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    Aviation, Aerospace, and Aircraft Design/Engineering.

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    Let's just say, as of now, I'm too young to obtain my pilot's license, but I surely hope to as soon as I can. When I grow up, I aspire to work in the Aeronautics or/and Aerospace fields, using engineering and maybe some chemistry to intertwine these fields with Atmospheric Sciences. I've flown ON many aircraft, but I've not yet FLOWN an aircraft before (unless you count RCs and a head-turning amount of hours on FSX). I can name all Boeing Commercial planes by sight, usually down to the airline and series number (ie: -100, -200, etc). Same applies to Airbus. I am obsessed with all things planes, and space fascinates me.

    Also, being Italian (and part Croatian), food is something I consider the art of everyday people.

    That's me!
  1. @rcboffa I think the whole "that issue would happen in the real thing", for the most part (unfortunately) is a go-to phrase to excuse any POSSIBLE errors with their plane. That is very agitating to me and a childish thing for a professional add-on developer to do when so many people throw their money at them.
  2. Joe Flyer2

    What do you miss about the old days?

    I saw "what do you miss about..." and I KNEW you would reference the old days... that is an amazing question.
  3. Joe Flyer2

    We should do more polls!

    I saw the Forum section, and I think polling is a great idea! Potential questions: - "Which flight simulators do you use?" (list them) - "Which flight simulators did you stop using and why?" (list them) - "Do you think X-Plane 11 has potential?" (Yes/No/Maybe) - "Do you think Dovetail Games Flight Simulator has potential?" (Yes/No/Maybe) Just thinking.
  4. First, I apologize if this has been stated in the AVSIM forums already... if not, I'm glad to report it! As of this past Monday, October 10, 2016, Flight Simulator X turned an official 10 years old! Let this stand as a symbol and legacy for how well anything can age and withstand modern games with a little help from a close-knit community! So... happy birthday, FSX! :Big Grin: :p0502: If anybody has stories (10 years in the making!), feel free to share!
  5. Woohoo! I saw the announcement on their Facebook page (about X-Plane 11). We've been anticipating this since the FlightSimCon2016 show a few months ago. ***I saw on their website that if people buy the Digital copy of XP10 now, they will receive a free XP11 product key. With that said, for any of us who have had XP10 since its early days on DVD, will there also be a discount? It doesn't matter too much to may (I am happy to support Laminar Research), but I can certainly foresee this being a common question to come for other people in the community. Looking forward to XP11! Here we go! :smile: :wink:
  6. Joe Flyer2

    Cosford 2016

    X-Plane 11 here we come!!! (it is now official)
  7. Joe Flyer2

    Anyone know about this New Livery ?

    I just wanted to give closure to anyone who runs into this thread. I suppose mr340's request went through! - Joe N.
  8. Joe Flyer2

    Flight Toolkit Support and Questions

    Great Toolkit. Just a question: Is the website down right now?
  9. Joe Flyer2

    Flight Toolkit 1.1.28

    Is the Flight Toolkit website down? I keep checking and it says "HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable." It has been like this for a number of days, now. I know HTTP Error 503 can be caused by a variety of reasons, but are you down for maintenance? Domain issue? I've tried multiple ways of access, only to be greeted with Error 503 across 2 computers and 3 Internet connections. Anything? Thanks.
  10. Joe Flyer2

    Just some interesting numbers.

    I still play MS Flight every now and then! No crime in that!
  11. Joe Flyer2

    Greg Connell - A Damn Great Pilot

    And here is more from the family:
  12. Joe Flyer2

    Solar Impulse, the Wright Bros of Solar Energy...

    Wow! It will certainly take time, but it is a step forward towards a cleaner future!
  13. Joe Flyer2

    Games for Windows Marketplace, FSX, and Me

    My replying may cause this thread to be locked... but anyway, it seems appropriate to update, short and sweet. I went ahead and purchased FSX:SE. It works fine. GFWL came to life again on my computer some time a few days ago (maybe on Sunday). FSX didn't show up, but MS Flight and all my DLC showed up, so I downloaded that. Thanks for the help, people. It was an interesting process! Joe.
  14. Joe Flyer2

    Greg Connell - A Damn Great Pilot

    +CG_Justin I am sorry to hear that. But yes, they do what they love. I envy that. +HighBypass Yes, I noticed that. At the top of the half loop-type stunt, you can see the aircraft hesitate for just the slightest moment, and then he proceeds downward. It twitches a little, and then suddenly banks to the sharp right, but I think Greg immediately tried correcting it back to the left, which is also evident. But by then, I believe something was terribly wrong, and he could not pull out of it in time. I really hope the NTSB figures out the real cause of the accident. I hope they do not come to a cheap conclusion like "pilot error", because the video disputes that. And Greg, after all of this time, would not just 'error' on a stunt like that. It seems like some control surface failure or something, but I didn't see anything fly off of the plane. The Wolfpitts was gorgeous, and Greg was awesome. It's too bad things came to this. Joe N.