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  1. Hi, maybe a stupid question, but how can I set that I'm acting as Pilot Monitoring during the flight? Unfortunately didn't find anything in the manual yet :( Many thanks in advance
  2. Hello, I'm looking for the (more or less) new Tui Germany Livery for the 737-700 and -800 with just TUI as signature (instead of Tuifly), pls see below screen. Does anybody have an idea where to get it? New Livery Screen Many thanks in advance!
  3. Today, I found two new problems:Look at the ND and compare the position of the runway with the real oneThen I wanted to perform an Autolanding on KORD Runway 34L, but the autopilot landed on the grass... (the same happened in EDDW and EDDF)Daniel
  4. Hello,at first I would like to mention, that this bird is a really excellent one. Awesome work, PMDG :-)But I've a few questions about this airplane:-I deactivated the Virtual Cockpit via the Load Manager, but everytime I press A in the FSX, I'm sitting in the VC which is completely loaded-When shutting down/starting the engines, the fan blades have a wrong behaviour. In the FS9 version, the engines start correctly, but in FSX they don't. They're spinning fast and stop suddenly. I don't know, how I should describe it right...-On every new flight with the 747X, I've to load (passengers, cargo) the plane again via the Load Manager. When I start the Load Manager at first, only the Economy Class seats are marked, but the First, Business and Cargo not. Is this normal?Thank you very much for your help and thanks again for this beautiful planeDaniel
  5. After a complete re-install of Windows XP, the 747X is working now :-) Daniel
  6. Hey,thank you both for helping me. Unfortunately I'm running on XP. And I've installed the newest FSUIPC Version for FSXDaniel
  7. Can't anybody help me? ;( I do not want to pay 30
  8. Sorry for this double post, but I found another error. In the menu bar under Add_Ons->PMDG I only find the section "About", nothing more. After reinstalling the FSX, the menu bar "Add_ons" is missing, although FSUIPC is also installed. Perhaps this helps you for solving my problemDaniel
  9. Hi Ryan,I tried everyting that is written in the FAQ, but still the same problems. My dll.xml looks like this:<?xml version="1.0" encoding="Windows-1252"?>Launchdll.xmlFalseFalseObject Placement ToolTrueFalse..Microsoft Flight Simulator X SDKSDKMission Creation Kitobject_placement.dllTraffic ToolboxTrueFalse..Microsoft Flight Simulator X SDKSDKEnvironment KitTraffic Toolbox SDKtraffictoolbox.dllVisual Effects ToolTrueFalse..Microsoft Flight Simulator X SDKSDKEnvironment KitSpecial Effects SDKvisualfxtool.dllPMDG OptionsFalsePMDGDLLsPMDGOptions.dllPMDG EventsFalsePMDGDLLsPMDGEvents.dllPMDG SoundsFalsePMDGDLLsPMDGSounds.dllI don't find a failure in it.Daniel
  10. I de-installed the FSX completely and deleted all FSX Files and made a new installation, but still the same problems...Daniel
  11. Hello,same problems here :-(. I deleted every FSUIPC File in FS9/Modules und copied the new FSUIPC.dll into Modules, but still the same problems. BTW: I've the problem since the installation of the new FS9 Update from the 747XDaniel
  12. Thanks for your help George, but I already tried the de-install and re-install and I've still the same problems :-( Daniel
  13. Hello everybody,today I bought the 747X. Here are two Screens, which show my problems:I already rebootet the system and started FSX several times, but I always get this result. Every time I start the FSX, Avira AntiVir reports a TR/PSW.Online.BX.15 trojan virus in PMDG_SimConnect_Ldr.dll. But I already read on the homepage, that it's not a virus. But could Anti Vir block the file PMDG_SimConnect_Ldr.dll? I clicked on ignore, but perhaps AntiVir blocks the file furthermore?I already wrote an E-Mail to the PMDG Support, but I don't receive the Auto-reply. Thanks for your helpDaniel
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