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  1. So basicly the issues with the error has been fixed somehow. How much late? for example "rotate" after the airplane lifts off the runway? Manuel
  2. mmm... the FSX.cfg content looks good. Can you confirm that under your: <FSX Main Directory>\SimObjects\UGCX\ These subdirectories: FS2Crew_Towbar FS2Crew_Towbar_AC FS2Crew_Tugs FS2Crew_Tugs_AC Ramp Agents Ramp Agents (AC) Cheers, Manuel
  3. This also can be a modification of the FBW aircraft team, but question, before going further, when you restart MSFS and you load the aircraft on the gate/runway it still appears, every time? (i think that's what you said, but just asking again to confirm). Manuel
  4. Glad you got it sorted! 😎 Manuel
  5. The image still can't be seen. Try to upload it into a image hosting server, then share the link here. Cheers, Manuel
  6. Those commands will only work airborne (not on ground). The logs paths you wrote are the installers logs, but the main application's log is located here: C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Roaming\FS2Crew CRJ for MSFS\FS2Crew CRJ for MSFS Log.log Try to post your logs content so we can see if at least the program is recognizing the phrases, because, it may not be executing the commands, but it still records the phrases recognized along the session. Also, Are you using Open mic/ or push-to-talk mode? Cheers, Manuel
  7. You could also check if you get a WASM error message? Manuel
  8. Hey Mhazy, The correct commands are: Set heading XXXX -> Example: Set heading two five zero Set altitude XXXXX -> Example: Set altitude two thousand seven hundred Set speed XXXX -> Example: Set speed two one zero Set flight level XXXX -> Example: Set flight level one five zero Hope that helps. Manuel
  9. Can you show your FSX.cfg file's content? Cheers, Manuel
  10. Question: Isn't the map minimizing already when it comes up?, just to confirm if it gets minimized. There is an option...in "Aircraft Profile Settings" named "Automatically display map simulation view". This allows to use the simulation itself to draw the route on a top-down view, this will minimize automatically the map window, and show it in top down view. This option is "Global" to UGCX, and doesn't needs to be set per aircraft profile. Hmm... there is no key assignment at the moment. Cheers, Manuel
  11. This issue is also common when the video drivers of your Graphic card is out of date, try to ensure you have the lastest drivers of your Graphic card. Also try to restart FSX and let us know. Manuel
  12. You mean the Purser window? By clicking the AFT call button on the overhead panel Also it happens thst maybe hidden below the sim window... Manuel
  13. Hey Guys, This is still pending to be fixed, we has been a little bit busy with the FS2Crew Maddog edition recently, that's the reason why it hasn't being implemented, yet Cheers, Manuel
  14. Hmm...that error seems when you install FS2Crew FBW, using the product manager. Are you getting that when you run MSFS? (just to confirm). Manuel
  15. Hi, From what I understand, you excludes the main airports by error right?. If thats the case, you can remove them from the exclusion in the INI file, as ypu pointed it out, but, when you do so, try to ensure P3D/FSX (the sim) is NOT running, in other words, when modifying the INI file try to do it when the sim is NOT running because it will get overwritten with the data is loaded im memory. Cheers, Manuel
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