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  1. After a lot of fruitless research, I was able to seemingly fix this issue in an extremely simple fashion. The old SSD still had the "Windows" folder on it. I didn't know if deleting it could cause issues or not. I renamed it "Windows.old", and X-Plane now seems to be referencing the correct driver information.
  2. Wonderful! Just got back into this aircraft today after hearing they were working on an update. Glad it has finally rolled out!
  3. Been a LONG time since I've been on the forums. I've run into this issue with X-Plane, as well as some other games not installed on my primary Operating System storage device. I should have realized this could be a problem but I suppose I was just too optimistic. Essentially: I have X-Plane installed on a secondary SSD. It's been that way for a while; the sim runs fine, nothing crashes. Now, it's critical to understand that this "secondary SSD" used to be my main storage device (it used to have the OS on it), until I did some hardware upgrades to an M.2 nvme chip, so now that SSD just primarily houses games. However, I've noticed when I try to run Vulkan, the sim tells me I need the NVidia Driver newer than 440. But let me clarify, my graphics driver is up to date (445.87). This seems to be happening because X-Plane (as well as other games that encounter this same issue on that SSD) are recognizing the old graphics driver on the SSD they are currently installed on, instead of referencing the current graphics driver on the main storage device which runs the operating system. So I guess my question is two-fold... since X-Plane is stored on a different drive, how do I get it to recognize the new graphics driver on my main drive. On the old drive, where can I find any irrelevant driver info and delete it? Thank you. I'm hoping I'm just missing something pretty straightforward here. I'm running latest Windows 10 with a 1080ti. All the best, Joe
  4. @rcboffa I think the whole "that issue would happen in the real thing", for the most part (unfortunately) is a go-to phrase to excuse any POSSIBLE errors with their plane. That is very agitating to me and a childish thing for a professional add-on developer to do when so many people throw their money at them.
  5. I saw "what do you miss about..." and I KNEW you would reference the old days... that is an amazing question.
  6. I saw the Forum section, and I think polling is a great idea! Potential questions: - "Which flight simulators do you use?" (list them) - "Which flight simulators did you stop using and why?" (list them) - "Do you think X-Plane 11 has potential?" (Yes/No/Maybe) - "Do you think Dovetail Games Flight Simulator has potential?" (Yes/No/Maybe) Just thinking.
  7. First, I apologize if this has been stated in the AVSIM forums already... if not, I'm glad to report it! As of this past Monday, October 10, 2016, Flight Simulator X turned an official 10 years old! Let this stand as a symbol and legacy for how well anything can age and withstand modern games with a little help from a close-knit community! So... happy birthday, FSX! :Big Grin: :p0502: If anybody has stories (10 years in the making!), feel free to share!
  8. Woohoo! I saw the announcement on their Facebook page (about X-Plane 11). We've been anticipating this since the FlightSimCon2016 show a few months ago. ***I saw on their website that if people buy the Digital copy of XP10 now, they will receive a free XP11 product key. With that said, for any of us who have had XP10 since its early days on DVD, will there also be a discount? It doesn't matter too much to may (I am happy to support Laminar Research), but I can certainly foresee this being a common question to come for other people in the community. Looking forward to XP11! Here we go! :smile: :wink:
  9. X-Plane 11 here we come!!! (it is now official)
  10. Great Toolkit. Just a question: Is the website down right now?
  11. My replying may cause this thread to be locked... but anyway, it seems appropriate to update, short and sweet. I went ahead and purchased FSX:SE. It works fine. GFWL came to life again on my computer some time a few days ago (maybe on Sunday). FSX didn't show up, but MS Flight and all my DLC showed up, so I downloaded that. Thanks for the help, people. It was an interesting process! Joe.
  12. Okay, here's where we're at right now: I ensured the ProgramData files were there and correct (checked). I imported the Registry path via regedit from my old PC to the new one (JUST the "HKEY_CURRENT_USER>Software>Microsoft>Microsoft Games>Flight Simulator>10.0>Launch" path) (checked) Then I used the Flight1 registry fixer. Here's the thing, though. It says it added the location of the fsx.exe to the path "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>SOFTWARE>Microsoft>Microsoft Games>Flight Simulator>10.0>Launch>SetupPath", but this registry path does not exist! The path stops existing once you enter the respective "Microsoft" folder in "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE", where the "Microsoft Games" folder does not appear. Is there a way to redirect the fixer to the other (first mentioned) folder path? (doesn't sound so automatic anymore :wink:!). Otherwise, I'm still getting the good old 8-c0000006 error. Suggestions? Answer? Thanks. - Joe.
  13. +Gypsy Baron With a friend, we were able to connect FSX and FSX:SE via VATSIM network and the vPilot client. It generally worked quite well (with limitations). But that was the only logical way to connect them (that worked). +vortex681 First off, I really want to clarify my praise for Dovetail if fixing many problems with FSX. My avoidance of FSX:SE is not personal towards Dovetail... it has to do more with Steam. Let me reiterate... I don't have a problem with Dovetail's FSX release :smile: . I'd rather not explain the reasons of why I'm avoiding FSX:SE, though. That aside, my question was pretty much answered. I'm going to try the Registry fixer program as recommended and then report back here with the results. Thanks, though.
  14. It looks promising, but how dependable is it? Who referred you to it (sorry if I'm a skeptic, but rather be safe than really sorry!) The notorious Windows Registry is an expansive and important place on a system. Should I trust this program? Thanks.
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