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  1. rogwen

    Oryxsim CYLW Problem

    The date thing is odd! But how did you find out that 25 November 2011 works? How come you even tried that date? For the rest it sounds like a texture clash, one 32 bit texture among a herd of DXT1 textures, or something similar. A clash between mipped and unmipped textures can have the same result; I say "can" as it doesn't always result in a problem. Look at the textures in their folder, and is there one that you can "see" in miniature while all the rest are symbols? As to how it has come about, well maybe it is a new plane with an iffy texture? A scenery object can be only just in sight and over 20 miles away and give the same result, and if on previous flights you had visibility set at 10 miles and now it is at 20 then...........
  2. rogwen

    Grand Arctic Scenery V 3

    The website given does not appear to be available
  3. Anyone have a number or other identifying tag for this update?
  4. rogwen

    Haines_PAHN texture problem

    That was easy!
  5. I have a problem with a "clash" between a revised grass background texture to an airfield and an adjacent (new to fs9) town texture. In daylight everything is fine, but at night the lights etc of the town texture spread into the adjacent grass texture. I then changed the "ground_VTTP.bgl" which had both textures in it into two separate bgl's, "ground1_VTTP.bgl" and "ground2_VTTP.bgl" but this gave birth to a different problem in daylight. I tried with them both in the same scenery folder, and also in separate folders with different scenery library priorities, but the result was either a complete grass background with only a partial town, or a complete town and only partial grass. The town spanned across a junction between two LOD's and with a full grass background to the airfield the only part of the town that survived was the part in the adjacent LOD. This is the second time I have had this problem and I didn't manage to come up with a solution the first time either. Ideas?
  6. If you are flying by hand on finals then I would have thought that maintaining track by trimming is not a good idea. Use of the rudder pedals to stay on track means that just before touchdown you can point the nose in line with the runway by applying the opposite pedal; difficult to fiddle around adjusting trim at that point, and applying opposite pedal against the trim......... I admit I have never flown a 737, only single engine props. Never had an aileron trim either, only rudder trim, which was used to fly in a straight line from point A to point B without use of rudder pedals and without tiring a leg.
  7. rogwen

    Windows 10 --Ugggg

    I agree with the "stay with Windows 7 so long as you are running FS9". And also with the "move to Windows 10 when you get a Virtual Reality setup". For me VR is the only thing worth leaving FS9 for. Several hundred added scenery items in FS9; why would I go to FSX (only slightly better than FS9 and lose all that scenery) or P3D or XPlane, both of which have severely limited real airports? I wonder when VR will be good enough to use? Any ideas?
  8. rogwen

    Ai Beaver repaint in Rust's colors

    Thanks Greg. When are you going to provide a mug shot instead of that reverse silhouette?
  9. rogwen

    UK2000 update - Final sceneries

    Having collected the first rounds of Gary's UK payware scenery for FS9 that he issued every November so many years ago my only complaint is that he never lived in Canada.
  10. Anyone just waiting to paint an ai Beaver in the colours of Rust's? There are plenty of pics and videos to show their Beaver colour scheme. Please let me know if this will release all the pent up emotions you have been storing since FS9 started by email to rogwen@rogers dot com.
  11. rogwen

    Textures blinking

    He meant what are your display settings? In FS9, when it is running, click on ALT, then "options", then "settings", then "display" etc etc
  12. rogwen

    Misbehaving ai float base

    I have found the problem, and it was, inevitably, human error. The taxiways MUST be surfaced with concrete, and that includes the runway taxiway, even though the runway taxiway and the runway itself are "called" water. I had carelessly made the runway taxiway as water surfaced. Duh
  13. rogwen

    Misbehaving ai float base

    There is no tower frequency as there is no tower. This is a small operation out in the boondocks and planes announce what they are going to do just like an airfield that doesn't have a tower, and in this respect the base is like almost all the others I have made. I think the only float bases I made with a control tower involved are Lake Hood, Kenai, and Dawson Creek. The flight plans are VFR and the weather was good.
  14. I have come across a problem with a new float base I made. I have made float bases before and they are fairly simple: a 1 foot wide concrete runway (invisible in water at that width) and 1 foot wide concrete paths to parking spots at docks (though float planes don't seem to mind parking at "ramp" parking spots either). I have used for testing an ai plane that has functioned ok in all other instances. I have opened the float base in afcad and run the check for faults, and there are none. I have checked the hold shorts are the right way around and they are. The ai plane lands and taxies to the parking ok. When it comes to the time for takeoff it does not taxi and take off, it just vanishes from the parking spot. I took that as an indication that the next task (to take off) is impossible, as when a plane lands and is on the runway and the next task is to park and there is no parking spot available (either literally, or not one that is the right size) it vanishes. I made the runway longer, even though I knew that the ai plane could take off in the runway length available. Same story. Any ideas?
  15. rogwen

    FS9 no AA in fullscreen

    Ah. I know what anti-aliasing does I but had never come across the abbreviation. I don't have it turned on. I have everything at the maximum setting except water effects and found mip mapping to be far more effective.