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  1. Probably a simple question but is there a way to reassign the Restart Key (it conflicts with a view command in Chase Plane)?--Thanks-- Robert
  2. rlw9sr

    Runaway Pushback

    Thanks for the clarification--I appreciate it
  3. rlw9sr

    Runaway Pushback

    Thanks--I had requested the PB from Ground, it's initiated and then continues! I did not use ctrl+P to start pushback. Do I need UGCX?
  4. Prepar3d v4.2, FS2Crew v1.5--Configured all the required data in the .cfg file, initiate the request, and the aircraft never stops! UGCX=NO--Any suggestions would be appreciated--Thanks, Robert
  5. rlw9sr

    GTN650 LPV Approaches?

    Could you please specify the AP settings you had with the GTN650--vertical guidance is NA. For example, I activate the LPV approach, set the AP to Approach and have no vertical guidance. Thanks-- Robert
  6. Does the DC-6 have this capability when coupled with the GTN650? The LNAV works fine but the GS seems NA--Thanks-- Robert Willis
  7. rlw9sr

    Content Errors

    I keep receiving content errors for the GPS 430 gauge pmdg_gns430b--invalid script. Also there are references to missing gauge image files, e.g. pmdg_dc6_03g_4.bmp. Any suggestions or comments--Thanks-- Robert Willis
  8. On page 4 of the Special Feature Guide there is a listing of the joystick axes names-X, Y, Z, ....FSlider 2. How do these names map to the fsuipc designations for the axes. For example, PFC throttle 1 in fsuipc is axis "U"; the USB Game Controller views it as Xrotation. How does this correspond to the listings on page 4? Thanks-- Robert Willis
  9. I have both UT2 and MT Professional installed on a client. PSXseeconTraffic "complains" about "3rd party traffic detected; please prevent other programs from injecting traffic." I did not have this issue with MT Professional. How do I prevent UT2 injecting traffic? Prepar3D settings are set at 0 traffic; the ctrl+shift+T command does not disable the UT2 traffic. Thanks for any suggestions-- Robert
  10. rlw9sr

    Incompatible Simulator Version...

    I haven't used the Migration Tool--is it related at all to the simconnect version? Thanks-- Robert
  11. Updated Prepar3D to v3.4.18.19475 and received the following message during loading of the NGX: " Incompatible simulator version, current version v3.4.18.19475, these gauges will only work with P3D. You are running them in FSX SP2/Acceleration..." There is no such problem with the 777. Thanks for suggestions and assistance-- Robert Willis
  12. Interesting article about Captain Randazzo's (PMDG) DC-3-- https://www.aopa.org/news-and-media/publications/pilot-magazine Hopefully we have the DC-3 sim to look forward to-- Robert Willis
  13. rlw9sr

    Charts Revisted

    Geo-referenced charts are displayed in the "Map" display!---Thanks, Robert