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  1. wims80

    Looking for FSX Tweaking guide

    Well, on my old rig i noticed an absolutely huge difference in performance once I had tweaked the sim properly. The difference was night and day really. But that was an i7 920. Its not exactly modern at this point ... not that FSX is a modern application either. For now I'm just using Highmemfix and a couple more
  2. Good day, I haven't flown sims in a couple of years and I have since upgraded to a new system. I can't remember exactly which parameters I needed to tweak to make FSX fly somewhat decent. I'm using the old FSX SP2 (non steam version) on an 8600k. Does anybody know of a guide that will sort me out?
  3. wims80

    Flythemaddog MD80 VC Refreshed

    Looks great, can't wait to try these out
  4. wims80

    FSLab Concorde Fsx/P3D V1.3 released !

    I couldn't find a changelog, what's new in this version? Also, is this a free update for existing owners?
  5. Or Samdim, he seems to be able to put out ultra high quality graphics while still retaining great framerates
  6. The Q400 performs FANTASTIC, I'd say it's one of the best performing planes in FSX. The performance didn't come at the cost of the systems fidelity tho, the systems rival or even surpass the NGX when it comes to realism.
  7. wims80

    Pro atcx

    These issues were what drove me away from using computerised ATC solutions. I dropped them and started flying online instead, with real humans doing the ATC. They can react in a dynamic fashion, they understand the rules and regulation and will in general provide a far better service than any of the ATC programs can. Of course, online ATC has its own set of problems, mainly the very steep learning curve and the lack of online coverage. I don't mind the learning curve, I love learning new stuff, thats what got me into simulators in the first place. The coverage can be a bit of a problem, it's fairly rare to get continous ATC coverage when you're flying a random route online, but I much prefer that to using the flawed ATC programs that basically only parrots ATC rather than providing a dynamic and realistic ATC experience
  8. wims80

    ATC Add on

    In addition to this pilots very rarely use autoland. Pretty much the only time they use it is when the conditions force them to or they have to do it to stay current on their autoland qualifications (both pilot and airplane)
  9. wims80

    ATC Add on

    It's not uncommon to get assigned a visual approach when you fly IFR in real life.
  10. Run in borderless windowed mode?
  11. wims80

    Devs, where are the Lears?

    I seem to remember a long time ago somebody mentioned that Lear does not like sims and that attempt to make simulations of their planes had been shut down by their lawyers. Not sure if that still stands or if it even was true back then
  12. wims80

    SID & STARS On the Fly

    You don't need a STAR when you're in the approach phase, you have already passed the STAR. You simply need to reconfigure your radios for the new approach. I recommend always carrying every chart for both departure and arrival airport. The charts lists the frequencies and radials you need for the various approaches. They do of course list the various stars and their waypoints and just about every other little bit of static information you could possibly want about your departure and arrival airport
  13. wims80

    most liked ATC software

    Vatsim crushes the market IMO. No atc addon gets close to the realism and immersion you get from Vatsim
  14. wims80

    Best MD-80 series available in 2015

    The Leonardo Maddog has the best combination of graphics and systems when it comes to the MD80 series in FSX. The graphics are quite underwhelming, luckily the systems are excellent. It's a great, if slightly aged, rendition of the MD80, highly recommended
  15. wims80

    Manual DME update (CIVA INS), why?

    I'm guessing it has to do with the rules and laws of aviation rather than the technical challenge of implementing such a system. I'm not an expert tho, I'm just a guy who likes to fly sims. I might be completely off target For us as users it doesn't really matter that much, as you would still have to load the DME data then tune radios to be able to align the system. It takes a lot longer time than just entering the present position at the stand.