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  1. Hello. Wanted to run by you guys (after a lot of forum surfing, and google research) What you all would recommend to upgrade my EVGA GTX580 1.5GB card with for FSX? There's a *slim* chance that I may go P3D with my next build (within the next 12-16 months). So, maybe something that can work in P3D, but something that would be a step up for the interim in FSX. I was gifted a 27" 1080P monitor for Christmas, but it needs higher AA to clean up the image on the larger screen. My 2600k is at 4.6ghz and stable as a rock, I just wonder if there is a budget option out there that's better than the 580 and readily available? Maybe some variant of 1060? I don't want to spend more than $200-250 max...
  2. Just wondering if anyone was willing to take on one or two Planesense Inc. paints (the paint is the same just the reg changes) for this PC-12? I'm completely amazed that with the popularity of the PC-12, no one has yet done a repaint representing the worlds largest PC-12 operator? To be honest, Carenado should have included it with the plane at its release. But whatever. If there is already one out there that I'm not aware of, maybe someone can point me to it? Thanks in advance!!!
  3. The manuals can be downloaded from the Garmin website...there are a few differences; namely, the center-knob on both sides of the real unit 'push in' to actvate the cursor....but on the RXP units, they provided a click-spot to the inner right and inner left of these knobs to activate the cursor, as one example....
  4. @ Steffen...yes. I paid $200 for the whole setup. It is probably the best money I have put into FSX, since it is the most accurate rendition of the most widely used panel-mounted GPS system available. I fly with them IRL, and the RXP versions are great tools that are virtually identical to the real-world counterparts. Could someone with the unlimited pack please post an .ini file for the 430/530 combo? I was looking into copying one from another aircraft, but they show some confusing entries....
  5. I agree with Zach 100% here. I have read the forum posts from the developers. I wonder how everyone keeps missing the fact that the Orbx developers don't (for the most part) even use the high-end PC's...mostly middle of the road stuff. I even got scolded a bit over there when I posted about PC configuration and settings lol. One thing that seems to have been overlooked by many people is that Orbx has stated this scenery was designed with a totally new design structure...one that not only allows extreme detail, but also good framerates....It is in their best interests to develop sceneries that people can actually use, or else they lose customers. I say, lets wait and see what happens when it is released. Maybe we will all be really surprised at the performance? Time will tell. But to write it off before it has even hit the market simply because it looks fantastic is a bit of an over-reaction...
  6. Well, it seems as though I had the dimmer setting in the .ini file to 'on'. I turned it off, and viola! Now the dimmer works! Good to go now!
  7. Bert, Thank you! That fixed the window size and placement. The dimmer issue still exists, but I guess I can live with it. Thanks for the help!
  8. Thanks, Bert. I will give it a try and see what happens!
  9. Just wondering... ....Has anyone had an issue with the dimmer on the RealityXP 430 not working? I seem to remember the dimmer working pre-SP1, but now it no longer does...my .ini file has dimmer set to on, so I am not sure what the cause if that could be...the unit is displaying abnormally bright and it seems the contrast is off as well.... ...And the size of the unit in the popup window is wrong...the unit shows up almost square in shape; I have been resizing it manually, but I did try to resize it in both the RXP.ini file, as well as the panel config, and nothing seems to work?
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