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  1. Hi Dave I have just downloaded the programme and I'm reading through the manual prior to jumping. Re the FSIUPC, I have full version of FSUIPC6 for P3DV5 ... Do I need any other version? i.e. the free version to run P2ATC? Or does my full version cover it? And if so, do I still need to manually start FSUIPC when I want to use P2ATC or will starting the sim automatically start the required functions of FSUIPC? Hope my query makes sense to you Thanks Stephen
  2. Hi Mark Apologies for jumping in on this thread I purchased CDU king package today, all working apart from CRJ Professional exactly as highlighted by Christian. CDU works but shows blank. In my add ons compatibility tab it shows " NO AS CRJ installation found: F:\Prepar3D v5\SimObjects\Airplanes\Aerosoft CRJ Base\panel\ASCRJ.dll" CRJ Pro is installed and working Can i redirect to the correct path? Stephen
  3. Hi I have just ordered a new pc What is the best way to reinstall CP on the new machine Thnaks Stephen
  4. Thanks Keven Download comlete
  5. Not at the moment no, Is that what I would need to do?
  6. Hi I'm trying to purchase Chaseplane but when I click the purchase now tab nothing happens. I've tried registering but again nothing happens when i click the tab after filling in my detials. I've also tried filling the tech support form but agian it won't send when I click the tab to send. Anyone offer a solution? I have downloaded and installed VFX but can't open as it requires registration. Thnaks Stephen
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