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  1. Is UGCX already released ? Also will it be compatible with GSX2 ?
  2. Thank's will test this with new version
  3. I already said all the good I feel for this version of FS2Crew, this post is just trying to make it even better. Bugs - When saying wipers on, FO set both wipers on but when saying wipers off, he only turn off the left side wiper. - Some fs2crew callout configs items are being reset automatically, even during the same session: Runway in sight : ON , always turn off by itself, and so does "prepare the cabin at 20k". - despite having "wing lights during climb and descent ON", the FO does not turn wing lights ON - If i say "runway turn off light ON , FO turn it on if it is OFF but turn it OFF if it is ON, same goes for "runway turnoff light OFF" In fact no matter if you say ON or OFF, FO just change the switch position of the runway turn off lights Suggestion - Would be nice to have a generic word or to just use the flight number in the CFG when asking for clearance. I don't fly one of the airline listed and i understand that you cannot add all the world airlines. Also when saying the airline name FO voice is not always the same as the FO we use. like "GERMANIA" US voice with "1702" with EU voice. So I would prefer to use a generic word or only flight number. - Is it possible to have the ground to answer when we say CLEARED FOR PUSH AND START and BRAKES OFF, READY TO PUSH and PARKING BRAKES ON after push. - Could be cool also to have the FO opening the Cockpit door during the PARKING CHECKLIST as many FSLabs sounds like cargo doors or brake fan are only audible with the door open. That's it for now and again thanks for this FS2CREW version ...
  4. This is from the FSLabs manual : ADJUSTING THRUST USING THE KEYBOARD You may also use your keyboard to move the thrust levers, utilising the F1 – F4 keys. • F1 and F4: Use these two keys to move the thrust levers from one detent to the next • F2 and F3: Use these two keys to move the thrust levers between the detents. Example: For take-off press F3 repeatedly to move the thrust levers to 50% N1. When the engines have stabilised, press F4 twice to move the levers to the FLX detent for a reduced thrust take-off. My keyboard settings are now default F1 throttle cut, F2 throttle decrease quickly, F3 throttle increase, F4 throttle full Now If the PF does a flex take off , it set the thrust correctly, but if doing a TOGA take off, he sets the thrust to FLEX/MCT and alarms start rigging. (Note that TOGA was selected in the fs2crew briefing page and he said TOGA during the before TO checklist) Is FS2CREW using only F4 and F2 ? if doing a TOGA take off , how does the script knows that it has to push throttle further ?
  5. 1. so if I just says "autothrust blue" he should answer ? 2. good catch 3. would be nice, thanks. 4. Well i set up F4 (throttle increase quickly) in F2 (throttle decrease quicly) keys but it does not seems to work. I tried a TOGA take off but PF did not set the thrust to TOGA , it was just before climb thrust . 5. voice control
  6. First off all, thanks for this FSLabs FS2Crew, it is a very nice job indeed and really really close to reel Airbus SOP I wish you could get access to an FSLabs SDK so it could be 100% perfect. If only you could read the FMGS and FMA ! I have some small issues and you may have a solution: - When taking off , what is the trigger word for the fo to says "checked" after we say "MAN FLEX XXX SRS RUNWAY AUTOTHRUST BLUE" ? Most of the time he does not answer. - when securing aircraft , the copi do not turn adirs off - In the parking flow the PM turn off the brake fan, would it be possible to let us do that manually? In hot country brakes might get very hot and we need to let brakefan on for a while at the parking. Restarting brake fan once at the parking is not a good idea due to the dust and small objects which could be sent over the ground crew working around the aircraft 😵 - When trying to be the PM , i have an issue with throttle settings. I let my throttle at idle but when taking off the PF says TOGA or flex XXX but sets only 50% thrust I read somewhere on this forum that FS2crew was using some F KEYS on the keyboard to set thrust. as my keyboard setup is not the default one, i would like to know which F keys are needed for the PF to set the thrust correctly - I noticed that during the take off checklist, th PF says "TOGA" even if a flex temp has been entered in the FS2crew dep interface. By the thanks again for the good work !
  7. If you want this can of sounds then use GSX, "welcome aboard", boarding pass please" , these boarding sounds are included .
  8. Well it seems it had to do with FMGS challenge not completed , it worked this time
  9. second flight, i passed 10000 and answered the FMGS Challenge , now climbing and CLIMB FLOW blinking let see what happen a t cruise altitude this time. By the way FO doesn't say 1000 to go at intermediate climb level given by ATC
  10. I am in cruise and despite the PM saying 1000 to go at cruise level i still have CLIMB FLOW blinking... Help ! I am supposed to start the descent soon (voice control)
  11. Hello Gerald , sorry for the late answer, missing time to sim flying lately... I did about 10 sectors with sound inside headset and everything works fine. When I use sound from speakers, FO got mad even if there is only backround sound. Maybe it is because he ears his own voice, i don't know. The problem is I don't like to fly with headset for the whole flight for various reasons. Also i tried to disconnect headset sound and re-plug speakers once in cruise, but I loose all sounds from FS-LABS A320 when i do that I have normal computer sound even normal P3D sound like ATC but all FSlabs sound are gone.
  12. Hello thanks for your answer Gerald I made a mistake in the headset link, mine is not wireless and does not cost 200 bucks it is this one https://steelseries.com/gaming-headsets/arctis-3 Do I have to do what you described above anyway (doing a second speech profie etc ) ?
  13. Sorry for the late answer was a bit busy lately. I erased my old windows profile and redid the windows speech training and MCE speech training with the airplane noise in the background. It was quite better on the first flight. then it is random. some flights are almost perfect and some times if i ask for a checklist he does 2 or 3 thing I didn't ask in the same time. other example is it doesn't stop to say slat retracted 5 time in a row, he also. did that again in approach during the landing checklist. Before last turn to the gate i ask for taxi light off and it say that this is not the good moment to ask this in a crucial phase of flight ! . etc etc My headset is this one https://steelseries.com/gaming-headsets/arctis-7
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