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  1. It's so said that Opus and ChasePlane guys can't get together and form a super app!
  2. So is this not an issue for anyone with TrackIR?
  3. Thanks bro! I too miss paypal. I like the idea of as few online stores having access to my cards as possible. However, I decided to get 1 card just for online purchases - I just have to call my credit card company to deny the charge - which is what I will be doing in this case, if Chaseplane can't limit my view into inside the cockpit.
  4. So what is the correct way to uninstall Chaseplane? It's Very interesting this isn't in the manual.
  5. New immigrant from Opusfsi here. Question: How do I setup TrackIR limits for On-Board Captain Presets for the PMDG 777-200LR so that my eyepoint doesn't drift outside the confines of the cockpit?
  6. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you also to the FLAI team! Thank you also to all the free/donate ware guys out there!
  7. Note: You also need to install simconnect on both PCs (like you did with FSX) From the video attached, only the simconnect piece from is what you need (...unless you have whatever Vpilot is ) I installed all 4 versions (2 are duplicated)
  8. Pulling back on the elevator does allow Trim Up. I have a old MS FFB 2 joystick and it droops when at rest, it doesn't center. So this was also part of my problem. I guess I need a new joystick
  9. This is the best solution I think too . My FFB stick is old and droops on release so turning off (disabling) "Control Input with AP on" is perfect.
  10. Trim Down works fine, it's just Trim Up that doesn't work - sounds exactly like a bug to me... (Morpheus voice) 😎 I unplugged the hub and reinserted it, fired up P3DV4 and it worked. Then I moved the engine reverse and the Trim Up only stopped working again. Surely there has to be another solution - My Joystick IDs will change for all the other games, remapping X-Plane 11, DCS & IL-2 BoX will be a nightmare. Dare I mention I have to buy new hardware because I don't have a USB 2.0 hub. Can I get one of the developers to chime in here please? Thanks
  11. I just wish we wouldn't get all testy when someone didn't answer a question the way we wanted - sound like someone not in a relationship LOL. However the only option at this point is to wait for the update.
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