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  1. SithLord

    FS9 (FS2004) New KPHX Sky Harbor

    Thank you very much for this update. I just installed it along with my custom AFCAD and it looks great! 😎
  2. SithLord

    KLAS New ILS Frequency 26L

    Good luck with finding better pics. Some videos featuring the iFly 744 would be awesome!
  3. SithLord

    KLAS New ILS Frequency 26L

    Ed, Thank you so much not only for these updates, but for all of your contributions to our hobby. I've been a fan of your videos for a long time. Also still very jealous of your iFly 737 panel setup. 😉
  4. SithLord

    FAIB 767 released!

    Thanks for the reply. Issue resolved! I discovered that I had made a simple mistake that I am too embarrassed to reveal.
  5. SithLord

    FAIB 767 released!

    Hello. May I ask how you were able to extract the alphas so that they could be applied to the converted textures? I am very familiar with the FSX/P3D to FS9 conversion process, but cannot successfully extract and apply the alphas (I do not own Photoshop). The 767s aircraft appear in FS9, but are transparent except for the tail and a few details.
  6. SithLord

    FlyTampa Sydney FS9

    Same here!
  7. Haha! I am far from an AFCAD expert...believe me. I just modify and create parking. I am doing the same as Flukey, in addition to adding some GA spots. I am using KMCO's website and Flight Stats to gather gate assignments. I will be happy to share it when finished, although I cannot promise that it will be perfect. I am what you would consider a beginner when it comes to ADE.
  8. Not too much, thank goodness. I had to make some of the gates Heavy with a radius of 45 to accommodate the heavies of Virgin Atlantic, British Airways and Lufthansa. When I have time, I plan to verify all airline gate assignments and make all gate radii comply with AIG standards so that they will match all of my AI. I am a little OCD about that kind of stuff. B)
  9. I bought this yesterday and it is great. Finally uninstalled the SimFlyers version. :Party: The AFCAD needed some tweaking, but other than that, excellent scenery.