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  1. According to AOM you burn from Tip Tanks first then Wing Tanks, and finally Center Tanks.
  2. I purchased this from PCAviator Australia and have been awaiting the updated installer. Has it been released to other online stores?
  3. Another issue is the clouds will suddenly appear when you enter a new area that a wx theme has been created so you could be clear skies then your in heavy overcast. Its like the old FSX days of cloud popping. Plus there is no variation its all one level and one look with EA. I guess that is why LM stated it was beta.
  4. I had the same issue with FSWX before AS was updated to v5. What I had to do with that program as well as AS is start P3D and position your plane where you want fully loaded into sim then start AS and clouds should appear.It seems EA will not update properly unless you are already in the sim. Also do not touch any settings in the graphics menu or else you will loose the cloud updating and it will not work again until a restart of the sim.If you have EA off then you can do as you normally would and start AS before the sim.
  5. It could be true sky cannot show multiple layer of precip clouds. So you hit an area where the metar is calling for mulitple layers so it just does away with all weather.
  6. You really cannot stand P3D v5 can you? If you don't like it that is fine and dandy but why so negative in other peoples topics. Maybe when 2020 comes out you will go away
  7. I just have mine set to auto. Never have touched BIOS except for MCE. It runs 5.0 on all cores with HT off. Gets too hot with HT enabled for me but I use air cooling.
  8. I flew the NGXu from KSFO to KSEA with orbx PNW and NorCal and never exceeded 6 gig at 4096 resolution. But the moment I went to LVFR KMIA it immeadietly crashed with OOM. So I have reduced down to 1024 and now at KMIA it stays max around 6.6 I'm using a 2080ti.
  9. I had mine at 20% and saw both GA and Commercial traffic.
  10. According to Robs latest video he just posted, he said he and some other developers pushed LM not to release it at this time but LM had their reasons to release it now which he did not elaborate on so I think it is unfair to push the issues on beta testers. They only have so much input.
  11. Did you crash into any invisible walls LOL. Just kidding, looks good. I've been flying v5 constantly and really enjoy it.
  12. It was from PC Aviator version 2.7 according to the site and my download version.
  13. I'm on ILS approach about 2 miles from touchdown just past the FAF AP is in APR mode, I switch off the YD then the AP immediately the plane dives and I have to pull immedietly to recover back. I tried the same approach in P3D v4 and this did not happen.
  14. I tried the MU2-B and its good except when disconnecting the AP it dives to the ground when on approach.
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