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  1. Shouldn't you be chalking up billable hours consulting people or flying your virtual airplanes instead of accusing people of being vandals? Your precious time should probably be getting spent doing something more constructive than name-calling. The flightsim community can be an unpleasant place. In one breath your complaining about it and in the next you're contributing to it.
  2. I can only take a good shot if it's set up properly... :) Keep your stick on the ice. As I've said, it's a sweet machine you have, just unnecessary for what you're using it for and the only reason I've been posting is to educate others that you don't need anything nearly this powerful to achieve good performance. C'est tout.
  3. Are you saying eNVee is going to leave the forum because he disagrees with you? I agree with him wholeheartedly and it appears many others do as well. Just because you're rich and you've been here a long time doesn't make your opinion any more or less valid than anyone else's. Quite irrelevant. Doesn't change the fact that a lot of your super expensive new hardware is unnecessary to get high end results in P3D. You've been flaunting your cash a fair bit in this thread, going on about your hellcat and your $1200 trips to full motion sims and all. Not sure what the point of it is but if you're trying to impress people, it's not working.
  4. Throwing 32 gb of RAM (or more, for the mere price of $331.50 as you so eloquently pointed out) at 32 bit software is an indication that they might not be up to snuff on what benefits P3D or FSX. However it is a good way to sell hardware one doesn't need for software that doesn't support it for an inflated price.
  5. I've said all along your logic is acceptable. One I've said against it is what you're achieving can be done for far less money. You've made it clear money is no object to you so that point is moot. Only other point I disputed was people saying they don't have time to build a high performance flight sim computer, but we've been through that already. I'm glad you're happy with your system, for the price you paid you probably should be...
  6. Probably. Those who are squeezing every last bit of performance out of lesser hardware probably have a better grip on the ins and outs of the software than those with buckets of money who just throw more and more expensive hardware at it. Either way this system is major overkill. Nothing wrong with that, especially since the OP is rich. But as someone who isn't rich if someone tried to tell me that this is the way to get good performance and took $4000 from me, then I found out I could get 30 fps flying into FSDT Vancouver for less than half of that $4000 I'd probably be pretty upset. As a side note I find it odd that the video was shot with an iPhone 5. A guy with a computer like this and spends $1200 on full motion sims hasn't updated his phone in like 4 years? Possible I guess but that seems weird to me.
  7. I wonder how many people are going to read this as "We are making an NGX 3.0" Hahaha
  8. Did they officially drop the project? I haven't checked their forums for quite sometime. Last time I looked there was no announcement that it was officially done.
  9. If quality takes time then the Level D 757 is going to be amazing. hahaha
  10. See, this is where I'd be paying someone to tune my car while I assembled my flight sim PC. Everyone has different priorities. :) I have always found the reasoning behind "I don't want to" better than saying "I don't have time" for something. People make time for what they find is important. It's not that your time is limited, it's that saving $1000 here or there isn't important to you, which is fine. I'm sure my view on life would be totally different if I had a 6 or 7 digit checking account too. (this is my assumption of what "rich" means, don't take it literally to the number. Someone already called me out nitpicking some phrasing like this so I'm putting a disclaimer on this one)
  11. I never said your flights were that long. It was someone else who said they didn't have time then in the same paragraph said they were doing a flight in the 747. Typically 747 flights are fairly long. I've built probably 100+ systems over the years and I've RMAed one motherboard and three video cards. Not a common occurrence. For the record I never said it affected me if others want to buy pre-made systems at rip off prices. It's just an observation enhanced by whoever said they don't have time. If you're flying a 747 or 777 as it was intended you should have hours upon hours while cruising to assemble a PC.
  12. If you want to nitpick fine, it takes a "few" hours. You happy now? Considering assembling the hardware should only take an hour tops you could still build and install everything in less time than it does to do a typical 747 flight. Don't get me wrong, I don't care how people spend their money. I just find it funny that people say they "don't have time". I'm sure that if you sacrificed just one single medium haul flight in a PMDG 777 or 747 you could save yourself like $3000.
  13. I find it amusing that people who can spend time doing anywhere from 2 to 16 hour virtual airplane flights "don't have time" to research the components necessary, ordering them online then spending a couple of hours assembling and installing necessary software. If you had the components at home you could go from a pile of parts to a fully functional computer in less time than it takes to fly ORD-LHR.
  14. So for like $6000 I could have that? I'll pass. Still using an ancient i7 920 at 3.8 ghz and a GTX480 and have no complaints here.
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