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  1. Great news cant wait for those Lufty flights :smile:
  2. Cockpit light in the external model

    im still looking for a fix , if any 1 can help please. greetings Brendon Powys
  3. i have the same problem after landing FO doesnt retract the flaps at all Brendon Powys
  4. Yip i have the same problem in FSX greetings Brendon Powys
  5. Thanx but do u use the main button or another button to run the checklists
  6. Is it possible to run fs2crew without the preflight events, everytime i press the main button to run the checklist the panel closes
  7. speedbreak has no effect

    Hi ! guys thanx for the help just did a flight and seen that the spoilers deploy only the the right wing and not on the left looks like thats the problem . Brendon powys
  8. speedbreak has no effect

    No faster than the selected speed and trying to slow down , lets say im at 290kts trying to get 250kts which is my selected speed. Maybe some setting in my sim is incorrect thanx Matt for ur help
  9. speedbreak has no effect

    Hi Matt , yes A/T on and on speed v/s at -600 speedbreak deployed and she still doesnt slow down Ive been flying the pmdg 737 for more than a year now and just after the update ive been havin this problem
  10. speedbreak has no effect

    Hi just installed the new update did a flight and noticed on descent my speedbreak has no effect with vs at -600 fpm i then tried level flight deployed the speedbreaks and still with no effect. i know the 737 is very slippery and takes a while to slow down thanx Brendon Powys