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  1. Yeah, didn't get any vectors... If it happens again I'll check with the APPR button if that's at least the intention... Thanks! Dirk
  2. In this case nope, cleared for the STAR and approach as filed, no vectoring...
  3. On a flight today P2A gave me a crossing altitude of 'At or Above FL110' for EXCOS, the last waypoint of my STAR which is marked on the chart with 'At or Above 4000' Which makes sense, it's very close to the IAF: https://i.ibb.co/QJtXcjt/Screen-Shot-2022-08-20-at-9-22-22-PM.jpg "At or above FL110" would make the approach (Alt for approach is 3000 ft) simply impossible. Shouldn't P2A take the published min/max altitudes from the chart into account when stating crossing altitudes? Thanks! Dirk
  4. That's awesome Dave! If I may suggest two other enhancements for this (don't want to seem too greedy but maybe it's not a huge effort 🙃) - first one, it looks like the Fav list is actually maintained by controller, so the list always only displays those added phrased that make sense for the current controller (which is great). The only problem is that this list selection does not change dynamically - e.g. I now have the SayIt+ window open permanently on a second monitor, and when I (well the copilot) switch to a different controller the list remains static and will not see those phrases that are only applicable for the new controller. Even closing the Fav list (by clicking on the Fav button) and reopening it does not refresh the list. The only way to refresh it is to actually close the SayIt+ window itself and open it again, which is kind of a pita. So at least a manual refresh on closing/opening the fav list would be nice, and automatic refresh on any controller change would be awesome 😄 Second suggestion - would it be possible to store the window position of SayIt+ across P2A invocations? It already remembers the position after you opened it the first time and leave P2A running, but forgets it again when P2A is closed. Thanks!! Dirk
  5. So I tried the Favorites feature of SayIt Plus (which I haven't really used before) and thought this would be a nice way to quickly pull up phrases, but unfortunately it seems to be equally cumbersome to selecting the phrases in the regular SayIt... Yes you have all the phrases you frequently use in one spot, but it takes three clicks to actually say a phrase - select the phrase, then you have to click on 'Load', and then click on 'Say it'... Would be nice if there was a shortcut, maybe to load and say a phrase by double-clicking. And if there were hotkeys for those in some future version (which would be awesome), then again these hotkeys should trigger both loading and saying of the phrases... Dirk
  6. I would love such a feature too! Having frequent trouble with my voice recognition as well, I find myself using the pre-canned phrases quite often, but using the list box / mouse selection is always cumbersome ... Dirk
  7. Though it seems it's not actually required. I always just 'File' my flight plan and it does both, validate it and file with ATC.
  8. I would like to ask the exact same question. I did update the PMDG 737, only to find out that this broke most of the spad.next functionality (which is essential for me), so I reverted back to the previous PMDG version. Is there any way to get and run the previous Aviaserver version (and without auto-updating itself again)? Thanks, Dirk
  9. Though for MSFS it's a hit and miss lately, sometimes it starts, sometimes it doesn't....
  10. Ah yes, I forgot about this... I saw the same, my SB plan was filed with FL270, and P2A imported as FL290 (which I didn't realize until much later). Regarding the cruise speed, I'm not sure if the Simbrief export even contains that info (and it really depends on which aircraft you are flying), so I assume this will always require a manual input
  11. Ohh... I didn't even try this, duh....! Thanks Dave!!
  12. I believe this has been asked for a number of times before by others as well... Please. I'm begging...😜 Can we get another phrase for 'Request taxi to the gate'? Something like 'taxi to the stand' or similar, something that P2A won't be able to recognize as 'eight'? No matter how often I train the speech recognition for this phrase, I still get 'Taxi to runway eight ...' from P2A at least one out of three times, it's really frustrating... Thanks! Dirk
  13. For what it's worth, I tried this today for the first time too (also didn't know about this functionality), and it didn't work for me either, P2A gave me a different gate than the one I selected...
  14. Just noticed this in the new beta from today... Freaking awesome Dave, thank you for adding this functionality!!! This will make everything so much easier...
  15. Agree, this would be hands down the single best feature ever been added to P2A... 😍 Dirk
  16. Unfortunately, at least for me, it's not just 'sometimes'. Very often I have to keep relaunching P2A 5-6 times until they start working, so considering the time it takes for P2A to start up, I've mostly given up on them too...
  17. I don't think it was about 18L or 17L... The point is that if you choose a STAR that leads you south of the airport together while doing a southbound approach, you shouldn't be surprised to get vectors
  18. I haven't use this feature so I might be wrong, but I would guess that in order for the random voices to work, you have to not set any direct assignments in the regular section. Might be worth a try...
  19. That's a limitation of the forum software... What you can do is upload your image to something like https://imgbb.com, and then do "Insert image from URL" Dirk
  20. Hehe I actually started doing the same, as hearing some ATC for the AI really adds to the overall experience. Hopefully this will make it into P2A some day Dirk
  21. I've never tried it, but if I actually wanted to fly the published missed approach procedure, would I be able to delay that call and it would still work, or would it be too late? Thanks, Dirk
  22. I'm using SLC for a long time now together with P2A, it's the perfect combination. I'd highly recommend it
  23. Yep, I'm seeing marshals even when using P2A. It's just that MSFS decides where to place them, P2A does not have control over it.
  24. Hi Dave, that actually reminds me of a feature suggestion I always wanted to put out here - would it be possible to add support for loading such different configurations within P2A? I am actually doing this for a while now - since the Amazon Polly voices sometimes don't work for me I have one configuration that uses Amazon voices, and another one that only uses my Cereproc voices. In the case the Amazon voices won't load I terminate P2A and copy over the other configuration. Would be cool if this would be possible within the application. Dirk
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