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  1. I totally understand. Sorry to hear about the family issues.
  2. Have you guys had a chance to make any progress lately? Just curious. I actually check this forum everyday for reports. 😄
  3. Yep, that is exactly what I was experiencing at KMCO...huge black towers instead of trees surrounding the entire area. I was freaking out until I found the cure. BTW Mitch (to get off topic), a big thanks to you an David Rawlins for your scenery packages. Looking forward to KABQ.
  4. If you are viewing the scenery library in the FS menu, KLAS should appear at the top. I use SCM2004 to manage my scenery and it lists the priorities in reverse. Sorry about that!
  5. I had the same texture problem with KATL and a weird object problem with Taxi2Gate's KMCO as well. Have you installed the Terminal 3 Addon for FSDT's KLAS from William Morgan? After a couple of hours of troubleshooting, deactivating and re-ordering various airports in the scenery library, I discovered that moving KLAS to the bottom of the scenery priority list resolved both issues in my sim. Some of the textures in KLAS Terminal 3 package are named "imagine***.bmp so I am thinking they were interfering with Imaginesim's KATL? I still have no idea how it could have affected KMCO. William's addon for KLAS is absolutely excellent, so I am not knocking it at all. It just needs to be loaded last by FS. Hope this helps.
  6. Incredible work! Thanks to you and everyone involved in producing this excellent scenery.
  7. Looks awesome! Thank you very much for updating these airports.
  8. Thank you very much for this update. I just installed it along with my custom AFCAD and it looks great! 😎
  9. Good luck with finding better pics. Some videos featuring the iFly 744 would be awesome!
  10. Ed, Thank you so much not only for these updates, but for all of your contributions to our hobby. I've been a fan of your videos for a long time. Also still very jealous of your iFly 737 panel setup. 😉
  11. Thanks for the reply. Issue resolved! I discovered that I had made a simple mistake that I am too embarrassed to reveal.
  12. Hello. May I ask how you were able to extract the alphas so that they could be applied to the converted textures? I am very familiar with the FSX/P3D to FS9 conversion process, but cannot successfully extract and apply the alphas (I do not own Photoshop). The 767s aircraft appear in FS9, but are transparent except for the tail and a few details.
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