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  1. But if you try to find the route for another parking it throws same error?, also try to show the chart viewer to see in top-down view what's the layout of the airport from where you would like to tow to which location? Manuel
  2. About tow to parking, it doesnt have a top-down view, the route itself is calculated automatically, sometimes this rout could fail due to the different layout or 3rd party scenery airport, that's the current issue with it. You could only view it from the Chart Viewer window, the calculated route Manuel
  3. No worries, any question or comment let us know! 🙂 Manuel
  4. Hey ek1, Just would like to clarify, on lastest BETA version 2.3, our ramp agents and tugs are created as ground vehicles, however, some folks has reported that they are "killed" by GSX when GSX is active, however, in previous versions our ramp agents were created as "AI Aircraft" objects, which GSX was unable to find them, so they could co-exist together that's why we said it's compatible with GSX, however, the problem of creating our ramp agents and tugs as "AI-Aircraft" in the past was that FSUIPC and some others 3rd party add-ons when active kills/removes objects created as "AI Aircrafts", thats why we decided to create them as "Ground Vehicles", but now we see GSX doesnt like too :S . So we are thinking in a way to allow the user to choose which to do. Best Regards, Manuel
  5. Here are a couple of UGCX's YouTube videos from our channel, you may want to check out. I don't know if you already saw them, but just in case: You could also checkout the remaining videos: https://www.youtube.com/c/UltimateGroundCrewXOfficial/videos Cheers, Manuel
  6. Hey bozza72, On pushback, you can preview the route, so you can predict where does the tug will drive you. On tow-to-parking, its not available that preview as far as I remmember. On pushback, before selecting "we are ready for pushback and engine start" option, there is an option below named "preview route" wchich will activate the top-down view, to preview live in the sim, the route itself. Maybe you could post a screenshot, of the option. Also I think there is a youtube video about it, let me find it to show you. Manuel
  7. Hey, Well, at this moment setting up an initial speed, right after the tug is connected, is not possible, but, it could be added a possibility in new versions. The other way could be changing somehow the tug's default speed, but I'm not sure if that's possible directly from MSFS's default settings. We can for sure adding that, since we already control tug's speed. There will be even more, when we start adding our own custom tug, we will be for sure able to do that, and do more cool stuff like wider-turn angles. Cheers, Manuel
  8. Okay, I just tested the new fix, seems to be working on this side, so shortly, you guys should be able to test it. Just writing to let you know. Cheers, Manuel
  9. Hey Gary, Yes, we would need to make it so if it detects its nearby the screen's bottom to reallocate the window a bit more above so you could see the content when you expand it, this could be an improvement. Cheers, Manuel
  10. Hey Tony!, I think I could probably fix this issue. Seems like some hardware (say joysticks of some kind or throttle quadrants) saturates the communication channel between MSFS and our external application to the point that may become unresponsive when the simulation starts. As you know our application uses SimConnect and when it receives messages from the sim, the place where it receives the messages is our app's main window, so when the sim starts, somehow there is a saturation of messages that when you click on a button, that click's signal seems to gets lost because of the saturation of messages, so in theory, The solution is to divide the load in message, I will be working on a solution tommorrow, and ask Bryan to let you guys test it. I couldnt reproduce the issue, but I can think of why the main window becomes unresponsive, so let's see what this solution does. Cheers, Manuel
  11. Well I have TrackIR, 5 since time ago, but i don't have it installed in the same machine I have FS2020, I have it in an older PC, where I used FSX/P3D, but can you guide me on what I need to do or is there any software update I must download, to make TrackIR 5 works for FS2020?...so then I can test PBE on FS2020 machine along with TrackIR 5, and see if I can reproduce the problem? Cheers, Manuel
  12. You could try simply moving the tug from pushing the plane to pulling it back to the gate, by changing the tug's speed direction from pushing the plane to pulling....that's the only thing I think it's possible with the current version Manuel
  13. Are you using voice or button control?...if it's voice control, try using button control to see if the problem remains or not Cheers, Manuel
  14. Let's do something different, first, try to download the last beta version 2.3, I just noticed you are running under v2.0, try running v2.3 and lets check if you still have the same issue. Try totally uninstalling v2.0, then install v2.3. And report back, so if v2.3 continues having same issue, I could track down from here, since I have v2.3 Cheers, Manuel
  15. Hey Guys, I found this link, may or not be helpful: https://steamcommunity.com/app/629520/discussions/0/1752358461523081052/ Manuel
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