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  1. That's exactly what I was trying to say LOL 🙂
  2. Pulling back on the elevator does allow Trim Up. I have a old MS FFB 2 joystick and it droops when at rest, it doesn't center. So this was also part of my problem. I guess I need a new joystick
  3. X_Man

    747 v3 autopilot issue

    This is the best solution I think too . My FFB stick is old and droops on release so turning off (disabling) "Control Input with AP on" is perfect.
  4. Trim Down works fine, it's just Trim Up that doesn't work - sounds exactly like a bug to me... (Morpheus voice) 😎 I unplugged the hub and reinserted it, fired up P3DV4 and it worked. Then I moved the engine reverse and the Trim Up only stopped working again. Surely there has to be another solution - My Joystick IDs will change for all the other games, remapping X-Plane 11, DCS & IL-2 BoX will be a nightmare. Dare I mention I have to buy new hardware because I don't have a USB 2.0 hub. Can I get one of the developers to chime in here please? Thanks
  5. X_Man

    Rainmaker and -400

    I just wish we wouldn't get all testy when someone didn't answer a question the way we wanted - sound like someone not in a relationship LOL. However the only option at this point is to wait for the update.
  6. Rgr that! Kev with regards to the rain droplets, it's more lack thereof. There are no rain droplets on the windshield in the VC.
  7. I like this product, too bad water droplets not working on glass in VC. Anyway more pressing issue are black discs outer ring in engines 3 & 4 where water vapor should be. 1 & 2 look OK to me.
  8. X_Man

    KSEA ILS Approach Problems

    Ooh Rah! The flag has been replaced by a paddle (...in Parris Island anyway)
  9. X_Man

    Effects not showing on Ai aircraft?

    +1 Has this been fixed? As I fly only in cockpit, this product will be only useful to me if I can see the effects on AI. I am migrating to P3D v2.5 with UT2
  10. X_Man

    PMDG 747 V2 Price

    How about a discount for those that bought the 747-8i.
  11. X_Man

    EZCA ezdok camera set PMDG B777-300ER

    Thank you! You wouldn't happen to have one for the 77L? Its really nice of you to share this. It will be a great factor to assist my move from OpusFSX to ASN since PFPX willnot support OpusFSX and I am not getting a subscription to their weather server ever.
  12. X_Man

    777-300ER Air Force One

    Mat2218 - do you mind making one for the 777-200LR? Please?
  13. X_Man

    777-300ER Air Force One

    Best response ever! :Applause:
  14. Cough cough - Flight Operations Engineers with MS degrees in some cases :mad: not mechanics. Most of which make more than pilots.