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  1. Hey thanx, i was only adding one file. Now that i have added both it works great. I am not able to add papi light, I dont remember how i did it earlier. any help?
  2. @Reader I believe that is what I have done but my polygon is a bit small just covers the runway. Is it working for you? Can you share the file please ? Or the screenshot of the runway. I dunno what am I doing wrong here.
  3. nope, nothing just a simple runway i made from ADE although if i remove the vegitation from prepar3d all the trees go away , i mean, i just want to remove it on the runway.
  4. Hi! guys , I would like to remove trees that are on the runway, I created this runway from ADE, recent version and SDK of prepar3d v5, I did follow old tutorial using the add polygon tool, the compile is a success but the trees are still there Airport is VNPR in Nepal Its just an airport with ILS and VOR ,I have attached the file. here DOWNLOAD
  5. @Rogen On Ground , I have full deflection of rudder Airborne , This is when the autopilot are on or off with yd on or off.. even when going full manual the rudder deflection is limited. Can you do the same and confirm ? I am on p3d v5 on same carenado as you
  6. Hi, I just noticed that the rudder deflection is limited while the aircraft is in flight, for example on ground if the rudder deflection is 6 deg on either side on air it is about 2 degrees only, I checked this by using an outside view. The coditions were autopilot off/ yaw damper off , however on ground the rudder deflection is normal. How can i edit the aircraft.cfg or some other tunings to make the deflection 6 degrees as well in flight ? Regards
  7. On cruise the powerlever are at AUTO. You don't advance the throttle beyond or aft the white band, you do that only in climb and descent.
  8. As as set up GNSS, from one location to the other, I can only view the distance to the next way point. Is there a way to find the total distance to the destination ? on GNSS ? As on real aircraft ?
  9. I can't believe thai creation works for P3DV4, I do have an old copy laying somewhere for KATHMANDU AIRPORT FSX, how did you get it to work ?It will only install on C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X , How do I install it for Preprar3D V4 ?
  10. This is from prepar3d. I don't use X plane. Yes hope they see it. There are so many bugs and if allowed I could help fix and create a study level aircraft. I am not sure how to contact laminar guys. But It could be done.
  11. Here is my demo of engine failure, i ve built my own copilot, atc, failures etc. This isn't for everyone alternative you could use FS2crew if your aircraft is supported.
  12. Hi, Please forgive me if this is not the place to post this but I would like to share my video on ATR 72 Engine fire procedure .I have built my own ATC, Copilot and failure procedure
  13. This is the scenario, Engine failure on take off As the engine fails, The propeller has to be feathered (ATPCS) system. However, this doesn't happen. Although the engine torque drops to zero, propeller keeps rotating. Which makes the aircraft impossible to control. Is there a way I can send a command via FSUIPC or SPAD.NEXT to set the prop RPM to zero. So, far I have tried almost everything but couldn't do it. Can I edit the failure of prepar3d some how such that when the engine is failed the rpm also drops to zero ? or may be even send a feather command or something?
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