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  1. Does PF3 have all the control centers named and voiced now? I remember the previous version didn't have center names or calls from most of Oceania and Asia. You would just get passed off to "Center" and stay there until decent. Not very realistic. Is that still the case?
  2. I certainly understand that extra help is appreciated. Especially with default airports. My contention is that GSX does provide a follow me to the gate. The complaints were: 1. that it doesn't give you a follow me to the runway, which is super unrealistic and basically never happens. Finding a runway is not nearly as difficult as looking for a gate and one quick glance at the chart should be about all you need. (plus FSX has progressive taxi if you are having that hard of a time.) 2. That waiting for the follow me car is unrealistic. (this is what i was responding to initially, in my opinion calling for the follow me is unrealistic so i just find it kind of pointless to complain that its not realistic to wait for the car when in reality the car doesn't exist anyway.)
  3. I don't get this obsession over the follow me car. Most major airports don't use them at all and it is the pilots responsibility to use charts and signs.
  4. All of SIMADDONS stuff is fully DX10 compatible so its not just FSDreamteam. Obviously its a business decision for you but it seems to me that it is possible especially now that FlightBeam is on board.
  5. Ricardo, Thanks for your consideration of DX10. I tried it for the first time 2 weeks ago using all the new fixes after getting frustrated with OOM's. I flew from FSDT LAX -FSDT YCVR with ORBX PNW, with EVERYTHING maxed (autogen, water, AI etc). No OOM even with ORBX, FSDT, overcast clouds via OPUS and the NGX. I was absolutely amazed. While i realize that the DX10 user base hasn't been all that large I think it is finally starting to grow with FSDT and Flightbeam coming aboard DX10. While im not going to boycott DX9 only developers (I can fly during the day if needed) i can say that any product with complete DX10 support will get my money almost automatically (granted it still needs to be high quality). Hope the night textures can be worked out, and your willingness to attempt DX10 support has convinced me to purchase. Thanks!
  6. B1 flights are the initial air worthiness tests done by Boeing. i.e. missed approaches, stall testing, autolands, just to make sure the plane flies as it should. The C1 flight is the customer version of the B1 flight flown by customer pilots or Boeing pilots of their choosing.
  7. Incorrect. More often than not planes are flown from Renton to Boeing Field to get painted after rollout. In fact when schedules get complicated many planes will fly their B1 flight without paint. Don't know where you got your information.
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