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  1. miami747

    Cannot login to PMDG account

    All my PMDG airplanes are not working due to "fail to activate" I put in the activation key I have from my order confirmations and then nothing, says invalid code and gives me an airplane on load up that does not work. I installed there airplanes years ago. Will try a reinstall now and see how it works. Is PMDG crashed?
  2. miami747

    Just Flight 747 Classic

    Some updated preview shots with a little bit more information. Still hope they will have some ability to add in an FMC like the airlines did in the real world in the late 1990s early 2000s. Having a single NAV display and TCAS VSI would really make this plane special. Even if its at an added price.
  3. miami747

    Just Flight 747 Classic

    It does say some type of FSX flight plan integration. So maybe some type of simple way of putting the flightplan into the INS and then having the INS basically fly the flightplan uploaded into FSX. Or just a NAV/GPS type thing like what was on the RFP 742. While flying the original thing is nice by the late 1990s and early 2000s, which is when many of us fondly remember the 742 classics running for KLM, Northwest, BA etc.. they had updated V/S indicators and many with FMCs. Some type of fairly simple FMC for flight planning and fuel would be nice.
  4. miami747

    Just Flight 747 Classic

    It would be nice if they allow some options or come out with an expansion that allows a modernized cockpit. As great as an INS is, it would be nice to have for example a FMC integration like most operators started doing in the 2000s along with an updated VSI with TCAS.
  5. Certainly does. Was wondering what N3 was, never seen it before.
  6. I might have missed it in the books, and I did a search I could not find anything. What are the major difference, if any between the different engines on the 744. Any gauge differences? Start up issue? Performance?
  7. I think used to sell the RFP after it was no longer selling on the original site. They do have their own, pretty underwhelming 742 though so maybe even if they did have any info they would not give it. By far my favorite FS9 plane. If only someone made a decent 747 classic. These days a 744 is a classic...
  8. miami747

    Whether to buy the 777?

    I have a 4 year old system i7-930 and the 777 works great for me. I have done 15hr+ long haul in real time from one big airport to another multiple times with no issues. I was very surprised. With the 744X and NGX I have had some crashes here and there. Not many, but a few. The 777 I have yet to get one. It is my favorite airplane to fly. If you upgrade your system is it a must by, as simple as that.
  9. miami747

    Can you save a plane in distress ?

    Perfect airplane in good weather? Yes. Many of us could be put into a level-D sim right now and would have a landing where everyone would survive, even handling the plane by hand. Serious issues with the airplane? Engine failure etc..? Hope I am not the only one that can help because then we got even bigger problems.
  10. miami747

    Reverse Thrust Deployment

    Happens every flight but I figured the 777 waits till the nose touches to give reverse.
  11. miami747

    Invalid wx file format?

    I had no issues before either. All I had to do was request wind data, all of a sudde now after three weeks of no issues the FMC says "invalid request"
  12. miami747

    Where Is Your 777 Now?

    Well sadly back in MIA, her home base. I have an easier semester with my last year of grad school so I may take her out on some weekend flights. Starting December 16th with the 777 I flew these flights with zero issues on my 3 year old system all in real time: MIA-LAX 5hr LAX-AKL- 12:30hr AKL-HKG 10hr HKG-IAD 14:30hr SEA-SIN 16:14hr HKG-HNL 8:30hr HNL-HKG 10hr HKG-LOS 14hr LOS-LNU 3hr LNU-CPT 2:40hr CPT-JNB: 1hr JNB-MRU: 3:30hr MRU-JNB: 3:30hr JNB-MIA: 15hr What a plane. I said this for the NGX and I will now say it for the 777 after all those flights. Best addon every produced for Flight Simulator. Excited to get the 300ER and of course the 747 remake. If only PMDG could make every airliner ever made!
  13. miami747

    Where Is Your 777 Now?

    In the past 10 days I have flow all in real time: MIA-LAX-AKL-HKG-IAD SEA-SIN. SEA-SIN was 16hr and 14mins with the headwinds. Didnt even need to fill her up even with a full load! Pretty awesome flying 16hrs, no issues what so ever so far. I have planned for the next two weeks: SIN-HKG-HNL-HKG-BCN-LHR-JNB-FIMP-JNB-MIA If I finish these flights without any computer issues I am going to have to write a letter to PMDG. So I'm short my 777 is sitting in SIN getting ready to go to HKG in the next two days for the shortest 777 flight I would have done so far.
  14. miami747

    500 hours later with the PMDG 777...

    Nice review. I have not flown it that much yet. Only have had it for 12 days but my flights with it so far have been nothing be great. I have a 3 year old PC, middle of the line system and my flights have not had a crash yet nor bad performance. I have done, 5, 12, 10 and 15 hour non-stop real time flights. I love the save the flight automatically saves the cockpit feature. I have the plane pause on TOD and I always save the flight before decent incase of a crash. I also randomly save it a few times in the flight. Worst case it crashes and I either just fly another day or load it back up and speed up time. No biggie. I am expecting some issues at some point but so far my FPS have been better in the 777 than the NGX.
  15. miami747

    Where Is Your 777 Now?

    Still have not picked her up from Seattle yet :lol: Will go up there and take her home to MIA once I am done with these papers for school.