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  1. Hi Steve--Several weeks ago you posted the settings for an i9-12900K for Prepar3D 5. Do you an update for the same CPU in Prepar3D v6? In v6 I continue to have 100% CPU usage and wait change crashes Thanks-- Robert
  2. Thanks--I did try HT OFF/ON with the same result. I have an i912900K.. Can you post your jobscheduler settings? I will also check (I assume) a similar thread in this forum--thanks again
  3. Recently I have had several "Analyze Wait Change" msgs in the WIN11 resource monitor. The sim pauses and all CPUs are maxed. The last simulation identified Threads 15872, 1756, and 14132 as waiting for a resource to use. I have the default [JOB SCHEDULER] in the *.cfg file and HT enabled. Any suggestions or help would be appreciated--Thanks, Robert
  4. Thanks that worked--the PopUps however crash the system. Thanks again-- Robert
  5. As a novice, do you have suggestions for a 12900K processor for v5.3 and v5.4? Thanks Robert
  6. After the recent update, the PMDG CDU no longer works on an IPAD. The CDU displays but there are no visible data. Any suggestions? Thanks- rw
  7. I have not updated the PMDG 737. The remote CDU was, however automatically, updated and the remote CDU is totally dark/blank. Is it possible to revert to a previous version? Thanks-- Robert P.S. I waiting for GIT compatibility--
  8. Thanks very much for the information-I appreciate it
  9. Is it possible to assign an individual thrust reverser axis? For example, the PMDG 737 (MSFS 2020) has 2 throttle axes (OK) and 2 reverser axes? There is a thrust reverser toggle, but I have been unable to assign any axis. Thanks-- Robert
  10. I am migrating to a new computer and would like to port my previous Prepar3D v5 aircraft settings (PMDG, FSLabs, et). Where are the aircraft profiles saved, and can I simply copy them to the new computer? Thanks-- Robert
  11. Yes, they are the red ports-WIN10 is up to date-I appreciate your help
  12. I recently upgraded my computer system (GPU, GPU, MB...). However, the Virtual Fly Devices (Rudder and Yoke) are not recognized in the USB ports (v3.2, driver error). Has anyone experienced this with the Z690 MBs? Are there any solutions to this problem? In the BIOS, USB ports are configured as "legacy mode." Thanks for any suggestions-- Robert P.S. WIN 10
  13. Here's the direct link to the discussion- https://forum.pmdg.com/forum/main-forum/pmdg-dc-6-cloudmaster-forum/158476-pmdg-dc-6-prepar3d-v4 Thanks again-
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