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  1. Mobile data is often very expensive compared to landline internet. He needs to have a very good dataplan (unlimited) to be able to use MSFS without having to pay huge mobile bills. Just the base sim is like 170GB, isnt it?
  2. Looks great. I don't fly in that area, but I suppose I should, because this scenery looks ace
  3. Yeah, FSLabs is the criminal flight sim software company. Definitely on my boycott list, even tho I loved the Concorde-X. I hope they run out of business and that the non leadership developers get jobs in more reputable companies
  4. Personally I haven't really had any problems. Im not consider going back to older inferior sims. It's 2021, not 2006
  5. What's wrong with batch files? They are real simple IMO
  6. I don't have any takeoffs in my logbook, only landings. Does anyone know what's up with that?
  7. OBS = Be Aware (Observe). Its basically a notice that there's a hotfix out that fixes the issue with the Longitude mod
  8. The plane should not descend beyond the MCP selected altitude, even with vnav selected
  9. This is entirely down to the AIRAC data, isn't it? Perhaps Microsoft should get a different provider that has all the procedures and not just a small portion of them
  10. Could be a piece of corrupted scenery in your cache
  11. I got a desk that has a metal bar about 7cm in beneath the plate and I'm wondering if the clamps of either the Honeycomb or the Logitech yokes would fit. Does anybody have the dimensions of the clamps?
  12. I can assure you that Asobo has a test team and a development cycle like you describe. This software is more like Software-as-a-service (like every other major piece of modern software released in 2021) than an antique software where you get everything you'll ever need on one DVD.
  13. Thanks for all the answers guys, but I already went for the default version. The airplanes doesn't excite me as I like study sim type planes and the airports weren't my favorites. The only one that kind of excited me was O'Hare tbf, but there are already third party payware versions out that looks superior
  14. I did some quick googling and apparently there's a bug where if you have the mixture control assigned, some engines might turn off after returning from the escape menu. It works again after unassigning mixture control
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