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  1. Hi, Dan Downs and i were one of the first struggling with the MSVCR120 error and after a lot of testing and posting in the P3D forums a long long time ago i can say that the GSX was not the program which was responsible for that error , maybe for the ntdll but not for the MSVCR120 . I have done a lot of testflights from KIAH to LOWW , with different programs , and only the 777 and P3D to rule everything out but it still crashed after hours after clicking during preflight or in flight itself , I changed hardware , use a 40 inch 4K tv and work around this error by not using the PFD , no problems anymore but still following threads about this error
  2. Hi Dan , there was a runway light fix a while ago http://www.pprod.ch/T2G/Mods/P3Dv25_Mod_KMCO_RnwLights.zip You can use this also in v3. Best regards Gerard
  3. PH-CKC with the new mcp okt 9 2016 PH-CKA with new mcp nov 11 2013 PH-CKB with old mcp nov 13 2016
  4. not having any vas problems but my vas is 235 higher then the 777 with the same settings , 777 about 2635 , 747 2870 , same flight . VAS is rock steady .
  5. Did you noticed the text on the orange passenger bridge " Here i come "
  6. In anticipation for the 747 relaese I like to ask the betatesters which version they are running and if it makes a difference in VAS Thanks for your help!
  7. Hi, i am running a 40 inch 4K Samsung television in game mode , at 30 Hz for a year now with absolutely no problems , no lag at all, no stuttering , absolutely fluid . But thanks for sharing , maybe there are people who are having these problems and who benefit with this . Settings were made as in this link : https://hardforum.com/threads/2015-samsung-4k-tv-as-a-monitor-set-up-guide.1869675/
  8. ok all, thanks for sharing your thoughts about this, maybe it s better to wait a year or so with upgrading Thanks again
  9. @ Jim..Hi Jimi wasn t speaking of sli1080 but sli980ti or 1 single gtx1080 since i allready got 1 gtx980ti bit i really runnibg p3d at 4.7 hyperthreading of no AM scenery settings maxed exvept the shadows and dynamic reflections AS2016 clouds at 1024 , with no stutters .The resolution of my Samsung tv is brought back from 60Hz to 30 Hz in P3D vsynch on tripple buff off and frames unlimited , no settings in nvidia inspector and in nvidia control panel the same settings as Rob again no stutters , can get met cpu at 4.9 but don t see much difference so kept it at 4.7
  10. Hi Mitch thanks for your reaction, 0ver 100 views and 1 reaction... do you think i should go for 2 GTX980ti or 1 GTX1080
  11. Hi guys, i m thinking about upgrading my graphics card for a few weeks now , reading all the different opinions but can't really make up my mind so any real help is appreciated. At this moment i have a oc cpu , i7 4790K at 4,7 with a MSI gaming GTX980 TI, frames set at unlimited in the PMDG 777 cockpit at stand 121 at aerosoft EGLL are 32 , tv monitor 4k 3840x2160 , all settings in p3d maxed out. After some tips for testing , ( resizing the screen and notice the frames ) i can see that before the resizing frames are 32, after resizing the screen my frames go to 43 so 11 frames more , with all the same settings , same time of day and same parking spot at EGLL. Does this mean that i should ( could ) benefit from a upgrading in the graphics card and what is the best way to upgrade , a single GTX1080 or a second GTX980TI and go for 980TI SLI I don't think that upgrading my cpu is needed , i have my 4790K running at 4.7 and don't think a 6700K will be much faster , running the monitor at 60 HZ and i get stutters , Thanks in advance ,
  12. Hi Dan, noticed you previously had the same cpu ( 4790K) and gpu , 980TI as i have right now , i m thinking about upgrading to a 6700K too, is there any improvement with the 6700k ,
  13. ger

    saitek calibration

    Hi all, thanks for all suggestions, since i mainly will fly the pmdg planes ,i m going to try to calibrate in p3d to see if that works and like Dan said ,if this doesn't work i can allways do it in fsuipc , thanks again
  14. ger

    saitek calibration

    Hi guys , I just bought a saitek yoke with throttles wich i m planning to install tomorrow . Spent some time time today reading about all the install options and calibrating the different axes in fsuipc and P3D . My question , Is is best to calibrate everything in fsuipc or in P3d , i m asking this because i m not sure when i calibrate the axes in fsuipc the 777 FBW system gets messed up. Hoping someone can help me with this Thanks
  15. Hi Paul , yes i have 4.5.2 and 4.6 installed , if i don't click the PFD i don't get any crashes , only get them when i click the du s , and it doesn't matter when i click them , if i click them while doing the pre checks i get them later on in flight , if i click on them after 6 7 hours it crashes immediately . Tried every possible solution with Dan but can t seem to get it solved , only workaround for me is not to click the du s , since i have a 40 inch screen that is not a big deal for me .
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