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  1. 04wheelerd

    Holding Spacebar Disengages Autopilot?

    Yeah I am aware of the whole "Mouse as Yoke" thing but I don't go anywhere near that option?
  2. I normally hold the spacebar and move around the mouse to look around the aircraft but for some strange reason when I do this whilst in mid-air, it disconnects the autopilot? I have checked my FSX controls and checked they are normal. Anyone have any ideas? This is an intermittent issue and has only started happening since I got the PMDG 777.
  3. 04wheelerd

    What routes do airlines use their 777-200LR and/or 300ER

    Thanks for all your great replys!
  4. I often only fly real world routes with each individual airline but often find it hard to find out which routes the airlines use their 777 on. Does anyone know where this information can be found?
  5. 04wheelerd

    what your first 777-300ER flight?

    KPAE - NZAA - First Delivery Flight (New AZ livery)