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  1. The sim decides when, based on the date and location.
  2. Without a doubt the best addition to FS9 (and FSX too, come to that) must be Ultimate Terrain Canada and US. UT turns random scenery into something that matches a chart of the area you fly over (rivers, shapes and sizes of lakes, etc) and turns FS9 a into flight simulator that includes vfr navigation, instead of just being a game.
  3. Reduce the wind speed to zero. Then if it doesn't happen then you know it was the crosswind component. I presume this was happening on just this new flight?
  4. I have a facebook account but I was told that I do not have the required permission to view them.
  5. Probably a rather simplistic wish from a freeware developer but I would be delighted if FS9 scenery could be easily integrated for use. Or some degree of that, perhaps FS9 scenery objects..... Well, I did warn you it was simplistic!
  6. You forget that I would also first have to make the large file. I don't have that kind of time to spend. Or the inclination to spend it!
  7. ZXR7R so you fly out of Carp? One of the places I flew into and out of when training from Rockcliffe.
  8. You guys, can you imagine how large a zipped package of even half my sceneries would be? So large that I would not be able to upload it. So forget a base package idea.
  9. As far as I know the "insert" key on the numbers block (or whatever you call it!) has always only given a view of the "cockpit" when it is held down and this cannot be changed. But then I have only been doing this for 15 years so maybe there is a way.........
  10. I never heard of "F1View.exe". There are four viewpoints for almost all aircraft and you cycle between them by pressing "S" on the keyboard. The views, in order, are "cockpit", "virtual cockpit", "tower", and "spot". Some older planes do not have a virtual cockpit.
  11. Thanks for the appreciation!
  12. I find that I am pretty much at an end of the photos of Canadian airfields that I have taken or collected over the years. Plus the download numbers have been decaying, along with my interest in making more scenery. Bored? Whatever. So if someone has a local airfield (not an airport, I never flew to large airports and never made scenery of them) and a camera and can provoke me into action I would be interested. Change that first sentence to "at an end of photos of all airfields I have ever been to including Canada, England, West Indies, Alaska, and Idaho".
  13. Tom Gibson solved my problem. He says he doesn't know a way to fix it so now I just ignore it.
  14. I have installed a new terrain texture around Bethel PABE, "cold grassland" with SBuilder, and it appears as a checkerboard pattern of what looks like two different textures. I had noticed the checkerboard effect in the default fs9 terrain textures before I installed it but didn't think anything of it and I was surprised when "cold grassland" showed up in the same way, as a new texture should just over-write whatever was there before. Any ideas?
  15. My bet is he had a texture problem with his existing scenery that wasn't actively a problem until it collided with UT. Mipped and not mipped or 32 bit versus DXT1 etc etc.
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