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  1. sgreen91

    chimneys sticking into the ground.

    All the time. Its been happening since v2 of Prepar3d. The offending file is the Hazards.bgl file that creates these, tried running with the file removed but it would CTD eventually during the flight. Posted on LM forum awhile ago but nobody responded as usual. Sean
  2. sgreen91

    747-8 Stream. Now

    Who is Chewy?? A star wars stream.
  3. I just keep mine disabled permanently. I've run without any antivirus for 20 years so I never worry about it.
  4. Use the Windows key + R keyboard shortcut to open the Run command, type regedit, and click OK to open the registry. Browse the following path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows Defender If you don't see DWORD DisableAntiSpyware, right-click on an empty space, select New, and click on DWORD (32-bit) Value. Name the key DisableAntiSpyware. Double-click the newly created key, and set the value from 0 to 1. Restart your computer to complete the task. At any time, if you want to re-enable Windows Defender, you only need to follow the same steps, but this time, change the value on step 5 from 1 to 0. Then restart your computer to complete reverting the changes.
  5. sgreen91

    Software to load flight plan into default gps?

    I use aivalsoft efb. It is updateable and imports your plan on the fly into the gps. If the arrival changes put the new arrival in the efb and it will immediately update the default gos.
  6. sgreen91

    How to set autobrake switch armed?

    You need to verify Flaps are set to Takeoff position as dial into dial a flap. Trim is set properly according to CG. Also check spoilers are armed. ARM/DISARM Switch ARM: ABS armed for automatic braking when spoilers are deployed during takeoff or landing.
  7. sgreen91

    Loadmeter question

    Ok gotcha. I was just following the procedure in the video and it came up different in the simulated aircraft when he switched to the R. Not a big deal.
  8. sgreen91

    Loadmeter question

    Sorry for the confusion I was at work and not able to access the docs. Its the AC and DC power indicators that I'm discussing.
  9. sgreen91

    Loadmeter question

  10. sgreen91

    Loadmeter question

    With either GPU or APU should you not see voltage and frequency on the L and R selectors of the load meter? I watched a video CBT on the MD80 on Youtube and it showed with either external or internal power you should have voltage on the left and right systems. I noticed in the X-plane version of the MD80 they model this correctly which at first I thought they modeled incorrectly.
  11. sgreen91

    Never experienced windows freezing/fogging

    Do you have true light and true glass activated in the load manager?
  12. sgreen91

    True light or true glass issue?

    Turn on the windshield anti-ice switch for the front three windows. Turn on the windshield anti-fog for the side windows. I always turn on w/s anti-ice once in the plane due to fogging. Its part of the the procedures.
  13. Just tap the Z key a second time after AP disconnection and it will quiet the alarm .
  14. Well I did the flight along the star again but this time deleted the VECTOR leg and left a discontinuity between the end of the STAR and RWY Approach. I would guess it reaches TOD but must see the long line for VECTOR and decides not to descend.
  15. I've been trying this flight KDSM - KDFW. Here is the route: KDSM DSM J25 DOSOA COODY HITUG BRDJE3.HITUG KDFW A couple of issues. The waypoint ROCKZ that is part of the BRDJE3 star looks like noodles all over the place. So I delete the waypoint and the plan looks ok. The second issue is there is a crossing restriciton of 11,000 at STONZ so the FMC has a TOD some miles out. It reaches TOD and then says TOD is another 86 miles out which puts me way past the airport missing all restrictions on the star. Could somebody test this to let me know where I'm doing this incorrectly.