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  1. As obsessed as we currently all are with finding the 'BUY' button, I almost missed the 'subtleties' in the screenshot. Gotta love your humor Robert.
  2. That is really, really warm welcomed news to me!I enjoyed the NGX so much for a long time. Then you guys got a weather radar in the triple, and I couldn't for the life of me figure out how the heck I managed without WXR-radar. Haven't flown the NGX since I got vectored to finals on a busy VATSIM Heathrow evening and flew right into a thunderstorm and it's accompanied heavy turbulence
  3. I haven't jumped ship to P3D yet, but was kind of waiting for PMDG aircraft and more certainty/clarity on x64 support on P3D as OOM's are driving me mad in FSX. I was under the impression that P3D was really the only real way forward in flightsim. I get that P3D isn't meant for purely entertainment flightsimming, but I fail to understand how FSX:SE is a future path for this. or will this FSX:SE receive continual updates and development for the future, as per P3D?
  4. I've checked. I get this error myself too. Didn't happen before. You can just ignore it. Strange thing is. When I save the profile after the aft overhead 22 camera-prompt, and reload it again prompts me that aft overhead 22 camera is not found. I'm not that much of an expert on ezdok to know how to resolve this, other than simple ignorance.
  5. Here you go: 772LF link, 77W link Only thing different between the sets is the position of the outside views, as they're adjusted to the different length of the 77L/F compared to 77W. I also updated the 77W file for anyone who's interested. Only small cockpit camera tweaks. Keep in mind that, due to I don't know which exact bug in FSX, the cockpit views might not exactly be right on spot. You'll have to keep arrange your exact views to line em up perfectly with your instruments during your sim-time and you'll see them shift during flight. Enjoy.
  6. That's written in the manual . I would've looked it up for you myself, but I'm not behind my computer this weekend.
  7. There is no template currently in PFPX. But you can add a 777-300ER profile though. Choose the first option in the PFPX menu when adding an aircraft, instead of the second which reads 'Aircraft from template'.That will bring up a screen in which you can choose an aircraft type from a quite long drop-down list. There's lots of aircraft in PFPX, not all of them have a template.
  8. Download from my dropbox here. Just thought I'd share for anyone not as accustomed with EZCA tool to design your own camera set. Don't forget to run the EZCA config.exe after you've installed any new aircraft. The cockpit views are bound to keypresses 1 to 0, which have a sequence I myself find very intuitive while going through flows and checklists and such. Also shift+2 and shift+4 you might find convenient. Outboard views are bound to keypresses ctrl+1 to ctrl+0. I claim no rights to this file, use and modify to your liking. Enjoy!
  9. I guess you missed the post from Rob yesterday, which contains a link to a 21-page document. AVSIM-forum kind of busy right now, so I couldn't link you to it, but you should be able to find it easily. Yeah, i had the same dilemma. I just deleted all liveries except for the stock PMDG's.
  10. Definitely FOC Flight Operations Center. No support at all, no proper documentation. Aerosoft should be sued for still offering this online for a premium price while the program cannot even be run properly because the servers needed therefor are not operational any more. First and only ever purchase that I didn't read into beforehand.
  11. Tip van de dag: Als je net wakker bent en je je telefoon aan zet, ga dan niet toch nog even een derde keer je pincode proberen. En al helemaal niet als je het wachtwoord voor my tmobile ook niet meer weet, en de tmobile klantenservice maandag pas weer open is...

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