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  1. After making flightplan for the Baron in Little NavMap I saved this file in:C:\Users\Name\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Files\IFR Emden (EDWE) to Stuttgart (EDDS).plnThen in p3Dv4 "Flight Planner" click on Load and can't open the map "Prepar3D v4" where the Little NavMap file is located?There is a possibillity to use the Little Navmap flightplan in P3Dv4 please?
  2. Raufvogel

    Shaking plane during Drag

    Before I worked with EZdok and after pushing the / key the plane starts with shaking so I could see the function is enabled. Now I understand this function is not possible in Chaseplane. 😑
  3. Hello, I like to know it's possible Chaseplane let the B737 shake a little after engage Drag or using speed brake's? Raufvogel
  4. Raufvogel

    New update FS2crew

    Thank you, I've made the update from my invoice. Regards, Raufvogel
  5. Raufvogel

    New update FS2crew

    Hello, here my program data
  6. Raufvogel

    New update FS2crew

    Thank you Bryan, is this OK? 21-11-2015, the FS2Crew Online Store Order #6 **my delete* Your Order Contains the Following Items: 1 x FS2Crew: NGX Reboot Global FO Voice Set ​Regards, J.A.M.
  7. Raufvogel

    New update FS2crew

    Hello, I've read before update FS2crew, first uninstall B738 before install new update. B738 is uninstalled, now I like to know where to find the latest install file please? I found this 2009 program "FS2Crew_Start_Center_April_2009_Setup.exe" Sorry but I'm not sure. :wub: Regards, Raufvogel
  8. Raufvogel

    FS2Crew boeing 737-800NGX

    Thank you, problem solved thanks to Bryan York. :smile: Regards, Jaap Mooijer
  9. I just bought FS2Crew: NGX Reboot Global FO Voice Set and i received "FS2Crew_NGX_Global_FO.zip" file for my PMDG Boeing 737-800NGX plane, now I'm afraid I bought the wrong, can some one look for me please? I hope it's the right one. :unsure: Regards, Raufvogel
  10. Raufvogel

    Wrong heading KPHL-27L

    The problem of AFCAD KPHL 27L is solved by changing the file KPHL_ADEX_SUNSKYJET.BGL Stephen with my bgl file. I have to learn why my newly installed AFCAD not working well and how to repair a AFCAD before the monthly Herve Sors Navaids update. Does this update also repair AFCAD ILS NAVAIDS (non standard), and is it possible to Update Herve Sors Navaids cycle a second time if necessary, as in my case? Thanks for the help, especially for Stephen. Regards, ​Jaap Mooijer
  11. Raufvogel

    Wrong heading KPHL-27L

    Thank you Stephen, i've switched off SunSkyJet Sceneries in FSX-SE Library The plane is now to much on the left side off the runway Maybe PMDG menu, CORRECT LOC CRS TO FSX = OFF must be ON again?
  12. Raufvogel

    Wrong heading KPHL-27L

    Thank you, i've done it a moment ago again. and placed in: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\scenery\BASE\Scenery I've to leave now, tomorrow morning i will try again. Regards, Jaap
  13. Raufvogel

    Wrong heading KPHL-27L

    I've checked NAVIGRAPH AIRAC Data settings 1603 in FSX-SE Perhaps there is an error in the PATH where NAVI GRAPH updates should be installed? Regards, Jaap
  14. Raufvogel

    Wrong heading KPHL-27L

    Hello Stephen, here the result during approach 27L. Strange, the heading of the plane is still 267 degree? FSX-SE map Before the flight i've updated AirAc 1603 again. Maybe i've to place the "magnetic variation updated by Herve Sors" again as well? Regards, Jaap
  15. Raufvogel

    Wrong heading KPHL-27L

    Hello Stephen, thank you very much. After StartUp for a new PMDG 777 flight, this new file appears: < magnetic variation updated by Herve Sors, Navigraph 1603 > This all i've done as well... Now i will try again flight KWRI 06 - KPHL 27L, i'm very curious what will happening. Anyway, this is a VERY good sign: Regards, Jaap