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  1. I have installed AAO in several P3D versions. When I open AAO in Prepar3D v3, no AAO window is visible; if I hover the mouse over the taskbar icon, there is a "white screen." Again, in WIN10. Thanks, I appreciate your help--
  2. Thanks--I will check it out and report back
  3. I have reviewed the link and checked the registry values. The are the same as in your post. I did take a simple test flight with the GTN750 and it appeared to work properly (fp, proc, terrain, ...). But, when I attempt to undock the window, the sim immediately crashes with a DXGI error? I do have the latest NVidia dirvers (RTX 2080 Ti) and Prepar3D v5.2 HF. This all remains a mystery--I appreciate your help-- P.S. I checked also the EventViewer (nothing unusual) and dxdiag (no problems identified).
  4. Yes, the version is 3.14. The Installed Versions are: GTN (v6.72) (with an uninstall option) GTN (v6.62) GTN Xi (v20.20.8.0) (with an uninstall option) TXi (v3.30.7.0) (with an uninstall option)
  5. Followup--The Trainer executable states that the Trainer is already installed. Is there something else I can check? Thanks
  6. The General Aviation Trainers is v3.1.4.0; the Garmin GTN Trainer, v. The c:\...\GTNTrainer directory contains 3 files, checklist.zip, flightplans.zip, and GarminTrainerSetup_3140.zip. Thanks--
  7. After a uninstall and reinstall the APPS are Garmin Aviation Services (132 MB) Garmin GTN Trainer (327 MB) AND there is now power to the GTN 750. However if I attempt to undock the GTN and move it to another window, P3D crashes--
  8. I appreciate your comments regarding the missing/incomplete information: I installed the software to the default locations. The files were NOT quarantined. The sim is Prepar3D v5.1. This is a new installation to a 1 year old machine (the software has not been installed before on this machine). The rxpGTNgau.log file is 21/09/28 01:00:08.547 10064 - ] # rxpGTN.dll version 21/09/28 01:00:08.547 10064 INFO ] The rxpGTNxpl.log file-- 20/10/31 17:43:45.187 19312 - ] # win.xpl version The rxpGTN_menu.dll.log file-- 21/09/28 01:00:05.456 08452 - ] # rxpGTN_menu.dll version 21/09/28 01:00:05.459 08452 INFO ] edit panel: R:\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v5\SimObjects\Airplanes\F-35A\panel\panel.cfg Finally the rxpGtnSIM.dll.log-- 21/09/28 01:00:10.409 10064 - ] # rxpGtnSim64.dll version 21/09/28 01:00:10.408 10064 INFO ] 21/09/28 01:00:13.817 10064 ERROR] trainer not found or not supported Thanks--
  9. Update--Same problem with several different aircraft!
  10. I added the exclusions, no joy on power. I still have the same msg in the log file--do I need to specify an env. variable? Thanks for you help--
  11. Have a black screen as the sim boots up. I've checked the power source--OK. The rxp*dll.log file states the trainer is NOT found nor supported. I've installed the package which includes the Garmin trainer--I'd appreciate any help--Thanks P.S. I assume this is the source of the problem
  12. Hopefully this is a simple question-In the "Change Axis Assignment" dialog window there is no "smoothness" setting only "filter strength." This occurs for all axes. I have the latest version of AAOs installed. I was trying to dampen the effects of the Rudder Axis--Thanks for any suggestions--
  13. Followup--I have tried to assign a virtual key to the command HDG mode (ctrl+H), but I am unable to enter the virtual key in the "Change Button Assignment" in the dialog--Any help would be appreciated--Thanks, Robert
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