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  1. Thank you very much!!!, it's always good to read good comments about our products!, even if they are the few good reviews, that help us to get more motivation to get it better, and improve it, with all your suggestions and comments, we take them, analyze and implement them. So thank you again by supporting us!. I understand, we had a lot of reports from users saying that the speech recognition system always was picking up commands, and trigger false-positive, or even voice commands that weren't intended to be said. So from UGCX v1.7, we implemented the PTT (Push-To-Talk Key), you can configure a special hot key, in your keyboard, or a joystick's button, to be used by UGCX as a Push-To-Talk key, as if you were talking to the ATC controller. In this way, you just need to press that hot key (or joystick button), while you say the voice command, then release the hot key (or joystick button) when you finish saying the voice command.So basicly, you avoid having UGCX always listenning for a voice command. By default in UGCX v1.7, this PTT key is disabled, because some BETA users, wanted to it be like the way it was on preview versions, that's why the PTT key is disabled by default, unless, you assign a hot key to it, UGCX will see during initialization that you assigned a PTT key and will stop always listenning for voice commands automatically, and it will wait until you hit the PTT key and say a voice command. Check out on the manuals, so you can see it in detail. Cheers, Manuel
  2. Hey Ben, Don't worry, I understand, we saw that this would going to happen, before releasing v1.7. However, we were planning to wait for a P3D SimConnect feature for delete the top down view, but, then after few weeks, we decided to research by our own a way to delete the top down view without waiting from Lockheed guys to implement it in the P3D SDK, so finally, few days ago, we found a way to do it, and we implemented it on the update we have at our own side, and is working very well. Once, you finish using the top down view, it will now delete that view, so it doesn't remains in your views cycle/loop, neither takes out resources from your machine loading the departing airport. If you would like to test it out, you can send Bryan's a ticket, to send you the last version of our module, so you can see it working. The last DLL version I'm telling also has a new option that let's you disable this top-down map simulation view, and let's you use the airport's layout window as it was in previous versions, because, some users may have an impact in performance when a top-down view is shown because either the complexity of an 3rd party scenery airport or the density of AI traffic around. Cheers, Manuel
  3. Can you take a screenshot of which position they appear?...I have oculus, and there is an external tool that lets you see what you see in the VR headset......however I didn't try P3D with VR yet... Manuel
  4. We could add them, we just need a model of a stairs
  5. This open/close map command has been replaced by a hot key, that you can configure in the UGCX initialization file. Cheers, Manuel
  6. Additional to this, UGCX has a hidden feature that will automatically turn off/on Ezdok or chaseplane thru hot keys....this has not being documented yet on the manuals, as it was added last minute in the v1.7 release. But there are two hot keys configurations on the initialization file that once you fill them, UGCX will attempt to send a keypress simulation so Ezdok/Chaseplane catches that hot key and inmediattly turn on/off itself depending on when your turn on/off the top-down simulation view, so you don't have to do it manually. This feature needs some more testing, but it's meant so the user doesn't have to go over and disable/enable temporarily chaseplane/ezdok manually. As me, and many others users, love these two tools (Ezdok/chaseplane). Cheers, Manuel
  7. Hey Richard, Try sending a ticket to Bryan, so you could be able to try our lastest (not released yet) update, so we can check if you also still have issues with the update we plan to release, just to cross check that our update solves it or not. Manuel
  8. I understand, this is more a 3D modeling issue, we might need our modeler to make adjustments to the marshaller's model, we will need Bryan's help on this one
  9. This maybe an issue with the marshaller's model itself...?..passing mic over to Bryan?
  10. Checkout this post, and check the mini tutorial in it....if you still don't see the airport's layout on the map window, try to post your log's content: https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/571869-new-user-questions/?do=findComment&comment=4196658 Manuel
  11. This will be solved with the new update we are almost ready to release. The issue were the long custom route names, this was causing all sort of weird behaivors not only on P3D but on Windows itself. I got them too, but after the fixes we made to the update, we have on here, seems to be solved. Cheers, Manuel
  12. This will be removed automatically, with the new update
  13. This is solved in a new update we are almost ready to release. This new update makes the top-down simulation view as optional, plus fixes the CTD, black screen and weird Windows issues has been appearing since first release. Also it automatically deletes the top´-down view, (no longer need the user to manually delete it)...plus 4-5 more fixes. We are waiting on some translations to then release. These fixes has been tested with users that reported them, since during BETA these things weren't spotted. But Finally we got them sorted out. Cheers, Manuel
  14. Are you using hot keys or joystick?....with new version you can map a hot key or joystick button to show/close the main menu
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