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  1. Matt2218

    [23FEB19] Some News for your Saturday

    Thanks Dan...I will use this time to get good on the 737 so that I don't bend up the NG3 too badly upon delivery, LOL.
  2. Matt2218

    [23FEB19] Some News for your Saturday

    Good point... Either way, gonna be good 🙂
  3. Matt2218

    [23FEB19] Some News for your Saturday

    With you saying "NG3" and "Beta" in the same sentence now, I'm feeling kind of silly for re-buying the NGX for Prepar3D last week. Considering how good the 747 is, I will grab the NG3 too as long as you promise not to tell my wife what I've done here LOL.
  4. Matt2218

    Simulating the 900ER / Derated Takeoffs

    Paul is correct - I was looking for something that would just spit out a temp for me. Since it was only about $7, I went ahead and grabbed that TOPS utility from simmarket. It seems pretty basic and TBH that is what I was after...something better than just firewalling full TOGA all the time or blindly guessing. I think it is very clever how it reads location and weather data from the sim and provides the answer without much need for manual intervention. Thanks for the replies and tips!
  5. Matt2218

    RNAV approaches

    Sorry if I'm a little dense, but I know nothing about RNAV approaches yet. Are you talking about comparing the Radar Altimeter to the baro Altimeter here? How does one "ensur[e] their altimeter subscale reading is set correctly."?
  6. Matt2218

    Simulating the 900ER / Derated Takeoffs

    Indeed...not actively hoping for or expecting anything.
  7. Matt2218

    Simulating the 900ER / Derated Takeoffs

    Thanks Andrew, good to know but also kind of disappointing. After spending $120 to get effectively the same FSX product I already had for this new sim, I wouldn't be offended if PMDG threw in the -900ER or the raindrops etc. as a bennie for loyal customers, even this late in the game.
  8. Matt2218

    Simulating the 900ER / Derated Takeoffs

    From what I read here, the SFP is standard equipment on the -900ER:
  9. Matt2218

    Simulating the 900ER / Derated Takeoffs

    Thanks gentlemen, I will check these out.
  10. Hello! I recently made the jump from FSX to P3D and bought the NGX (again, LOL). Are you guys flying the -900 much? If so, do you have any rules of thumb for setting assumed temperature for derated takeoffs? I have TOPCAT...any way to use that (ie extrapolate downward from 737-800 results or something?). Also, I recognize that the 900ER has greater capability due to higher weights and more exits, but otherwise the 900 flies like a 900ER (assuming the short field package option is selected), right? I'm not obsessed with 100% fidelity with the 900 model, just looking to fly it like a 900ER on shorter routes with some degree of realism. Welcome your thoughts... Matt Smith
  11. Matt2218

    747-400 Weight Limitations Question.

    Happy to help, took a guess since I was not at my Flightsim machine 🙂
  12. Matt2218

    747-400 Weight Limitations Question.

    Do you have a fuel tank in your horizontal stabilizer?
  13. Matt2218

    Night Lighting Issues With Repaint Kit

    Stephan; I think the problem with your method is that when you save that pmdg_737ngx_tail.psd as .jpg or as a 24-bit .bmp you are losing the alpha channel altogether. That is why you are continuing to see a bright tail and engine at night. The is different from the fuselage textures because the alpha channel controls the night lighting, whereas on the fuselage it controls the transparency of the window openings. That is why there is no need for Once you are done editing pmdg_737ngx_tail.psd in photoshop...just 'save as' a 32-bit bitmap (dont need to flatten)...this will preserve the alpha channel that should already be in place. Then you can use whatever other program you like (dxtbmp?) to convert the 32-bit pmdg_737ngx_tail.bmp to .dds dxt5 on your windows machine. If you want to confirm what I am saying, use dxtbmp or something to look at the alpha on your current'd bet money that it is all white, which is allowing all of the light and color to shine through at night. As a last resort I'd be happy to just make the .dds for you if you want to upload the .psd somewhere Good luck!
  14. Matt2218

    Night Lighting Issues With Repaint Kit

    I don't think layers 60 and 91 matter at all. I think what you need to do is get back to the point where your photoshop looked like this: Then, save the .dds DXT5 file and it should look fine in the simulator. When you display the alpha channel in Photoshop it makes everything look pink and crazy but that is OK. The final paint will not be pink. You are correct...the tail in the master PSD is just for lining up.
  15. Matt2218

    PMDG 737NGX Livery Availability

    It was Alex Farmer (Superhero name: "GoldStar")...