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  1. So this will be the first proper high fidelity airplane that is shipped with a simulator? MSFS is taking huge steps doing things that no other sim have done before
  2. If they @ you then you will get a notification
  3. Just plan the flight the old fashioned way? What do you really need simbrief for?
  4. I'm not saying that you will run into instability or performance issues with an oversized psu. I'm saying that it will deliver dirtier power than a PSU that is perfectly sized for your usage.
  5. The "Something went wrong" screen is the blue screen of death in modern versions of Windows. I would look for a BIOS update to see if that fixes your problems Actually, having an oversized PSU is not recommended as PSUs are optimized to produce power at a certain load. If you are drawing less than what the PSU is optimized for then you are likely to get less clean power, and certainly less efficient use of the power than what you would if you had a perfectly sized PSU. On the other hand, if you have an undersized PSU you might run into stability issues, so there's that. But there is such a thing as too much headroom on the PSU
  6. I'm guessing the ram isn't properly configured. Perhaps you need a BIOS update to be able to use your particular set of ram sticks
  7. You need to select a server in the vPilot settings dialogue Select the server that is physically closest to you
  8. I would get the Maddog, the other ones aren't really in the running against the Maddog IMO.
  9. I think an Airbus without proper managed modes is not an Airbus. Managed modes is a bare minimum in my opinion
  10. This needs to be significantly better than the PMDG MD-11 for FSX to be worth it IMO. I have my doubts
  11. The USB hub is connected wirelessly to the PC, but its connected to a power socket to get power. The joystick is connected to the hub
  12. GPUs are designed to run at nominal temperature 24/7 for the entire warranty period. Software should not be able to push the temperature above nominal in any situation. If you are seeing temperatures above nominal then there is something wrong with the cooling / airflow
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