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  1. Any suggestions on how to get the GF Radio/NavCOMMS/Transponders to work in Prepar3D v5 HF1? I copied the v4 exe.dll file but no joy; I also tried to load the GF executable via fsuipc6-the same result. Thanks-- Bob
  2. Can the configuration tool recognize aircraft installed in the prepar3d v4 add-ons directory? I ask because the F1 software apparently cannot--Thanks rw
  3. Yes you did-Thanks-can you elaborate about the "custom autogen"
  4. I've installed ThaiCreations VABB in Prepar3D v4.5 without an issue. The URL link pic shows the ILS 09 approach at minimums. My question is, what is in the foreground? Nothing resembles it on the simmarket web site. Is it scenery corruption? I have FTX global installed. I'd appreciate any suggestions--Thanks https://ibb.co/QD3bkgg
  5. Did you ever resolve this problem? If so, could you please describe the solution? Thanks
  6. FWIW, I have these AS settings and have modified the EFCS options and still receive frequent AP disconnects--
  7. My monitor has an aspect ratio of 2.38 (3440x1440). If I set the zoom=1 and view the Manage Cameras option I see the horizontal and vertical FOV (of the current active window). However the ratio between the HFOV and the VFOV is not 2.38 but 2.18. I would appreciate an explanation as to why this is happening. I have the most recent CP--Thanks
  8. I have purchased 2 licenses for a server/client Prepar3D platform. Unfortunately, during the installation the server received the "activations exceeded message." (The server's license was purchased several months ago and has NOT been ported to any other computer). The CP client was activated with a serial number last Friday, March 8 and appears to be OK. I have requested technical support but there has been no response; as a result the entire sim is down. Any suggestions would be appreciated--Thanks,
  9. Probably a simple question but is there a way to reassign the Restart Key (it conflicts with a view command in Chase Plane)?--Thanks-- Robert
  10. Thanks for the clarification--I appreciate it
  11. Thanks--I had requested the PB from Ground, it's initiated and then continues! I did not use ctrl+P to start pushback. Do I need UGCX?
  12. Prepar3d v4.2, FS2Crew v1.5--Configured all the required data in the .cfg file, initiate the request, and the aircraft never stops! UGCX=NO--Any suggestions would be appreciated--Thanks, Robert
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