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  1. rufowler

    bush plane recommendation

    Wow, so many choice. Thanks again for all the comments & suggestion. Unfortunately my brain is hurtng a little bit, but in a good way. Yes, I'm definitely getting that sense! No flaps! Woah. =o Is that typical of aerobatic planes? Total 100% newbie in that department. So with all the praise about the Scout, I just checked out the site and it appears to be under $15!!! That's some serious value for what seems to be a very well-loved option here. I might even justify getting a second aircraft. If I do, I gotta say, the An-2 by SibWings is lookin' pretty nice. Hmmm....
  2. rufowler

    bush plane recommendation

    Wow, it seems like the Scout really wins your votes here. I was thinking about the Scout a little while ago -- especially since it comes with the Citabria and the Decathlon as well. Looks like it's a (relatively) old one from RealAir, waaay back in 2007. Assuming most of you Scout owners have their suite of planes, do you like the Scout the best of the three? Cool. Yes, the C185 would def be on my list. Somehow I have never heard of the company Flight Replicas. Looks intriguing. Would def consider a classic Super Cub! Yeah, it's gotten a couple of good reviews too. Don't love the glass cockpit though. Kinda ruins it for me. Could be me but the Aerosoft Beaver looked a but dated from the screenshots and the youtube videos I've seen. Maybe I'm wrong though. I do love the plane itself though. You feel like holds up for being 6-7 years old? The Bush Hawk, however, does look pretty sweet!
  3. rufowler

    bush plane recommendation

    Oh jeez, somehow I missed the C185 in Carenado's catalog. That does look promising, and pretty much fits small-ish plane preference I seem to have. I've never heard of SibWings; it seems that they don't sell their planes on the usual online sim stores. How is the An-2 on your frames? The graphics looks really nice, but I have a less-than-optimal system so always have to be careful about that sorta thing. The Cub might be a little more old / low-fi than I was thinking, but A2A is indeed a great company. And I'll check out the RealAir plane too. Thanks for the input!
  4. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good bush plane for FSX -- preferably a agile little STOL single engine prop? I do a lot of my flying in Orbx regions in North America (which is pretty darn ideal for bush flying!), I primarily fly VFR in small GA aircraft, and I don't have all that many payware planes. But I'd like to put another one in my hangar. I did some poking around and was a little surprised not to see some of the "classics" like the DHC Beaver, the Maule M7, and the Piper Super Cub out there ... or at least not versions that had been done in recent years or by the bigger, reputable companies whose other planes I really like (Carenado, Aerosoft, Alabeo, A2A). And I just can't stand the default FSX versions of the Maule or Beaver. Perhaps I'm missing some though. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  5. rufowler

    adding a heading bug to panel

    Well after spending the weekend fiddling around with SDK and trying to learn the coding, I figured out what needed to be tweaked & added to the original Carenado Piper PA28 I was installing a heading bug to. For anyone interested, here's the XML file with my additions. I had to create the actual (translucent) heading bug file called "Directional_Gyro_Bug.bmp", but that was easy enough to create. Anyhow I now have a nice looking and functional heading bug that integrates with the autopilot too. Cheers. <Gauge Name="Heading Indicator" Version="1.0"> <Image Name="Directional_Gyro_Background.bmp"/> <Element> <Position X="153" Y="153"/> <Image Name="Directional_Gyro_Card.bmp"> <Axis X="153" Y="153"/> </Image> <Rotate> <Value>(A:Plane heading degrees gyro,radians) /-/</Value> <Failures> <SYSTEM_ELECTRICAL_PANELS Action="Freeze"/> <GAUGE_GYRO_HEADING Action="Freeze"/> </Failures> </Rotate> </Element> <Element> <Position X="153" Y="153"/> <Image Name="Directional_Gyro_Bug.bmp"> <Axis X="153" Y="153"/> </Image> <Rotate> <Value>(A:Autopilot heading lock dir,radians) (A:Plane heading degrees gyro,radians) -</Value> </Rotate> </Element> <Element> <Position X="153" Y="153"/> <Image Name="Directional_Gyro_Mask.bmp"> <Axis X="153" Y="153"/> </Image> </Element> <Mouse> <Area Left="0" Top="0" Width="310" Height="310"> <Tooltip ID="TOOLTIPTEXT_HEADING_INDICATOR_HEADING"/> <Help ID="HELPID_GAUGE_HEADING_INDICATOR"/> <Cursor Type="Hand"/> <Click>785 (> K:PANEL_ID_TOGGLE)</Click> <Area Left="0" Top="250" Width="155" Height="60"> <Area Left="0" Top="0" Width="50" Height="60"> <Cursor Type="DownArrow"/> <Click Event="GYRO_DRIFT_DEC" Repeat="Yes"/> </Area> <Area Left="50" Top="0" Width="50" Height="60"> <Cursor Type="UpArrow"/> <Click Event="GYRO_DRIFT_INC" Repeat="Yes"/> </Area> </Area> <Area Left="155" Top="250" Width="155" Height="60"> <Tooltip ID="TOOLTIPTEXT_AUTOPILOT_HEADING_INDICATOR"/> <Area Left="50" Top="0" Width="50" Height="60"> <Cursor Type="DownArrow"/> <Click Event="HEADING_BUG_DEC" Repeat="Yes"/> </Area> <Area Left="100" Top="0" Width="50" Height="60"> <Cursor Type="UpArrow"/> <Click Event="HEADING_BUG_INC" Repeat="Yes"/> </Area> </Area> </Area> </Mouse> </Gauge>
  6. rufowler

    FSX Fiber Accelerator v1.2

    Isn't it about time for a v1.3? Anyone know if the product is still being updated? It caused such a stir and it seemed like there were lot of folks buying it in July, but I was holding out a bit longer for some more kinks to get iron out. Might just go ahead and buy it anyway tho....
  7. rufowler

    adding a heading bug to panel

    Thanks guys. Yes, I do have FSUIPC and am less worried about a totally realistic gauge with two separate knobs for calibrating and adjusting the bug. I mostly fly VFR in small aircraft and more than anything wanted to have something on the panel for me to see visually in my VC. I'm ok for the moment with foregoing a working visible/working second knob that operates the bug as long as I can assign a hotkey to it. This might be a little over my head, but I'll give it a go. Anyhow, I found a couple of heading indicator gauges with bug which would work fine, but their size is a bit off, and while they use CAB files like just as the one on my aircraft do, they seem to be "built" rather differently. Here's the XML file for the plane I'm working on now. <Gauge Name="Heading Indicator" Version="1.0"> <Image Name="Directional_Gyro_Background.bmp"/> <Element> <Position X="0" Y="0"/> <MaskImage Name="Directional_Gyro_Mask.bmp"> <Axis X="153" Y="153"/> </MaskImage> <Image Name="Directional_Gyro_Card.bmp"> <Axis X="153" Y="153"/> </Image> <Rotate> <Value>(A:Plane heading degrees gyro,radians) /-/</Value> <Failures> <SYSTEM_ELECTRICAL_PANELS Action="Freeze"/> <GAUGE_GYRO_HEADING Action="Freeze"/> </Failures> </Rotate> </Element> <Mouse> <Help ID="HELPID_GAUGE_HEADING_INDICATOR"/> <Tooltip ID="TOOLTIPTEXT_HEADING_INDICATOR_HEADING"/> <Area Left="0" Top="0" Width="375" Height="375"> <Cursor Type="Hand"/> <Click>785 (> K:PANEL_ID_TOGGLE)</Click> </Area> <Area Left="9" Top="244" Width="36" Height="65"> <Cursor Type="DownArrow"/> <Click Event="GYRO_DRIFT_DEC" Repeat="Yes"/> </Area> <Area Left="46" Top="244" Width="37" Height="65"> <Cursor Type="UpArrow"/> <Click Event="GYRO_DRIFT_INC" Repeat="Yes"/> </Area> </Mouse> </Gauge> Straightforward & simple enough. So from what I can tell, to get a working bug on there I would need to: 1) insert an image (which I actually already made from copying and changing the existing Directional_Gyro_Card.bmp file to just show a small bug icon) to the CAB file, 2) add code in the XML that would tell the gauge to overlay the new bmp "Element" and to rotate it when need be, 3) and add some lines in here that connect the gauge to the aircraft's autopilot system. Again, this is all very new to me so I'm not really sure how to code this. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Is it possible to add a heading bug to an aircraft if it doesn't already have one? Specifically, I'd like to add one to a few older model general aviation aircraft by Carenado and Alabeo in my hanger that didn't come with one. I just want one for a visual reference to overlay on top of my panel's heading indicator, and don't really care how/whether it works with the autopilot. If this is possible, can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks! (Sorry if this has been asked before, but I couldn't find anything about this.)
  9. I just decided to upgrade one of my old, crappy monitors so that I would have two very similar displays, nearly the same in size & quality, and could a nice wide virtual cockpit in FSX. My primary monitor that I've had for about three years is a Hannspree 259H: 25" LCD, 16:9 widescreen, 1920 x 1080p @ 60 hz, 5000:1 contrast. (More specs here if you're interested.) Nothing incredible, but it's been a perfectly fine gaming display, and I've have no complaints whatsoever. The new second monitor I just got on sale is an Asus VN247H: 24" LCD w/ LED backlighting, 16:9 widescreen, 1920 x 1080p @ 60 hz, and 8mil:1 contrast. If anything is should be better than the first one. (More specs here.) Fyi, they both are connected to my ADM Radeon R7 card with an identical HDMI-to-DVI cable. I don't think there's anything technically "wrong" with the newer (and theoretically better) Asus. It looked fine in the store, and on top of my desk, if there was nothing else to compare it to, I'd say it was ok I guess. But there's something, I dunno, funny about it. :-/ Out of the box, it's definitely a lot cooler in tint with more blue overall than the Hanspree it was meant to compliment nicely. Despite playing with the settings on the monitor itself to warm it up, it has doesn't look as rich or as lush as the other one, and it's just a little harder on the eyes trying to read text. That being said, I honestly don't think it's defective; it can display saturated reds, yellows, greens, & blues, I've swapped the cables and the GPU ports it's plugged into, and I've done some other idiot checks. I guess what bothers me is that I can't seem to get the two displays looking similar enough when they are right sitting right next to each other. And now when running FSX trying to get one nice extended cockpit view, it's driving me absolute crazy! After fiddling around AMD's Catalyst Control Center for literally hours trying to get these two looking great (well, really trying to get the new Asus to look like the older Hannspree), I'm at my wit's end. :( Is there nothing I can do about this? Is it just impossible to get two different machines like these to look really similar? ... and I'm not talking super identical -- I just mean similar enough so that I don't notice. Help!
  10. rufowler

    Does Power % = Throttle %?

    Thanks, DaviiB! That was the same reference document I was using too. Well it's good to know I'm not completely reading this wrong. I suppose it does kind of make sense, even though intuitively it seemed like such a small difference in speed ought not account for such a big difference in range. Cheers.
  11. rufowler

    FSX Fiber Accelerator v1.2

    So is this one of the things going on in FA now, or are you saying this is something you guys are working on? Just curious.
  12. rufowler

    Does Power % = Throttle %?

    Thanks so much for this explanation! I think I got it. I did know about the KTAS, though not quite sure how to convert it other than to apply the rule of thumb by adding 2% of the KIAS for every 1000 ft of altitude. Is that an ok way to figure it out? Also, just looking at the original POH for the PA28-181 and it seems that the difference bet economy and performance is really small -- as you predicted it's literally only 3 knots. The max range, however, jumps pretty dramatically from ~500 to ~600 nm at the same altitude, temp, etc. That somehow doesn't seem possible, but I suppose this correct, or at least feasible?
  13. rufowler

    Does Power % = Throttle %?

    So it seems like if anything, the "power %" is more a function of propeller speed -- and how it is set in various altitudes and temperatures -- rather than of the % of throttle displayed in FSX, no? Basically that throttle % doesn't really factor into the actual "power %." Is that right? (If so, I guess there's a bit of calculation to do anytime I want to hit a certain power %.) Related to that (I think): Is "performance cruise" basically the quickest route to get to a destination while "economy cruise" allows for the least fuel consumption?
  14. rufowler

    Just Bought Fsx Fiber..and Man, Does It Work!

    Two questions about these: Can you guys confirm that with FA v1.2 it is able to successfully puck your detail level back up once you leave a complex area and that blurries will go away once you don't need FA to do whatever bit of witchcraft it's doing? This was an issue in v1.1 and unfortunately I wasn't able to see this work in my 5 tries at the demo. Also.... Correct me if I'm wrong, but while this is possible to do manually, it is a serious pain in the butt to do while you're flying in & out of complex/sparse scenery, and it kills the immersion -- at least for me. If its is able to do what it advertises to do, then I think a lot of what you're paying for is the ability not more or less not have to think about switching your setting while you're flying. No?
  15. [Warning: newbie question!] ;-) In the specs & reference materials that come with an aircraft (which I supposed is are light versions of the official pilot's operating handbooks), many of the V-speeds, range approximations, and fuel consumption info will often be listed in association with a "Power Percentage." i.e.: The design cruise speed for my Piper PA28 is 125 knots @ 75%, 116 @ 65%, and 102 @ 55%. Does that % correspond to the % of throttle in FSX? (If you hover the mouse over the throttle in the cockpit, it will display how high it is.) I assumed it was the same thing, but then I noticed that most of my aircraft perform a lot slower when the throttle is set to those #'s, even at just above sea level with a very light payload. Perhaps I'm just confused though.