo of your own but please give me credits. Click here to download A320 Checklist
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