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  1. Same thing happened to me earlier in the week. It uninstalled itself on two separate computers. Was unable to reinstall just go to black screen and crash. Ended up buying on steam and that works. Something fishy with the ms store.
  2. Say something negative of Asobo and you will see how toxic it can become.
  3. I saw no mention of MSFS in the post on the P3D forum so why the uproar. It wasn't even posted here. Oh well another day on AVSIM I guess.
  4. https://store.steampowered.com/app/931310/Airplane_Mode/ You can enjoy 6 hours of wing views and even order dinner
  5. My 3900x performs somewhat better than my 9900k but comparing to the 10th gen Intel, not sure as I don't own that generation. I'm waiting on the new Ryzen 5000 series to drop and see as I won't have to upgrade the MB to upgrade the processor with a x570 board; this shaves about 300 off my yearly upgrade.
  6. My 2080ti is the limiting factor now running at about 80-90%. I'm hoping going to a 3090 will help the bottleneck. I'm also waiting on the new Ryzen processors as a replacement for my 3900 as it runs MSFS better than my 9900k.
  7. You are correct, been like that since day 1. I guess its on their list of things to fix eventually.
  8. I run 4K ultra and my 9900k and Ryzen 3900 sit at under 25% utilization. this is why I’ve put off a cpu upgrade and just concentrate on gpu upgrade for my 2080ti.
  9. When will people realize here you must bend the knee and kiss Asobos ring or be ostracized. This is not a sim but a religion. Say 20 Jorg or whatever there names are and go in peace my brother. It's almost like a certain movement in a certain country.
  10. 7 fps for 700. 100 dollars a frame. I'll hold off until 3090 reviews. Not really worth upgrading from 2080ti yet.
  11. Look up P Gatcomb on youtube he has some good videos for beginners such as yourself.
  12. and... crusader kings 3 is very positive with 9700 reviews. You must work for the marketing dept of Asobo don't you.
  13. What flight controls are you using? I use the Honeycomb Yoke and had to remove all the assignments (other that primary flight surfaces) and set them up in FSUIPC to get rid of that specific issue.
  14. The same reviewers that praised last of us 2. Lol.
  15. From my understanding and flying the TBM I noticed RNAV approches without a WAAS designation do not show glidepath, but all approaches a WAAS frequency on the chart will show glidepath. Not sure if that is correct but it is what I'm seeing most of the time.
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