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    Simming, cycling, dreaming about winning the big Lotteries

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    Returned to FSX/Flight Simming in Dec 2014 after years away. Been into computers & FSx since early Apple days, wrote my first computer program in the mid-70s in high school, always thought Alexis Smith was hot (if you get the reference, you are older than I am).
  1. Ah, I misread the original post - AI not original aircraft... Sorry. Personally, I use WOAI for my "big-iron" AI needs... Took a while to download and install all of the packages I was interested in, but the downloads include the aircraft models, relevant liveries and typical AI scheduled fllightplans. Installation couldn't be simpler. Of course, you have to arrive when the AI you're interested in is scheduled to be "there"...
  2. Um, yeah. It's pretty easy. 1a. Go to the Library and do a search - ex., Searching for: 'default 737' in Flight Simulator X - Aircraft Repaints, Textures and Modifications and below. 1b. First Search result returned File Description: 2014 World Cup b737-800 texture Text reads: Repaint of the default Boeing 737-800 2. Download the file 3. Read the ReadMe.txt file normally included. 4. Follow the instructions. 5. Load FSX, select he new livery and go fly. If you run into problems, try thi slink for YouTube videos on how to do Step 4 above. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=fsx+installing+new+liveries
  3. Really detailed review. Only problem I had with it was the repetitive, nearly continuous, carping about not it living up to or conforming with the author's personal design preferences in terms of texture types. What stands out as "good review technique" to me is the reviewer pointing out Aerosoft's inconsistency in the use of texture types on various buildings/structures throughout the scenery - from "flat" here to "nearly photorealistic" there. Additionally, I agree that the lack of airport ground vehicles, baggage carts, personnel, etc. seems a bit odd given the price of the package. Thumbs up for the review overall.😀
  4. I think the first thing I'd do is to try another default aircraft - including testing the Autopilot.
  5. FWIW, a quick Google search with the following search terms returns numerous applicable entries. tweaking fsx "aircraft.cfg" tutorial Ex., here's the "Microsoft page" about it in the SDK: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc526949.aspx Good luck... it's not my cup o' tea, but I'd start there if modifying cfg files was my thing.
  6. I decided the best option for me was to stick with FSX, actually FSX:SE. Specifically addressing your point, though, more freeware is available in all categories for FSX than any other flight sim available today (except FS2004 which wasn't under consideration by me). If you have verifiable numbers supporting a counter argument that XP-11 has more freeware available, please point me to the reference source. I'm willing to be disabused of my position, though I don't think it's likely.
  7. Well, I decided to stay with "what I know/remember" for the near future though the responses advising moving to P3D make a lot of sense. I bought some Orbx stuff that will transfer over if/when I make the move and will stick with freeware a/c and scenery otherwise until I DO make the move. Appreciate all the inputs though.
  8. While I am starting over, like you, my preferences while simming are different than yours - yet that brings clarity on some issues we both have. Here's my take for what it's worth. Your stated preference is big iron - which means you're not going to need much in the way of small field airports. - Ultimate Terrain X - Europe & USA and Orbx FTX PNW bascially have you covered big picture-wise. Your FSGenesis mesh coverage should serve you well in the same manner - but I wouldn't add any more for places I didn't intend to fly. - Your listing of airport scenery you do have (Innsbruck, Denver, San Francisco, Dullas[is that Dulles or Dallas?], KSEA) suggests you might be best served by concentrating on those other BIG airports that you might fly into. - From this point forward, if I were you, I'd only add big airport stuff I flew into until I noticed any "holes" that bothered me. Then I'd think about it - first looking for a "freeware fix" and then, if that almost but not quite "filled the hole but I was still bothered", only then would I look for a payware fix for that very specific issue. I can't be more specific than that as what bothers you might not bother me. Perspective-wise, I am a low-flying, VFR, GA guy with 95% of my flights in the US. So, I went with ActiveSky, REX soft clouds, FSGenesis mesh covering North America, Orbx Global Base, Vector, and lc_North America (~equiv to UTX) to start. I'm filling in "holes" as they arise as on each flight I take (that is, I decide where to fly, download & install specific freeware scenery(ies) for that flight, and then go fly). At the end of each flight, I note what bothered me, that is what "holes" (still) need(ed) filling and wrap up my flight simming session by going after sceneries for those specific "holes" - takes maybe 5 additional minutes at the end of a sim session. I also installed >45 WOAI traffic packages and the Orbx GA traffic pack. (I like lots of traffic, my GA sliders are >80% but I only really worried about ~15 "key/major" WOAI airline collections and only installed them just in case I fly into a BIG or Regional airport so it's not empty.) YMMV on this, but I'd hate to have big airports empty or seemingly empty if I was flying big iron into HUB/international travel airports. Way too much verbiage including too many vagueries...sorry. Hopefully some of it helped.
  9. Welcome back Roy. 😎 My advice, for what little it's worth, is go all the way back to basics - takeoffs, landings, flying simple "circuits". Then, after becoming over-confident enough to screw it up completely a few times, and only then, move on to the more advanced yet necessary stuff - autopilot, ATC and navigation stuff. It's funny how things I used to take for granted as far as FSX/flying went are now difficult to remember at best and difficult to execute at worst. And for some reason, my rudder pedals aren't working properly... ah, the joys of troubleshooting! Just flying around boring holes in the sky doesn't help me bring skills/knowledge back. But a "semi-structured", somewhat deliberate, program of flights seems to be helping (at least a little). Again, welcome back and best of luck to you.
  10. AH2 is just about to come out of beta according to their forums.
  11. Okay, I'm senile and my Google foo is non-existent today (well, as usual actually - that is, I have looked and can't find the answer)... Problem is I don't knnow where the default AI Traffic.bgl is in FSX:SE... I assume it's in a similar place to FSX Boxed, but I'm kinda lost with the FSX:SE file structure. Help? Never mind... I found it...
  12. Dakent...good point. I was familiar with that point, but it's good to be reminded. Anyway, here's what I decided to do. 1. Stick with FSX:SE for now. Already bought and paid for. 2. Stick with my current video card as long as it "works for me", adjusting detail levels until "it no longer works for me". (But troll CL, eBay and elsewhere looking for a deal to upgrade it.) 3. Purchase Orbx/FTX Global Base, Global Vector, lcNorthAmericaUSA and Trees. Apparently, these can later be "transfered" to P3Dv4 if I wind up there. Downloaded, installed and am testing now. Initial impression - very good, not perfect, but very good where I began flying. FWIW, I'm not one of those absolutely enamored of Pacific NW - it's just not me. As I'm a military retiree on a fixed income, that's about as far as I can go for now. Going to start looking for freeware to support flying with Air Hauler v2 (Early Access), general aviation in the SE USA and the occasional Rocky Mountains/Alaska flight. Thanks for the support, suggestions and differing perspectives. I figure I haven't gone too far wrong.
  13. jon b - Really appreciate the perspective. I think I need to just win the lottery and then go spend money without thinking about the total cost..... if only! Lol.
  14. I've got Rex off Steam. Had it before and like it. I've read about Active Sky, seen screenshots, but I decided to go with the familiar. ------ ----------- ----------- I hate to say it, but I'm rethinking my "stick with FSX/FSXSE" decision. I've been watching YouTube videos semi-continuously as I've been re-learning FSX, flight procedures and the environment/add-ons "world". More often than I expected, P3D videos keep popping up in the "recommended" list and I've more than occasionally watched a few. One in particular has made me start re-thinking sticking with FSX/FSXSE. It was showing Orbx products in P3D. Of course, the guy had everything "maxed out", that is, he had ALL the Orbx/FTX stuff for North America (Global Base, Vector, lcNorthamerica/USA(?) and Trees) and was flying in GA aircraft ~4-8000'. I was "gobsmacked", as the Bris say. My FSX never even approached that "fidelity" before I lost my previous setup. So, though the same products are available for FSX, I'm kinda wondering whether I ought to just drop the big bucks on P3D and then scrimp/save for the P3D versions of the OrbX sceneries. Adding up the costs though.. whew. ~$260 for all of that. Not to mention the initial cost of P3D itself. Any thoughts on that?
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