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  1. Hehe I actually started doing the same, as hearing some ATC for the AI really adds to the overall experience. Hopefully this will make it into P2A some day Dirk
  2. I've never tried it, but if I actually wanted to fly the published missed approach procedure, would I be able to delay that call and it would still work, or would it be too late? Thanks, Dirk
  3. I'm using SLC for a long time now together with P2A, it's the perfect combination. I'd highly recommend it
  4. Yep, I'm seeing marshals even when using P2A. It's just that MSFS decides where to place them, P2A does not have control over it.
  5. Ah sorry, I still had the old (admin@pilot2atc.com) address in my address book... Resent! Thanks! Dirk
  6. Thank you Dave, I sent you the log file from yesterday!
  7. I filed the NDB approach to RWY36 / GCLA in my flight plan, weather stayed the same when I got close, and P2A prepared me for the approach with "Continue descent via the LARY One Alpha arrival. for the NDB approach to runway Three Six ALPINE AIR Three Two Seven" But when I received the first vectors "Turn right heading 356..." I knew something was wrong, and when I looked at the map it was obvious P2A was trying to vector me to the opposite runway: Here's the approach plate: Not a big deal, but I thought I'd mention it in case this can be fixed... Thanks! Dirk
  8. Look in C:\Users\{user}\AppData\Roaming\P2A_200\Logs File names are something like P2A2020_Trace_File0.log etc, I believe it creates a new file each time you start P2A Dirk
  9. In the P2A configuration, under P2A Setup, uncheck 'Enable Hidden Aircraft', then clicking on the center button should behave as you expect. Dirk
  10. Dave, just tried to download the beta, but I'm only getting a 404... Dirk
  11. I can't offer any help but if it makes you feel better, you're not alone I have the same issues. For some people they seem to work without problems, for others only intermittently... For now I'm only using one Polly voice for my copilot and this seems to work reliably for me. Dirk
  12. I ran into the following when trying to select either VNS1 or VNS2 transitions for the ILS approach to Rwy27 in ENVA : When I select either one of those then it takes P2A around 30 second to 'think' until it draws the above on the map. The other transitions for this approach are loading and displaying fine. I'm aware this could very well be a Navigraph data issue, and really no big deal since it was an isolated case, just thought I'd report it in case there's an underlying issue in P2A that could cause this with other approaches as well. Thanks, Dirk
  13. Lately I'm quite often running into case where P2A gives me very odd taxi instructions, as if it was directing me to the opposite end of the runway of my flight plan for, e.g. PHNL In the above P2A said it was giving me directions to 08L but was actually routing me to 26R: ATC Speak: ALPINE AIR Three Two Seven Taxi to Runway Zero Eight Left Via taxiways Zulu, Echo, Charlie, Hold Short Runway Zero Eight Left18:35:29 As far as I can see in Taxi Maintenance, the other taxiways going to 08L are well defined and fine. A few other examples: KSFO LOWW Any idea what could be wrong, or how I can fix this? Thanks! Dirk
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