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  1. I have installed AAO in several P3D versions. When I open AAO in Prepar3D v3, no AAO window is visible; if I hover the mouse over the taskbar icon, there is a "white screen." Again, in WIN10. Thanks, I appreciate your help--
  2. Thanks--I will check it out and report back
  3. I have reviewed the link and checked the registry values. The are the same as in your post. I did take a simple test flight with the GTN750 and it appeared to work properly (fp, proc, terrain, ...). But, when I attempt to undock the window, the sim immediately crashes with a DXGI error? I do have the latest NVidia dirvers (RTX 2080 Ti) and Prepar3D v5.2 HF. This all remains a mystery--I appreciate your help-- P.S. I checked also the EventViewer (nothing unusual) and dxdiag (no problems identified).
  4. Yes, the version is 3.14. The Installed Versions are: GTN (v6.72) (with an uninstall option) GTN (v6.62) GTN Xi (v20.20.8.0) (with an uninstall option) TXi (v3.30.7.0) (with an uninstall option)
  5. Followup--The Trainer executable states that the Trainer is already installed. Is there something else I can check? Thanks
  6. The General Aviation Trainers is v3.1.4.0; the Garmin GTN Trainer, v. The c:\...\GTNTrainer directory contains 3 files, checklist.zip, flightplans.zip, and GarminTrainerSetup_3140.zip. Thanks--
  7. After a uninstall and reinstall the APPS are Garmin Aviation Services (132 MB) Garmin GTN Trainer (327 MB) AND there is now power to the GTN 750. However if I attempt to undock the GTN and move it to another window, P3D crashes--
  8. I appreciate your comments regarding the missing/incomplete information: I installed the software to the default locations. The files were NOT quarantined. The sim is Prepar3D v5.1. This is a new installation to a 1 year old machine (the software has not been installed before on this machine). The rxpGTNgau.log file is 21/09/28 01:00:08.547 10064 - ] # rxpGTN.dll version 21/09/28 01:00:08.547 10064 INFO ] The rxpGTNxpl.log file-- 20/10/31 17:43:45.187 19312 - ] # win.xpl version The rxpGTN_menu.dll.log file-- 21/09/28 01:00:05.456 08452 - ] # rxpGTN_menu.dll version 21/09/28 01:00:05.459 08452 INFO ] edit panel: R:\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v5\SimObjects\Airplanes\F-35A\panel\panel.cfg Finally the rxpGtnSIM.dll.log-- 21/09/28 01:00:10.409 10064 - ] # rxpGtnSim64.dll version 21/09/28 01:00:10.408 10064 INFO ] 21/09/28 01:00:13.817 10064 ERROR] trainer not found or not supported Thanks--
  9. Update--Same problem with several different aircraft!
  10. I added the exclusions, no joy on power. I still have the same msg in the log file--do I need to specify an env. variable? Thanks for you help--
  11. Have a black screen as the sim boots up. I've checked the power source--OK. The rxp*dll.log file states the trainer is NOT found nor supported. I've installed the package which includes the Garmin trainer--I'd appreciate any help--Thanks P.S. I assume this is the source of the problem
  12. Hopefully this is a simple question-In the "Change Axis Assignment" dialog window there is no "smoothness" setting only "filter strength." This occurs for all axes. I have the latest version of AAOs installed. I was trying to dampen the effects of the Rudder Axis--Thanks for any suggestions--
  13. Followup--I have tried to assign a virtual key to the command HDG mode (ctrl+H), but I am unable to enter the virtual key in the "Change Button Assignment" in the dialog--Any help would be appreciated--Thanks, Robert
  14. It is possible to assign key assignments via button commands. I'm trying to map the Key Commands from PMDG DC-6 in MSFS2020--Thanks
  15. I have attempted to use AxesandOhs to calibrate the PFC Throttle Quadrant. Despite reading the documentation and the forum posts, the Throttles do not change anything in the DC-6 . I have used fsuipc7 but the throttle sensitivity is quite limited. Any help would be appreciated--Thanks
  16. I have been unable to find the files that contain the "key assignments" associated with various interior and external views, e.g. ctrl+shift+1 for a Takeoff View. I would appreciate any ideas--Thanks,
  17. Any suggestions on how to get the GF Radio/NavCOMMS/Transponders to work in Prepar3D v5 HF1? I copied the v4 exe.dll file but no joy; I also tried to load the GF executable via fsuipc6-the same result. Thanks-- Bob
  18. Can the configuration tool recognize aircraft installed in the prepar3d v4 add-ons directory? I ask because the F1 software apparently cannot--Thanks rw
  19. Yes you did-Thanks-can you elaborate about the "custom autogen"
  20. I've installed ThaiCreations VABB in Prepar3D v4.5 without an issue. The URL link pic shows the ILS 09 approach at minimums. My question is, what is in the foreground? Nothing resembles it on the simmarket web site. Is it scenery corruption? I have FTX global installed. I'd appreciate any suggestions--Thanks https://ibb.co/QD3bkgg
  21. Did you ever resolve this problem? If so, could you please describe the solution? Thanks
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