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  1. Thanks by the feedback. On the next update the warning will be suppressed (except for the DUPLICATED runways), which I didn't see in your logs. So it should be working fine. Manuel
  2. Can you bring the RAAS log?, this is more than an error a warning, because, in some cases, when installing an add-on airport (marketplace) or any other, there are some sceneries that doesnt replace the default one, as a result, there are overlapping runways and other items on the airport repeated. This confusion might confuse RAAS thinking instead of having 2 run ways, , it could see 4 because of the default and new airport informations.This happened to me with a Marketplace airport I bought, where MSFS itself installed the airport, and still the default airport layout was visible. We'll try to suppress those warnings, for parkings since, its not an item used by RAAS. However, if it only happens on poarkings RAAS will be working fine, but if this duplication occurs on runways, it will be shown on the log and it will affect the accuracy of the RAAS functionability. Cheers, Manuel
  3. Can you show the FS2Crew CRJ version?, and CRJ airplane version? Can you reproduce always? Manuel
  4. Hi, The "all_pax_on_board_script1" is used on +2 minutes before the preflight timing ends, when closing the door. The script 2 and 3 is not used at all. Same for "xx_200" and "xx_201". They aren't related to GSX Cheers, Manuel
  5. Try to how the UGCX log, when the ORBX scenery is enabled to see it Manuel
  6. If PBE is minimized, then you must ensure MSFS is focus...that means clicking on it...not only being shown on screen...if you have it in windowed mode, but another window is being shown and MSFS doesn't have focus (input focus), even if its shown on screen...it will not be able to catch any keystroke. Cheers, Manuel
  7. "meals" and "prepare for arrival" depends on the altitude values you set during the Departure and Approach briefings. "meals" depends on the cruise altitude value set in the Departure briefing, and also the other one depends on the Transition Level altitude usually taken from SimBrief flight plan. Cheers, Manuel
  8. Can you post a a screenshot of the contents of the "E:\Addon Scenery\SAOxt_lgat_extreme" directory?...so i can see which files are there? Manuel
  9. But question, just to ensure, you deleted the existing scenery index files before running P3D with UGCX? Manuel
  10. Check out this link for an image of the P3D scenery library: https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/540011-scenery-order-in-p3dv43/ You must uncheck the ENABLE checkbox for the scenery area 173 which is the default so UGCX doesn't sees it. Cheers, Manuel Exactly, delete them when P3D is NOT running, then run P3D so it runs UGCX. Manuel
  11. Try disabling (set ACTIVE field to FALSE)..or uncheck from the sim's scenery manager...the 173 scenery area, to test...and rebuild the scenery indexes in UGCX... Manuel
  12. Do you see a small window during FSX startup? that shows a small window with a progress bar that indicates UGCX is building the scenery index? Manuel
  13. We identified an issue on our scenery scanner, We'll release an update soon. Cheers, Manuel
  14. We are still looking at this issue, we'll let u know any news about it. Cheers, Manuel
  15. Can you send his "C:\Users\juerg\AppData\Roaming\FS2Crew MSFS RAASPRO\CachedContent.xml" file for review? "As of late I am receiving this Error...". Can you specify if you installed any new scenery as it seems to have worked before? What does "As of late" exactly mean? Manuel
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