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  1. Just enjoy what you enjoy. My god avsim is becoming the reddit of flightsim.
  2. Why are people so against other platforms. What do you have against xplane, does it affect your enjoyment? I never understood this community so much against other simulators.
  3. Terminal interiors can be disabled along with many other options.
  4. The issue with MSFS compared to Xplane is Linux and Mac. Most Xplane diehards use Linux or Mac which MSFS will never be able to do.
  5. To capture altitude you must first hit the ALT button then either IAS or VS. That is the only way I was able to capture the altitude set in the preset selector.
  6. Well as long as I have my Challenger 650 in X-Plane I am happy. Hotstart has no desire to go to MSFS thank goodness. The INI Builds 300 was really overrated (quite a bit of threads to pull) in my opinion but maybe it will be better in MSFS.
  7. Fly the Challenger 650 in X-Plane, https://www.ainonline.com/aviation-news/business-aviation/2022-06-01/desktop-sim-developer-addresses-bizjet-market
  8. Just a shot in the dark but in the EFB under the FENIX tab did you check FO side as control. I see your flying from the right seat. Maybe try from the left seat.
  9. No problem on my system, been using since initial release.
  10. I am pretty sure soon MSFS will have 100 percent market share. Xplane will die and Austin can go retire somewhere, P3D will die and LM will still make billions. Then there will be no need to talk about money as all developers and simmers will move over, the ORG will fold up shop and all will be right in the world as MSFS will have no competition.
  11. Plus one. I don't understand his fascination with money, marketing and FS development.
  12. Whatever happened to the Kodiak being the best planer ever. LOL
  13. I just bought the plane and noticed it takes off by itself. Also how do you slow down with flaps and gear its like slowing down the DC-6. I have to push the nose down to get it to even land or it will just float over the runway. It is a beautiful plane but it seems still in early beta which I knew but thought it would at least fly decently but its like it has no drag whatsoever. I tried stalling it and it just wouldn't stall. Hopefully it will improve over time.
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