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  1. sanookBKK


    Well it seems it had to do with FMGS challenge not completed , it worked this time
  2. sanookBKK


    second flight, i passed 10000 and answered the FMGS Challenge , now climbing and CLIMB FLOW blinking let see what happen a t cruise altitude this time. By the way FO doesn't say 1000 to go at intermediate climb level given by ATC
  3. sanookBKK


    I am in cruise and despite the PM saying 1000 to go at cruise level i still have CLIMB FLOW blinking... Help ! I am supposed to start the descent soon (voice control)
  4. sanookBKK

    FO often drunk

    Hello Gerald , sorry for the late answer, missing time to sim flying lately... I did about 10 sectors with sound inside headset and everything works fine. When I use sound from speakers, FO got mad even if there is only backround sound. Maybe it is because he ears his own voice, i don't know. The problem is I don't like to fly with headset for the whole flight for various reasons. Also i tried to disconnect headset sound and re-plug speakers once in cruise, but I loose all sounds from FS-LABS A320 when i do that I have normal computer sound even normal P3D sound like ATC but all FSlabs sound are gone.
  5. sanookBKK

    FO often drunk

    Hello thanks for your answer Gerald I made a mistake in the headset link, mine is not wireless and does not cost 200 bucks it is this one Do I have to do what you described above anyway (doing a second speech profie etc ) ?
  6. sanookBKK

    FO often drunk

    Sorry for the late answer was a bit busy lately. I erased my old windows profile and redid the windows speech training and MCE speech training with the airplane noise in the background. It was quite better on the first flight. then it is random. some flights are almost perfect and some times if i ask for a checklist he does 2 or 3 thing I didn't ask in the same time. other example is it doesn't stop to say slat retracted 5 time in a row, he also. did that again in approach during the landing checklist. Before last turn to the gate i ask for taxi light off and it say that this is not the good moment to ask this in a crucial phase of flight ! . etc etc My headset is this one
  7. sanookBKK

    Ground Crew

    Ok I found out the trick with the MIC on FLT. I was using the interphone on the 400 and there is no interphone in the 748, or there is one in the MCDU but it doesn't seems to interact with FS2CREW; BTW i have another question, i did not find how to make the FO to turn APU ON during his after landing flow. Or Do the 747 always wait to be powered at the gate ?
  8. Hello, I could not find how to contact the ground crew in the 747-8. it's fine in the -400 so
  9. I already read that thread as i am on the same set up than the author. The sound of the aircraft is on speakers. I re-did the MCE training with aircraft sound in the background but will start from scratch, deleting windows profile
  10. I always had FO sometime misunderstanding something but lately it has been worse. FO keeps doing doing things that i don't ask or doing thing totally unconsistent with what I say. Example; me - take off checklist FO - take off checklist, cancel checklist , adirs 1 off ,adirs 2 off adirs3 off OR me - Taxi flow FO- Taxi flow, slats retracted , cancel flow, hey i have only two hands boss, slats retracted, slats retracted...etc etc This is quite disturbing especially when he turns off the adirs just before take-off or for example when he retracts the flaps when you are at 500 ft on final. Something he likes to do also is when you are on final at 140 kt and say "landing checklist" he answers speed 2-4-3 and turn the speed knob to set 243. It disconnects the APP mode and it takes him a while to setup the 243 speed, and for me to correct the speed, well most of the time it is a go around. -And sometimes I can have a smooth as silk flight where he understands almost everything and do not get crazy. This happened on both the FSLABS A320 and QW787. I re-did the MCE speech exercise but not to avail...
  11. Thank you Gerald, will test it asap.
  12. Agree with Goggi and fighter guy these “ok, beginning flow”, or “roger, performing procedure” (and variants) are annoying. I created many flows where i just want the FO to answer "Checked" and now he says "roger, performing procedure , checked" or " ok, beginning flow , checked" every time when i just want him to confirm an FMA change (A320) by saying "checked" as in the precedent version of MCE. By the way Thank you for caring about user advice as usual.
  13. By the way any news about a command to make the FSLabs FO turn ON or OFF the terrain on ND on his ND ?.
  14. Thanks for your quick answer Gerald.