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  1. Sorry to bring this thread back up but I am now having issues with LatinVFR John Wayne Airport scenery. Black/shadow boxes have appeared around static GA aircraft and ground vehicles. I have seen this issue on some airports before and I tried to move the KSNA scenery entry to different points in the scenery library but to no avail. Any ideas? I do have a lot of Imaginesim, LatinVFR, Taxi2Gate, FSDT sceneries so I'm assuming it is a texture confliction somewhere. EDIT: This is only happening during daytime. The nighttime textures are fine.
  2. Worked a treat, moved KLAS to the top of the scenery library and everything appears now! Thanks for your help.
  3. That is an excellent point! I do indeed have William's addon for LAS and also Taxi2Gate KMCO. So you suggest moving KLAS to the bottom of scenery library as we view it in the menu? (Close to default scenery entries) Hopefully that works I'll give it a go shortly 😁
  4. This is very strange. I have Imaginesim KATL Atlanta 2016 installed for FS9 but have recently noticed that textures on the middle section of Concourse T, Concourse A and a few others don't load at all yet I'm sure they are in the texture folder? Also noticed that the static vehicles now have a missing shadow underneath so you can see the texture outline over the tarmac. Also missing some jetway logos it appears on certain concourses. Very strange, I can't see any missing textures in the folder though. My textures are in DXT3 format and the occasional one saved as 32bit but everything I can see is there, truly baffled. Anyone able to help? Concourse T Concourse A Static vehicles shadow Jetway (Southwest/Delta) texture
  5. Ok, I'm very new to FsEarthTiles but I have been looking at the various youtube tutorials. I selected an area around KPHX to download but I always get this result once I have added the folder to the scenery library. Any ideas? Tried using different download resolutions, and different area snaps. Using the latest Google Maps entry from the .ini that was posted on here. I will apologise now for what is probably going to be a silly mistake somewhere on my behalf. Please see this link for the screenshot of my issue. https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/fsearthtiles-grey-squares.445588/
  6. I've tested it too and IT WORKS! Fantastic find Jean, thank you oh so much!!!
  7. Thanks for the reply. I am using Windows 10 and it use to work perfectly fine before a fairly recent major update. Both the PC and FS9 have a resolution of 1920x1080. I tried your recommendation of setting it to "Disable Antialiasing at NVIDIA control panel" but unfortunately that didn't do the trick. So I have set it back to AA off in FS9, "Override any application setting" and no behaviour flags. Once again it doesn't work in fullscreen but it still works ok in Windowed mode. Also reinstalled nvidia inspector and gone back to version (appears on the website as and that hasn't made a difference either. I have deleted the profile in the nvidia control panel and remade the FS9 one there too. It simply seems to be confused between the fullscreen mode and windowed mode.
  8. Going to have to bump this I'm afraid, really baffled by this. In fullscreen: AA doesn't work, very jaggy but FPS seems decent In windowed: AA works as set by the nvidia inspector settings. Within FS9 settings AA is set to off and in inspector it is set to 'override any application settings'. The only way for AA to work in fullscreen is to turn on AA in FS9 and set inspector settings to 'enhance any application settings'. Any ideas why it still won't work? Currently using drivers 353.62, GTX750 Ti card. I tried a few different drivers but to no avail yet. Any ideas? For the images as reference, I have posted them in the AIG forum http://www.alpha-india.net/forums/index.php?topic=26801.0
  9. This is a rather strange one for me, never had such an issue before! So since sorting out my previous issue with it freezing on the splash screen, I have now got stuck on trying to make AA work in fullscreen mode. In fullscreen, there is no AA and everything is very blurry/jaggy. BUT, switch to windowed mode and it works perfectly as per my nvidia inspector settings 8xSQ 16x etc. I use nvidia inspector, Driver version GeForce 353.62 WHQL. I have tried more recent driver versions and it still had the same issue. I have removed FS9.exe from the stock 'MS Flight Simulator 2004' profile setting and made a new one called 'FS9' and applied it to FS9.exe. Any ideas what could be blocking it from working in fullscreen?
  10. FIXED IT (kind of) :yeah: So it seems that deleting all the entries in scenery.cfg and leaving the default ones there worked and it has loaded up fine. I'll need to manually add the scenery entries as I go along and see if I can find which one caused an issue. One problem I now have is AA on full screen refuses to work. I have downloaded the latest graphics driver for GTX750ti, the latest nvidia inspector and keep setting AA to override any application setting. In windowed mode the AA and settings are clear and work but if you press ALT+ENTER to full screen mode, the AA disappears and everything is more blurry than Donald Trump's memory! Any ideas?
  11. [Posted this in other forums as I really want to try get some clues towards an answer without having to do a full re-installation] Absolutely gutted and I hope I can find a way to resolve this. I hadn't loaded up FS9 for a month or so due to moving house. Once I moved in I booted the PC up and there were tons of Windows 10 updates which took a while. In the past few days I have been updating my AI collection by adding as many winter 17/18 traffic files from AIG and forum members. I also installed FAIB 767, SBAI CS100/300 and FAIB NEO range. So I decided to startup FS9 and it did the 'generating scenery file indexes' which I expected due to the large new amount of traffic bgls...then it just froze on 100%, didn't start or anything, left it for 5 mins but still stuck there at 100, clicked on it and it was showing as not responding, so I closed it. I tried removing the new traffic bgl files in case one was corrupt and it did the exact same thing. I put them back and tried removing the FS9.cfg so it would rebuild but it didn't rebuild properly, the new FS9.cfg was showing but with 0kb and had froze. The generating scenery indexes never appeared as I assume all the bgl files had been put back and showing. I put back the other FS9.cfg that had been working in (since I last used FS9) and then tried removing all scenery.dat files so it could rebuild in case it was corrupt too. It rebuilt them as I watching on task manager the writing to disk for FS9 was high/busy so I thought it was working...then it stopped (I assumed it had rebuilt them all) but it still remained froze. It didn't show the rebuild scenery index again. Also tried removing scenerystatus.dat and it rebuilt one with a smaller file size but again when I loaded FS9 it was stuck on the splash screen with nothing happening. I am truly baffled, no new sceneries have been installed, just the Windows 10 updates, AI traffic files, a couple of new call signs manually in editvoicepack and the new AI models mentioned above. The latest I am up to after manually cleaning the scenery.cfg and making sure the amount of areas matches the amount of layers entries, is that FS9 still loads the splash screen then just won't load and shows as 'not responding' in task manager. There are no .dlls that shows as been modified since last playing FS9 either. What could it possibly be?!
  12. Yeah mine isn't the glitch in layout, it loads up fine at the airport and has run for over 24hrs no problem at the airport which makes me think it is something global scenery/texture based. I use Ultimate Terrain, FSGlobal 2010 and OSM World Europe.
  13. No problem The only ISD project sceneries I have are LIMC, LIML and LIPZ but I will disable them and see what happens.
  14. I have LIME (Bergamo) and LIRN (Naples) and some of the ISD project sceneries, nothing too near Spain though. I have done more extensive testing and it seems it might be a global scenery/texture issue around Spain. Whenever I observe AI at cruising level near Valencia and spin the camera round, eventually it just crashes.
  15. Update x2: Ok well actually that hasn't solved it. I just tried Gibraltar to Manchester (easyjet A320) and it CTD over central spain in the cruise. It must be some kind of flightplan/texture issue then but surely it can't be a texture unless the aircraft gets within 10nm so it becomes visible? Given that the Ibiza-Madrid was a takeoff time 10:40, the Gibraltar-Manchester was 12:40, it must be a flight heading southbound. All the Iberia and Vueling textures loaded fine when I previewed them on 'select an aircraft' menu. I'll have to see what I can find.
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