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  1. Dave, here is the entry for KTEX in the exported metar_xml, is this what P2ATC expects? <Table> <recid>2265</recid> <date>2020-11-24T00:00:00-07:00</date> <time>20Z</time> <lat>37.95</lat> <lont>-107.9</lont> <raw_text>KTEX 241955Z AUTO 28014KT 10SM SCT029 BKN038 BKN045 M01/M03 A2997 RMK AO2</raw_text> <station>KTEX</station> <temp>-1</temp> <dew>-3</dew> <press>1015</press> <wnddir>280</wnddir> <wndspd>14</wndspd> <wndgust>0</wndgust> <vis>10</vis> <sky1>2900|SCT</sky1> <sky2>3800|BKN</sky2> <sky3>4500|BKN</sky3> <sky4>0|CLR</sky4> <sky5>0|CLR</sky5> <flight /> <taf>KTEX 241903Z 2419/2518 27015G23KT 5SM -SN SCT030 OVC040 TEMPO 2419/2420 2SM -SN SCT002 BKN020 FM242000 28012G18KT P6SM VCSH SCT010 BKN027 FM250100 24005KT P6SM FEW040 SCT080 FM250600 12005KT P6SM SKC</taf> <upr1000>20312|21|21</upr1000> <upr925>20312|17|17</upr925> <upr850>20312|12|12</upr850> <upr700>21427|1|1</upr700> <upr500>23747|-15|-15</upr500> <upr400>23063|-27|-27</upr400> <upr300>23695|-41|-41</upr300> <upr250>27898|-49|-49</upr250> <upr200>280110|-56|-56</upr200> <upr150>26986|-59|-59</upr150> <upr100>26953|-64|-64</upr100> </Table> (it's the 2265th record in the file) Thanks, Dirk
  2. So I just bought REX Weather Force 2020, and if you go to 'Settings' there is a Data Export option in the new version. When you enable this then there will be 'metar_report.xml' generated in the 'Exports' folder of the REX installation directory. BUT... I configured P2ATC for Rex, and set the correct folder that contains the metar_report.xml. When I connect to MSFS, and check the weather in P2ATC (e.g. selecting my departure airport waypoint and the 'Wx' button enabled), it only displays Weather at KTEX: Not available. I double-checked that the xml contains a valid Metar (well as far as I can tell). @Dave any ideas? Thanks, Dirk
  3. Thanks Dave! I currently have it set to 5 NM / 3000 ft, and I'll change it down to 1000 ft to see if it makes a difference. I suspect it won't, as I get the warnings immediately after takeoff, so the separation from the airplanes parked on the ground should only be a few hundred feet anyways. More likely that MSFS is either reporting an incorrect altitude for those AI planes, or an incorrect status (in flight vs. stationary), though that's just speculation on my part as I don't know what info MSFS makes available to P2ATC and what your code uses to distinguish that. In any case, I'll try the altitude configuration change and see how it goes. Thanks! Dirk
  4. So no one else is experiencing this? Wondering if it's something in my configuration / setup then...
  5. Yeah I understand the reasoning, but maybe the button should be called 'Set' then. Even better would be to have both a 'Set' and 'Ok' button, but I guess there's not enough real estate for that. Fwiw, you can't really peform any other actions after setting the code, since e.g. changing the XPDR mode will reset the code to 1200 and you have to start over... In any case, though inconvenient (I try not to use the keyboard once in the cockpit) it's not a big deal, I just thought I'd ask. Thanks Dave! Dirk
  6. I've now encountered several flight where, immediately after taking off, I get lots of continuous traffic alerts (sometimes lasting a minute or so) for AI traffic although there is no AI flying anywhere around me for miles. I suspect P2ATC is mistakenly identifying the parked ground AI in this case, and I also suspect that it might not be P2ATC's fault but MSFS reporting wrong data via SimConnect / FSUIPC, just wondering if anyone has seen this too...
  7. Would it be possible to make the "Ok" button in the transponder dialog also close the window (like some other dialogs do)? Right now you always have to click twice (OK and close window button) after setting the new XPDR code... Thanks! Dirk
  8. Yeah that was actually a follow-up question I had on this - is there any logic to as why P2ATC has skipped this PT? I had flown another approach a few days ago where the PT was actually on the inbound leg and it made sense to me that the WP tracking skipped over it (at least I thought so, I do not know if the PT is always required in such cases). In any case, I assume there is no way to manually 're-sync' the waypoint tracking manually after this, right? Would be nice if I decide to fly the PT that I still had the distance / track to WP info etc available at this point...
  9. Yeah I understand, though it's not really an option once P2ATC becomes completely unresponsive... But good to know and no big deal, I'll simply avoid using those maps during flight from now on. My PC is a bit under-powered for MSFS in general, which is most likely contributing to this behavior. Thanks! Dirk
  10. Hi, today I was flying a VOR/DME approach (KAPN, VORDME 19) that required and outbound procedure turn before turning inbound into the approach: P2ATC did include the waypoints of the procedure turn in the flightplan when I selected the approach: But shortly after reaching the APN VOR the active (highlighted) leg in the flight plan 'skipped' over all procedure turn waypoints and moved to DAKRY (and ATC did not refer to the PT at all). Is this intentional, or a bug, either with this particular approach or in general? Or maybe my assumption that the PT is part of the approach is wrong to begin with? Thanks!
  11. This happened to me too today. I've used the airway maps in the past without issues, but today P2ATC became completely unresponsive, same as the previous poster described (I'm running MSFS 2020). The map was still moving with the aircraft, but nothing else worked any more, and I was stuck. Thing is, it wasn't temporary, I waited for several minutes but everything remained unresponsive, and I thought oh well that's it and start over. Then I hit 'Close Window' on the app, and after 10 seconds or so the dialog 'Do you really want to quit P2ATC' appeared, I somehow selected 'No' and was glad, because all of a sudden everything started working again... No big deal as I can just avoid the airways map altogether, just thought I'd mention it.
  12. This was it. No idea why the FMS data manager mapped P2A to [REGPATH]\, instead of its installation directory (which it did for other tools I have integrated)... Thanks Dave!!
  13. Hi, I am currently evaluating the P2A trial version and have a Navigraph subscription. I used the Navigraph FMS data manager to add and update P2A, and it shows that P2A is up to date with cycle 2012 rev1 (don't know if this matters but mapping shows [REGPATH]\ ). But when I start P2A it still keeps displaying 'cycle 1801' in the title bar... Is this a limitation of the trial version, or did I miss something in the setup? Thanks! Dirk
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