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  1. Hey Byork, same problem here. The ´RUN ELEC POWER UP GPU PRE CON‘ was off in my configuration settings as well. Turning it on solved the problem. Thanx for the help, MDFlier. Chris
  2. No, I don‘t use the time adjustment. I start with the standard setting of 25 minutes. Yes, he is back from the walk around at ca. 18 minutes. Than he starts with pre-flight items and afterwards with electrical power up procedure. When I run the PRE FLIGHT EVENTS nothing happens until he is back from the walk around. Greetings, Chris
  3. Hi Byork, since I have updated to version 1.2 my copilot seems to be a bit bewildered. On the configuration page a I have set FO POWER UP PROCEDURE: YES. And here is my problem. He does the procedure but only after he has finished the walk around. That leaves me a while particularly during the night time in a cold and foremost dark cockpit. In the previous version, the one for the NGX he did the electrical stuff and then left the cockpit for the walk around. Is this new behavior intended? Thanx in advance Christian Schulz
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