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  1. Hi Folks Winjimon - I've now released beta v2 which includes the jobs mentioned above. Added 'Cargo Series Courier' job-type enabling the use of 'Tour' category aircraft, with small high-value payloads, in Flight, (1 off). Added job-type variants based on 'Cargo Series Courier' Hub-Hub jobs, (total 2 off). Whilst testing, it was a refreshing change and fun to fly the Stearman, and RV-8 again, and to do so with a purpose, especially after spending so many flights in the lumbering C-46. Download - From - MS FLIGHT - ADDON - ACTIVITIES - JOBS - Cargo Series Kavinda - No worries. I'd entirely missed Rick's post when I'd replied. HTH ATB Paul
  2. Hi Folks I've now released 'Cargo Series' Beta v2. ______________________________________________________________________________________ Changes since Beta v1 - Build Jobs - 'Cargo Series' comprises a career-progression of aircraft-category weight-size jobs, (4 off). Added 'Cargo Series Courier' job-type enable the use of 'Tour' category aircraft, with small high-value payloads, in Flight, (1 off). Added job-type variants based on 'Cargo Series' and 'Cargo Series Courier' Hub-Hub jobs, (total 10 off). UI - Job Board - Sequence - Ammended job's sequence, to cluster a job-type with its variants, (OrderingSequence). UI - Job Board - Availability - Adjusted all job's availabilities, to more appropriate frequencies, (TemplateWeight). Still needs further tweaking. Payload - CoPilot - All MS default jobs did not take account of your CoPilot's weight. 'Cargo Series' jobs appropriately add your CoPilot's weight to the payload. Landing - Touchdown - G-Force - Appropriately detected on touchdown, (Ouch'es if your descent-rate exceeds 400fpm). May need further work. Landing - Dialogs - Dispatch - Touchdown and dispatch dialogs now always play in correct sequence. Various other minor changes. ______________________________________________________________________________________ Download - From - MS FLIGHT - ADDON - ACTIVITIES - JOBS - Cargo Series HTH ATB Paul
  3. Hi Folks ATM - There's no minimum Flight Toolkit requirement, however, my apologies, I'd forgotten to check the dependencies. I've now uploaded the missing dependency to same location. Thanks to Oscar M for identifying this issue. Missions - Scenery Objects - Cargo Items Required for - ACTIVITIES - JOBS - Cargo Series A supplementary collection of cargo objects adapted for use in missions. Placeholder containing required objects. Will add others later. Download - From - MS-FLIGHT - ADDON - Missions - Scenery Objects - Cargo Items HTH ATB Paul
  4. Hi Folks My apologies winjimon, I'd been trying to complete a package which might be of interest to you. I'd also tried to reply last night, but this damned forum software kept merging both posts. Yes, as Kavinda says, it is possible. Though many aren't suitable, being single-seaters, or insufficient payload capacity. 'Cargo Series' includes a 'Courier' variant, (available in next beta), which allows any 'Tour' category aircraft to perform small payload cargo jobs. HTH ATB Paul
  5. AIRCRAFT - C-46 - BUGFIX - Various data files - Curtiss C-46 Commando Hi Folks I've released an updated version. This bugfix package - - Enables that career progression. - Adds all C-46 appropriate 'Category Flags', (Trainer, Light, Light-Medium). - Enables the C-46 to fly 1300 nautical miles. (Dirty fix). - Works for all C-46 3rd party liveries, (aka repaints). - Works with all Flight's language installations, (language independent). - Includes CheckLists, (English only ATM).These are a work in progress, I'd been using while testing. Download - From - MS FLIGHT - AIRCRAFT - C-46 - BUGFIX - Various data files - Curtiss C-46 Commando Have Fun ATB Paul
  6. Hi Folks Anyone still interested in flying Cargo Jobs ? If so you might like to have a play with...... 'Cargo Series' - Career-progression based 'Jobs', enabling the use of larger aircraft and payloads, in Flight. 'Cargo Series' jobs are based on MGS Flight's default 'Light Cargo' job, (as-released). All modifications and additional code being restricted to the limitations/capabilities of MGS Flight's mission engine/framework, and their existing, as-released, dialog's content. ______________________________________________________________________________________ What this public beta contains - A career-progression of aircraft-category weight-size jobs, (4 off). The next beta will include additional variants of each aircraft-category job. ______________________________________________________________________________________ Why - MGS Flight's default missions & jobs - - Mainly use statically scripted code, (see example below). - Are coded specifically for limited aircraft types. - Are suitable only for limited aircraft weight-sizes, (Very-Light). - Cargoes are limited to 453 kg, (1,000 lbs). - Don't discourage inappropriate behaviours. - Have no career progression, (as released). Example - The majority of scripts only test against static values. e.g. Destination runway is short, (tests against 609m). Takes no account of aircraft-type, payload, weather, etc. MGS Flight's default 'Light Cargo' job - Is actually only suitable for 'Very-Light' category sized aircraft. 'Cargo Series' jobs - - Mainly use dynamically scripted code, (data from aircraft type being flown). - Are suitable for all available aircraft types, (extensible). - Are suitable for any aircraft weight-size, (subject to MTOW). - Cargo weights are appropriate to aircraft weight-size. - Discourage inappropriate behaviours, (penalties). - Offer a career progression. ______________________________________________________________________________________ Credits - - Microsoft Game Studios - For FLIGHT. - Steve Heijster, (StoneLance) - For his 'Flight Tool Kit', unflagging enthusiasm, and diligence. Much appreciated. Many thanks to Steve, without whose tools and assistance this would not have been possible. ______________________________________________________________________________________ Download - From - MS FLIGHT - ADDON - ACTIVITIES - JOBS - Cargo Series Have Fun ! ATB Paul
  7. DTG Just wasted 3 hours completeing survey plus populating text boxes with extensive data. Clicked SUBMIT, only to have esurv wipe all contents irrecoverably Warning: Javascript or cookies are not enabled! You must enable Javascript and Cookies else your response will NOT be saved.
  8. Hi Steve Cheers for the dependency and AddonDescription.xml info. I'd previously noticed the dependency wasn't being reported in FTK Addon Manager. Bells were ringing, telling me it was important, but I couldn't recall why, and had other things to get on with...... I'd forgotten about considering those without the C-46 installed. Anyway - I'll release an updated version, once I've further tested some other fixes. Many thanks ATB Paul
  9. Hi Folks I've uploaded a bugfix for the C-46. Just a replacement internal data file , and not extra content for you to fly. :wink: Description - The C-46, as-released, could only be used to fly a limited range of Job or Mission types. i.e. Those requiring an aircraft class of - - 'Very Light' - All default missions & jobs. - 'Medium' - None available, yet. Allowing no career progression from 'Very-Light' through to 'Medium'. This bugfix package - - Enables that career progression. - Adds all C-46 appropriate 'Category Flags', (adds - Trainer, Light, Light-Medium). - Works for all C-46 3rd party liveries, (aka repaints). - Works with all Flight's language installations, (language independent). N.B. The 'ACTIVITIES - JOBS - Cargo Series' addon will require you install this package. Otherwise, you will be unable to progress beyond 'Very Light' aircraft jobs, to the heavier cargo payloads for larger aircraft class jobs, ('Light', 'Light-Medium', 'Medium'). Technical - Aircraft have Liveries, (repaints). A Livery file describes an Aircraft's capabilities. A Livery file contains CategoryFlags. CategoryFlags define the Aircraft's type/useage classifications. e.g. FixedWing, Light, Medium, Heavy, etc. Jobs & missions contain a SimObjectFlagName field, listing their required CategoryFlags permitting an aircraft to fly that job or mission. Author - Microsoft Game Studios - Modified by Paul Donnelly (BASys) Credit - Stonelance for his FTK. Download from - MS FLIGHT - AIRCRAFT - C-46 - BUGFIX - CategoryFlags - Curtiss C-46 Commando HTH ATB Paul
  10. Hi Folks I've uploaded a minor revision. 20160716 - - Revised Version (v - Tidied up various 'Tips'. - Separated various similar topic 'Tips'. Download from - MS FLIGHT - CORE - UI - Upgrade - MissionLoadScene - Tips - 20160716 Andreas - Thankyou & yes please, though it may be a while. HTH ATB Paul
  11. basys

    Flight School Unlocked

    Hi Folks ROTFL I read the initial sentences, and thought, how apposite. The last one threw me somewhat. Brain, ticking over, he's obviously either forward thinking or a time-traveller. Whichever, he's taking an extremely long view. Except, I'd read that 'laughable pile of garbage' with my eyesight, as being Windows 10. Which in that context, still applies. :smile: ATB Paul
  12. Admins - If you delete posts at least have the courtesy to post saying that you'd done so.
  13. basys

    New preview shots

    Hi Folks AIUI - Whilst Flight-School's lessons utilise pre-recorded audio dialogs, as heard in DTG's own 'Approach & Landing Lesson' video, ATC's audio utilises a "Text-To-Speech" engine. Mission dialogs can also utilise TTS. From what I've heard so far in 8 off, 3rd party reviewer's videos, all 'voices' appear to be, those available for Microsoft's OS's built-in TTS, SAPI-5 engine. Whether the final-release product utilises a 3rd party TTS engine, or, Microsoft's OS's built-in TTS, hopefully it might include additional 'voices'. Side note - The audio heard in both video sources - - DTG's - Lagging by up to 4 seconds. - 3rd party's - Disjointed / slow output. being symptomatic of cfg's slider settings being set too high, for their PC's currently available resources. HTH ATB Paul
  14. Hi Martin Please see your PMs. HTH ATB Paul
  15. Hi Folks Glad that you all can now more appreciate your own career progressions, to date. My own, overly lofty level-73 rating, being solely due to beta-testing the, as yet to be released, "Cargo Series" jobs board missions. HTH ATB Paul