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  1. Just as an FYI you made a big point about doing an intersection departure at Berlin when requesting performance, yet you took the full length #'s on the video. You can tell because there is a "F/L" next to them. If you had scrolled over you would have noticed that each intersection would have its own performance #'s. This obviously could be a BIG gotcha if you were drastically reducing the runway length.
  2. I can't buy this product until the Bay Bridge is fixed. That's absolutely pathetic. The stupid part is the SF side of the bridge was perfectly done in the old landclass region. I know this was flagged in the Xplane version as well so sad they didn't fix it.
  3. Does PF3 have all the control centers named and voiced now? I remember the previous version didn't have center names or calls from most of Oceania and Asia. You would just get passed off to "Center" and stay there until decent. Not very realistic. Is that still the case?
  4. B1 flights are the initial air worthiness tests done by Boeing. i.e. missed approaches, stall testing, autolands, just to make sure the plane flies as it should. The C1 flight is the customer version of the B1 flight flown by customer pilots or Boeing pilots of their choosing.
  5. Incorrect. More often than not planes are flown from Renton to Boeing Field to get painted after rollout. In fact when schedules get complicated many planes will fly their B1 flight without paint. Don't know where you got your information.
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